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Filter by age All See more. KISS makes my favourite false nails!

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It has only happened when I was in a rush and pulled them off quickly! The adhesive comes in a package as you can choose to use the nail glue or adhesive tape. I changed the adhesive tape on the thumb nail. The next day the other thumb nail came loose and I had to replace the adhesive again. On day 3 I felt another nail came loose and so I just removed the nail and added a new adhesive. I decided to try these nails over a long weekend in which I had no plans. I did not want to be out and about and have a nail go missing!

Overall the nails are very thin which look natural but sort of look like acrylic. The nail lays right into your natural nail without popping off. These were also a bit longer and very easy to remove. I really like that the KISS Fantasy gel nails feel more natural since they are thinner and nails do not pop but I was a bit nervous that a nail would fall off so I carry the adhesives with me.

I would say try them both and let me know which one you prefer! They both have awesome colors, shapes and lengths. I have tried both but I used the glue on the kiss fantasy nails. I have to say the impress lasted way longer and were so much easier to put on. The kiss fantasy nails fell off pretty easily and I had to re-glue then many times. They both come in great styles but overall I suggest the impress nails. I like the Kiss nails better than Impress.

The nail glue holds the nails on well. I find that happens with the Impress nails. I have tried the kiss nails with professional glue and my nails can last for two weeks! I have bought several different designs so I figured time to review them. The designs of these are gorgeous! I like most of them. They have different lengths and About reviewer reviews. I -also- am totally obsessing over Kiss gel nails.

They are so I'm obsessed with Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails! Home Products Nails Unlisted Brand. Created with Sketch. Write Review. More reviews, photos and discussions for Unlisted Brand. Most Viewed Nails Products. Nail Lacquer - Bubble Bath reviews. Fade Cream reviews.

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Kiss Gel Fantasy False Nails REVIEW Buy KISS Gel Fantasy Nails and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on most orders from CVS Pharmacy. Shop now to stock up on essentials, see coupons, deals, and get the best price! My Nails Gel Fantasy Nails Impress Nails Kiss Nails Fantasy Nails Stick On Nails Kiss Press On Nails Nails Kiss Gel Nails. Reviewed: Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails. IT’S many moons since I’ve used anything on my nails other than gel, but I recently stepped back out of the bubble to try Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails. Kristy Armstrong.  impress nails vs kiss fantasy nails review pros and cons; nail salon vs at home love getting your nails done but hate going to the nail salon? KISS Gel Fantasy Nails - Locked Out | Walmart Canada. Buy KISS Gel Fantasy Nails - Locked Out from Walmart Canada. In this video I will be giving you a demo and sharing my thoughts on the Kiss Gel Fantasy - Ready To Wear Gel Nails. Please leave a comment letting me know how you like these nails if you've ever given them a try. Show More In this video I will be giving you a demo and sharing my thoughts on the Kiss Gel Fantasy - Ready To Wear Gel Nails. Please leave a comment letting me know how you like these nails if you've ever given them a try.  Product reviews? Contact me via email: ♥Follow Me: Товары из магазина (на фото) и еще Доставка из России и других регионов. Выбор по параметрам.

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