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You need to choose a bag that has a reinforced bottom so that the weight of your tools will be evenly spread out. I understand that you will use my information to send me a newsletter. I also find the multiple pockets and loops built into this tool bag beneficial.

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Here is another suspender type of belt. If you are a roofer, for instance, you might prefer a tool bag that has a large pocket for holding lots of roofing nails. You may also want to slide on a separate hammer holder or a holder for your tape measure, or even another similar bag, so that you have one on each side.

The belt-with-separate pouches might be a good choice. If you aren't sure what belt will work best for you, starting out with the sewn-in type would be a good choice. They tend to be less expensive and contain all of the pouches you need to store tools and nails for most carpentry purposes.

If you have some thoughts on nail bags that you would like to share, please feel free to contact us. Leave Tool Belt and visit our home page. Tool Belt. First Name optional. About Klein News. Our Mission. American Manufacturing. Bucket Bag. Searching for online results Buy Online. Find Local Retailer. Product Media. Related Items. Downloads Brochure. PNG Transparent Background Interactive Catalog Product Page.

Product Section. Overall Length:. Overall Height:. You do not have to worry about lost tools ever again. They prevent your tools from getting damaged — You might not notice it but your tools do get damaged when you place all of them in just one compartment. Throwing your heavy tools like wrenches and ratchets along with your screwdrivers, files, and other tools will cause damage to all of them. This will prevent them from banging into each other when you carry them around, thereby preventing their possible damage.

They are waterproof — The biggest enemy of your tools is moisture because it leads to rust and deterioration. It also saps any moisture away from the tools so they can dry completely. The pouches are lined with an absorbent material that actually dries the tools. When closed, even when you splash water on the bag, the contents will remain perfectly dry. This will ensure that your expensive tools will last for many years. They keep your tools organized — Think of how much time you waste on the job just rummaging through your bag looking for that one particular tool that you need.

You could have saved a lot of time and energy when you use a tool bag to keep your stuff organized and easy to access. You can expect work to be a whole lot easier when you know exactly where your tools are. These are but some of the many reasons why plumbers tool bags are actual necessities rather than just a nicety that you can do without. You really need to give these bags a try in order for you to understand further what you are missing out on.

You will wonder why you have been going through these years without using this essential item. You will be spending quite a bit of money if you want to get a high-quality one that you are sure to use for many years to come. However, just because a bag is expensive, that does not automatically mean that it is high in quality. You still need to inspect the bags thoroughly so that you will not get shortchanged.

Here are some of the things that you need to take into consideration when you are out there shopping for a new tool bag that plumbers like you can take advantage of:. If you have a lot of tools then you will need a large tool bag with lots of compartments. As much as possible, each of your tools should have its own pouch so that they do not bang against each other when you carry your bag around on your rounds.

The pouches should also be easily accessible so that you will not be tempted to just throw your tools inside the bag. They should be grouped according to their sizes so it will be easier for you to organize your stuff. It should have wide, padded shoulder straps so that the weight of the tools will not cause the belt to dig into your skin.

The bag should also be designed in a way that the weight of the tools will be evenly distributed so that it will be easy to carry around between jobs. Durability — You will be putting a lot of heavy and sharp tools inside the bag, so you should not buy anything that is cheap and flimsy — that is if you want to pick up all of your tools from the ground when your weak bag tears apart from the weight of the contents. The most popular material for tool bags of any kind is still the trusty old canvas.

This thick fabric is not just tough. It is also waterproof, which makes it the perfect choice if you are a plumber. However, the canvas material is heavy, so an entire bag made of the stuff is not really feasible. On the other hand, a bag made of a combination of canvas and a light yet strong material, like polyester, is the best bet for you right now. Aside from the main material that the bag is made from, you should also inspect the pouches to determine if they are as sturdy as the rest of the bag.

The pouches should have strong seams, so they can carry heavy tools if needed. They also need to have a tough inner lining so they will not get punctured by any sharp or pointy tools that you have. Waterproofing ability — Since you will be working around water, your tool bag needs to provide protection for your tools against the damaging effects of water and rust. You can somewhat tell if a tool bag is waterproof to a certain degree if its surface is shiny and somewhat slick. Size and weight limit — The size of the bag you purchase should depend on how you plan on using it.

Do you always carry around as much of your tools as you can on every job? If so then you will need to get the biggest yet easiest to carry around tool bag that you can find. Now, if you are the type who almost always knows what tools you usually use on the job then you can afford to use a smaller, more portable tool bag. If you will be getting a large bag, do not be so hasty as to put all of your tools inside it at once.

Make sure that you are familiar with the maximum weight limit of the bag. However, it is true that most of the time, even if you do not follow the weight limit of the bag, you can still use it. The problem is it will also cause you to drastically reduce the lifespan of your bag. You need to choose a bag that has a reinforced bottom so that the weight of your tools will be evenly spread out. This will allow you to carry heavy tools without worrying about the bottom seams ripping apart.

Look for a bag that has sturdy rubberized footing, or something that has a reinforced bottom part. With such features, you have an assurance that your bag will last for many years without the bottom falling apart and causing your tools to spill out. Fasteners and zippers — The tool bag you get should have beefy zippers to make sure that when you close the bag, it will stay closed. Some of the outer pockets should also have their own zippers so that you have a place where you can store your miscellaneous small items and parts.

The compartments for tools like wrenches should also have tabs to keep their contents secure so they will not wiggle about and fall when you are carrying the bag to your job site. You need to follow the washing and caring instructions noted on the tags of the bag.

Before you chuck your dirty tool bag into the washing machine, you should check first if it is actually machine-washable. If you go about it without taking the necessary precautions then you might end up with a tool bag that is ripped to shreds. In addition, some waterproof bags will actually lose their waterproofing capabilities when their surfaces are cleaned using a harsh detergent.

After vacuuming, take a damp, clean rag, and give the outside of the bag a good scrubbing. Try to get as much of the dirt out as much as you can. Also, you need to check the zippers from time to time. Make sure that they glide smoothly and not catch on the tracks. If the zippers start to catch, lubricate them using some wax from a candle.

You just need to rub the end of a candle along the zipper then open and close the zipper to distribute the wax. If you are starting to shop for a good tool bag for plumbers then you will be pleased to know that your choices are somewhat limitless. You can find several brands promising to deliver the best quality of their products. Yes, they have to be waterproof because they will be working near water. Although they do not have to be fully waterproof, it should still be capable of resisting the occasional spills and splashes.

Plumbers need to have waterproof tool bags because their work environment is rarely dry. In most cases, plumbers will face some slight flooding. In worse scenarios, like burst pipes, the water will be continuously flowing, which is the reason why a waterproof tool bag is the one you need.

You have to be methodical in the way you place items inside your tool bag. In an average tool bag, you can find pouches of different sizes. There are large ones for power tools like hand drills. You can also find smaller loops that are the perfect size for screwdrivers and others. You need to find the pouches that are suitable in size to your tools.

Also, if your tools come in sets, like wrenches, you need to make sure that they are grouped together and arranged according to their size. This will help you find the right tool much faster. You need to keep your tools organized so you do not waste precious time and energy looking for that one particular tool needed at a certain time. You can just reach in and grab it effortlessly. Waterproof plumbers tool bags should not be machine-washed or even hand washed using regular laundry detergent because it will strip away the waterproofing of the bag.

These kinds of tool bags should only be vacuumed and wiped clean. You can also learn more about how to clean the tool bag in the care and maintenance section. Tool bags of all kinds can be bought at almost all hardware stores big or small. However, the choices you will get may vary. Some stores may carry up to a dozen or so brands and models of tool bags but none of them might be up to your standards.

The best place to buy plumbers tool bags is through online retail stores. If you browse even just one big name online retailer, you can get dozens of tool bags from different brands that come in different designs. Another perk of buying tool bags online is that you can compare prices of different bags. It is possible to get the same tool bag at a different website at a much lower price.

You just need to look hard enough. This is why you do not just throw them inside any old bag that you might have lying around, you need to have a professional tool bag. The best tool bag for plumbers is essential for keeping your tools safe, protected from unnecessary damage, and organized. Now you will not waste time looking through a dirty, jumbled up pile of tools deep inside a dirty bag because every tool is in its rightful place.

The video is specific to your plumbing company and location. Should I send it here or what email would you prefer? McGuire-Nicholas Collapsible Tote 3. One flaw I noticed, though, is the somewhat weak stitching used in its large pockets. What We Like. Slim and compact, making you use it conveniently without the usual bulk Can isolate and grasp your tools tightly, preventing them from slipping or falling Large and spacious compartments for tools of different sizes Heavy-duty poly fabric construction Comfortable, thanks to its padded carrying handles and straps.

Not that sturdy stitching. Even with the presence of such a flaw, this tool bag from CLC can certainly make the daily tasks of plumbers easier to accomplish.

There's a problem loading this. This Bienen-Davis bag is medium can absolutely be designed with architectural and sleek elements in and white tones, with gold to be a timeless classic. See all 2 brand new. This pastel Fendi bag is on the more classic Gucci. The chain is chunky which option, this time from Valentino. The black envelope design was My Theresa. Order it online from Net-a-Porter. This lovely take on box studded with gold studs for this time using mint colored ostrich leather to give a. Tool bag tape chain Music Stream millions of. About this product Product Identifiers.

Tool Belt Essentials A tool bag makes a perfect storage solution for the tradesperson.  Chain Morticers. Lathes. Woodturning Lathes. Engineering Lathes. Milling Machines. Dust Extractors. Fine Dust Extractors.  Vice Screws. Carving Vices. Tool Rolls, Toolboxes & Bags. Toolboxes. Mobile Toolboxes. Tool Bags. Tool Rolls. Small Parts Storage and Organisers. Multi-Drawer Cabinets. Все товары из категории «Сумки и ремни для инструментов» быстро и вовремя доставляются в Россию и страны СНГ. Полную информацию о доставке можно посмотреть в разделе «Доставка». На товары категории «Сумки и ремни для инструментов» действует доступная цена, поэтому Southwire Tools Equipment Pouch POUCH4 Leather 5 Pocket & Electrical Tape Chain можно приобрести всего за руб. Не можете сделать выбор? Посмотрите другие товары продавца bigouquqiang() – «Смотреть все товары». offers 1, key chain tape measure products. About 21% of these are Tape Measures. A wide variety of key chain tape measure options are available to you, such as material, use, and type.  Henan Yuxin Tools Co., Ltd. Contact Supplier. ··· Tape Measure Tape Measure 5M Steel Measuring Tape Tape Measure Measuring Tools. US $$ / Piece. Pieces (Min. Order). 4YRS. Henan Minghao Measuring Tools Co., Ltd. (1). %.  ··· Product photo Packing & Delivery time Package: each one in a opp bag,then put into a middle box. Delivery timpcs normally within day after the 30% deposit confirmed. Payment terms: Payment: 30% advanced payment as deposit after order confirmed by both sides.

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