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However, vapor cleaners are a little different. Mixed flooring is no problem with the Linx. On all but the latest V11 models, the pack is screwed into the vacuum.

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On the standard power setting, the Dyson picked up 58 percent of the sand and baking soda mixture we laid down, and it picked up 60 percent on max and this result is probably lower than what you can expect in the real world. Across several low- and medium-pile rugs, the V7 left picked up about the same amount of hair as the Shark Ion F80 right but also grabbed far more dusty debris. Photo: Liam McCabe. The Dyson V7 left picked up much more debris from a medium-pile rug than the Tineco A10 right.

Using a vacuum gauge, we measured just 17 kilopascals of suction from the V7, compared with 21 kPa from the Shark and 22 kPa from the Tineco though that may be because our V7 unit is heavily used and could need some maintenance to get it back to its full power.

Yet the V7 was still the best carpet cleaner. The mystery persists. Most cordless vacuums are lightweight and easy to handle, and the Dyson V7 is right there among them. The contraption can get stuck, and you might end up dumping the debris on the floor from time to time if your aim is off. On its boosted-power mode, we measured it at 74 decibels with a high-pitched whine, which is noticeably louder and more grating than its competitors.

The V7 has enough battery life to comfortably clean something like a 1,square-foot home on a single charge, on its standard suction mode. Your mileage may vary depending on whether you keep the trigger-style power switch squeezed constantly or pulse it as needed. On the boosted-suction mode, it lasted only six minutes when it was new, and a shade under five minutes when we retested it after 18 months.

Storing and charging the V7 which has a built-in battery is mostly easy. It comes with a charging dock that you can screw into a wall if you want to save floor space and show off your vacuum like some hanging wall art as Dyson would probably like you to do. Or you can ignore the dock, plug the charging jack directly into the vacuum, and shove it into whatever corner or closet is most convenient.

Some third-party floor stands are available on Amazon, too. Regular maintenance is simple. The V7 comes apart in all the places where you might need to clean out a clog or a tangle. Its filter is washable and should last the lifetime of the vacuum. If major parts do wear out, you can usually swap in a new head, roller, filter, or battery at home, and the only tool you might need is a screwdriver. The V7 comes with a two-year warranty. Compared with the V7, the V8 has about eight minutes of extra battery life on the standard setting, one minute extra on the boosted-power setting, slightly stronger suction on max mode at air watts up from , a slightly larger dustbin, a slightly larger-diameter cleaning head, and about 5 ounces of extra heft due to the larger battery.

And again, different variants of the V8 come with different tools, cleaning heads, or filters. But other variants pop up from time to time, either as promotional packages or as retailer-specific models. Keep an eye out for deals on the V7 Absolute or V8 Absolute in particular. These come with the standard carpet-cleaning head, a second head with a soft-fabric roller for excellent bare-floor performance, and a mini motorized brush for cleaning upholstery and stairs.

Dyson also sells certified refurbished stick vacuums. The V11 has extra battery life and some features that make it easier to use in some important and cool ways. The V11 comes with lots of attachments, including clockwise from top left a standard combo nozzle, a crevice tool, a stiff-bristle tool, a soft-bristle tool, and a mini motorized brush.

Photo: Michael Hession. The LCD on the V11 Torque Drive gives you a real-time battery-life countdown, reminders to clean the filter, and animated examples to troubleshoot clogs and other problems. In a house with mostly bare floors, it should be close to 40 minutes. With a mix of surfaces, probably 30 minutes. With primarily rugs, closer to 20 minutes.

Boost mode runs for a maximum of 12 minutes, and Eco mode which is about as effective as the standard cleaning modes on LG and Shark sticks goes for about The older models use screw-in packs and cannot accept the newer, click-in batteries. Although the Torque Drive and Animal come only with a single pack, you can choose to buy extra packs if you want to extend the run time. However, they did tell us that if you buy any V11 model through Dyson. If you find a lower price for the V11 from somewhere besides Dyson.

A Dyson Cyclone V10 model offers a lot of the same upsides for a couple hundred dollars less. We tested one out, and think it will be overkill for almost everyone. The Outsize comes with two battery packs, so it can run for twice as long as the Torque Drive which already has enough battery life for almost any real-world needs , and two chargers. For people who live in huge homes and like to vacuum the whole thing in one pass, the second battery could be useful.

The Outsize also has a wider cleaner head than the Torque Drive, so you can cover more ground in slightly fewer passes, but it proved to be harder to navigate between chair legs and other tight spaces. Like some car-focused handheld vacuums that we like, the Outsize does come with a flexible extension hose to help reach those tight spaces and weird angles. Consumer Reports published an article in announcing that it no longer recommended Dyson vacuums. Check this out: In early , we asked Consumer Reports a couple of pointed questions about its ratings, and a spokesperson told us that, actually, Dyson cordless vacuums are just as reliable as any other brand of cordless vacuums.

Yes, you read that correctly. What a misleading mess. The root of the problem is that CR lumps corded and cordless stick vacuums into the same category a point we confirmed with its spokesperson. So brands that make a lot of plug-in sticks like Shark look much better than cordless-only brands like Dyson , because plug-ins are inherently more durable. Power cords almost never fail, but battery packs sometimes fail within a few years. So Shark, which started making strong cordless sticks only a few years ago, gets a Very Good reliability rating assigned to its entire line of stick vacuums on the strength of its plug-in machines.

The scoring scheme has plenty of other problems. Old, discontinued models weigh heavily in the scores of established cordless brands, while newcomer copycats like Tineco get the benefit of the doubt even if, in the real world, the red flags are obvious. But by the time the ratings catch up with reality after a few years, your unproven vacuum might already have broken down.

It is important that people know that Dyson stick vacuums, compared with vacuums in general, are not especially reliable. The higher, thicker, or denser the pile, the wider the gap between a Dyson and anything else. Plenty of other reviewers rate other cordless vacuums favorably on rugs. The Dyson battery setting aside reliability is a point of controversy.

On all but the latest V11 models, the pack is screwed into the vacuum. Other brands have cordless vacuums with swappable batteries, though they all have significant downsides. The Shark Rocket, for example, is priced like the V7 but is much less effective on thick rugs. You could always consider a plug-in vacuum. The painful part, though, is that new Dyson packs are very expensive. The Dyson also has a top-heavy design, which can be uncomfortable if you have wrist pain, but this is how most cordless vacuums are designed now.

A model with a standard power switch, like the Shark Ion F80, might be easier to handle, though a traditional upright might be the most comfortable. This is common among stick vacuums. The dustbin design, especially on the V7 and V8, is polarizing. Dyson makes plenty of dumb, overpriced products, but its stick vacuums are as good as it gets. The very first Dyson stick vacuum that we ever tested at Wirecutter—way back in early —is still working. It was an early unit of the DC59, before Dyson changed the name to the V6.

As of early , our V7 Motorhead test unit has started to show some signs of wear—the power can be intermittent, though it mostly works. Many Wirecutter staff members have spent their own money on Dyson stick vacs. The oldest one we know of is a four-year-old V6, which is still going strong. Our appliance team occasionally troubleshoots problems for staff members, and fixes usually boil down to either cleaning the filter, untangling the brush, or clearing out a clog.

But the Shark is not as effective as the Dyson models at deep-cleaning carpets, especially those with thicker piles. The Shark Ion F80 seems purpose-built to be different from the Dyson line, in all the ways that some people find the Dyson design to be annoying. And the Ion F80 can fold along its shaft, which lets it stand up unassisted, without having to be clipped into a dock or leaned against a wall. The cleaning head on the Shark Ion F80 has a dual-brush design that works well on bare floors and short rugs alike—no head-swapping necessary.

The head creates enough agitation to pick up a respectable amount of hair and dust from flatweave and low-pile carpets, and it also reliably captures hard and large debris from bare floors the kind of job that the standard Dyson cleaning head for the V7 and V8 tends to struggle with. In our controlled pickup test, we found that on its standard power setting, the Ion F80 grabbed a respectable 49 percent of the sand and baking soda we sprinkled onto a moderately dense, medium-pile carpet—about 10 percent less than the Dyson V7 picked up, but more than any other non-Dyson model we tested.

In a test on a dense, medium-pile plush rug, the Shark barely picked up any dust or hair. But when we used the Dyson V7 Motorhead immediately afterward, its bin promptly began to fill with hair and dust. The vacuum unit itself is also relatively large and heavy, possibly because it has such a big battery pack. The Linx has been available since , and Wirecutter has recommended it on and off since Its owner rating has held steady over the past half-decade, which is a testament to its all-around decent-ness.

Plenty of other cordless vacuums cost less than the Linx, some of them are better at cleaning carpets, and most of them look and handle more like a Dyson people seem to want that style now. Meanwhile, the Linx abides. The first Linx unit we tested for this guide, back in , still works as of The brush roll and baffle tube have had a few hair tangles, and the vacuum has clogged a few times at the joint where the cleaning head and main body meet.

Remember: The Linx is meant for a relatively light workload. It comes with a two-year warranty. So for tougher and more frequent jobs, you have to upgrade to a Dyson or Shark model, or get a good plug-in vacuum. We tested a couple of Tineco cordless vacuums and thought that they were decent but nothing special.

The Tineco A10 which competes on price with the Dyson V7 did a respectable job on short rugs and was exceptionally lightweight and easy for us to steer. We also tested the flagship Tineco Pure One S12 , which is overpriced. The Pure One imitates a few Dyson V11 features, such as Auto mode and the info display, but none of that offsets its middling cleaning performance. The Pure One also has Wi-Fi connectivity and a companion app, which just shows you the same info as the built-in display.

When we tried the Android version of the app, it asked us for access to the contacts and photos on the phones we were using—blech. The Shark Rocket Pet Pro is another option for the anti-Dyson crowd, with swappable batteries and a decent if unearned reputation for reliability.

Though the Shark Ion P50 weighs several pounds more than the other cordless vacs we tested, it feels more comfortable to use because its weight is concentrated at its base, like an upright vacuum, instead of at the top. It had a middling performance in our tests, picking up just 42 percent of debris from a low-pile rug on its standard power setting, though it grabbed a decent 58 percent in Boost mode.

To activate Boost mode, you must hold down the Boost button throughout use. It holds some appeal as a Dyson alternative because it comes with two swappable batteries which we found can run for a total of about 62 minutes on the standard cleaning mode , as well as a charging stand.

In our tests, on its boosted-power mode, the LG performed a little bit better than the Dyson V7 on its standard power mode, yet it costs as much as the Dyson V11 Torque Drive. In our pickup test, it came in dead last on its lower power setting.

On its higher power setting, the Ryobi actually picked up a respectable 56 percent of the sand we laid out, though it scattered and sometimes crushed the Cheerios we used in our large-debris test. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story.

Stick vacuums' compact size makes them convenient, but that's not their only selling point. And cordless stick vacuums are taking over. According to the market research firm Gap Intelligence, more than different cordless stick vacuums are currently on sale at major retailers compared with less than 30 corded stick vacuums.

But cordless vacs are not problem-free. In an exclusive survey, our members told us that almost half of new battery-powered stick vacuums will develop problems within five years. That's why this year we analyzed the reliability for cordless and corded stick vacuums separately. We found that although consumers prefer the convenience of a cordless model, the batteries can develop problems. No cordless model earns a place on our top picks list, due to either poor reliability or lackluster performance in our lab tests.

The Battery. You can also buy an extra battery separately. Full-sized vacuums face a more challenging embedded-dirt test, in which our engineers try to clean up sand that's been ground into pile carpet. In our bare-floor cleaning test for cordless stick vacuums, we scatter litter on a tiled floor with grout grooves, which increases the difficulty.

We also conduct a pet-hair removal test on medium-pile carpet, as well as a clean emissions test to see whether a vacuum is releasing the dust that was just sucked up. A sizeable dirt bin cuts down on the number of trips you make to the trash can. The foot-long power cord is a bit shorter than the standard 30 feet but long enough so that you don't have to keep changing outlets as you move around the house. At a little more than 9 pounds, this vacuum is on the heavier side for a stick vac.

The corded model gracefully glides along edges, picking up dust as it goes. It operates quietly, but its emissions aren't as clean as some of the other stick vacuums we've tested. The DuoClean power head includes a bristle roller and a soft roller so that you can easily move from floor to carpet and back again.

And this cleaning machine cleans itself by automatically clearing hair from the brush roll. The little vac is easy to maneuver under furniture, and an LED lights the way. The dustbin pops in and out with ease and, unlike some other stick vacs, this one stands on its own, making it easier to store. It aces all our key cleaning tests—carpet, bare floors, and pet hair—and operates quietly and cleanly.

It also cleans along the edges of the wall without leaving any debris behind. This vacuum is self-standing, making it easy to store, and has a self-cleaning brush roll so that you can avoid messy hair entanglements. It comes with several attachments that you can store onboard. This Shark is quieter than its brandmate above and its emissions are cleaner, so it's a better choice if someone in your home has allergies.

It zips along edges leaving nothing behind, and emissions are clean, meaning everything you vacuum up is contained in the bin. Our testers find this vacuum easy to maneuver and flexible enough to easily move under and around furniture. It weighs just under 6 pounds and easily zooms along the edges of a room, leaving no debris behind. Though our members who own Dyson stick vacuums express high satisfaction, the brand earns one of our lowest ratings for predicted reliability.

Testers especially like the LED screen that shows how much cleaning time you have left. In CR's tests, one battery runs for about 72 minutes per charge on low and 8 minutes on high. The Overall Score takes a hit from the brand's low scores for predicted reliability. An LED panel shows how much battery life you have left as well as the suction level, which varies when you switch from bare floors to carpet.

A sensor detects the amount of debris and adapts the suction power accordingly. In CR tests, it runs for about 30 minutes per charge on low and 10 minutes on high. Tineco is fairly new to the U. This model has all the bells and whistles of its brandmate, including an LED panel that indicates battery life and suction power. It runs for 30 minutes on one charge but comes with a second battery—which accounts for the added expense—so you can clean for twice as long.

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