Tamiya gloss coating varnish

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Tamiya gloss coating varnish wall mixer with overhead shower

I sprayed my model with a mist coat, followed by three heavy layers. My lighting is annoyling inadequate so sometimes I'm not spraying as heavy as I think, and I think last night was one of those situations. It's dried with almost an orange peel, despite me spraying from only about 2" away. Should I sand it, or just go back with another heavy coat tonight? Been using X for a while now, but tend to use Mr Levelling thinner as you can go back over the finish with a coat of just Mr Levelling thinner to smooth out any slight rough patches.

Only thing doing this is you have to then leave if a while to harden back up again depending on how heavey you went back over with the thinners. How did you get the parts to stay on the popsicle sticks? Also, since we are talking thinning ratios, what is the typical ratio for thinning Tamiya acrylic paints? What pressurs and distance do you normally paint from? Hi just tagged onto this old thread but have restarted airbrushing and have been experimenting the last week or so with Xtracrylix paints, looking for some advice on Tamiya gloss varnish.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Modelling Tips. Search In. Facebook Facebook Group Twitter Donate. This site uses cookies! Learn More. Okay, got it. Anybody else use Tamiya X Clear for a gloss coat before decalling? Recommended Posts. Posted October 14, edited. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted October 14, Hope this helps John. Used it for years, now I only use Future, I can use a brush, so no airbrush to clean Jesse.

Posted March 1, Posted March 2, Extractor fan required though. Posted October 10, Posted October 15, You will definitely need a mask and spray booth with this method though. Posted October 20, Never had any issues with bloom. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Sir Desmond Glazebrook 2, Posted October 20, Posted October 20, I picked up a bottle today but I can't read the Japanese instructions.

Is it lacquer? It sure looks ready to spray. Thanks guys. Link to post Share on other sites. HubertB 3, Posted October 20, Works great with Tamiya thinner or Mr Levelling Thinner. Hi Hubert. Do you mean this stuff. Thanks Hubert. BlrwestSiR 9, Posted October 20, Dale, if you mean this stuff, I don't think you can airbrush it.

Dale, I missed the link you posted but it's the same stuff. Here's a bit more I found on a retailer's site. Sir Desmond Glazebrook 2, Posted October 21, Posted October 21, Sir Desmond Glazebrook 2, Posted October 22, Posted October 22, BlrwestSiR 9, Posted October 22, Sir Desmond Glazebrook 2, Posted October 23, Posted October 23, Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL.

PARAGRAPHXF J. All listings for this product used with darker colors, bringing. With dark colors, the depth the listing description for more. It is particularly effective when paint 10 ml. XF Metallic Grey metallic, enamel paint 10 ml. XF Flat Earth, enamel paint paint 10 ml. XF Deck Tan flat, enamel paint 10 ml. XF Light Blue flat, enamel paint 10 ml. Tell a friend Permatex orange store enamel paint 10 ml. XF Field Blue flat, enamel paint 10 ml.

TAMIYA HONDA NSX 1:24 PART 8 # Varnish \u0026 polishing T. Производитель. Tamiya. Рекомендуемый возраст. Наткнулся на такие вот продукты фирмы Tamiya: 2) Tamiya Жидкая полироль для придания блеска (10 мл). мне показалось что это футура или ее тамиевский аналог. на этикетке написано "варниш" - т.е. лак, вовсе не полироль. ^ SnAkECiD. Oпыт: Re: Tamiya Жидкая полироль и жидкая вакса. mavrov писал(а): т.е. лак, вовсе не полироль. Ну это в наших магазинах так обозвали. Может это даже и лак. ^ mavrov. Oпыт: 0. ну тут спрос с магазинов и торговцев. ответственно заявляю - лак. проверил сам. ^ South. Oпыт: 0. руб. Заказать на iggesundtools-ca.com за руб. - TAMIYA GLOSS COATING VARNISH. Товары из Польши ближе чем Вы думаете!.

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