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I will probably get one for this winter since I hear its going to be a bad one. Pesticides kill bugs; herbicides kill weeds.

Northern tool sprayer tank socket set hex

The excess hose should be underneath the rubber straps to keep it from unraveling. After the straps are put on, check to make sure the tank isn't able to move back and forth very easily on the back of the four-wheeler. PPE such as long sleeves, gloves, and goggles protect against chemical splash. Make sure the PPE is in good working order and doesn't have any holes. The amount and kind of chemicals will vary depending on the types of weeds and the location of the weeds.

Talk to the local agricultural co-op for chemical recommendations. Make sure to read and follow the labels. Make sure there aren't any foreign materials in the tank. They may clog up the sprayer if they aren't taken out. Use caution when pouring the chemicals into the tank.

Pour chemicals slowly into the tank to avoid splash back. Make sure the sprayer wand is in a stable position before driving. I would recommend putting some duct tape over the wand so it won't slide off while driving to your destination. The sprayer motor should engage when it is first turned on for a second or two before disengaging. Press down on the trigger to start spraying. Make sure most of the weed's leaves are covered with the spray to have better success. Release the trigger to stop spraying.

The sprayer motor will be running when spraying the weeds. This keeps a constant flow of chemical coming out of the sprayer wand. I spray over acres a year. Location Canton, OH. I was looking into getting one of these for spraying brine. I use my atv for plowing in the winter and figured it would work easier than a massive salt spreader and having to also carry salt bags somehow.

I will probably get one for this winter since I hear its going to be a bad one. I have two of these. I have 10 acres with many pines that dont allow good grass to grow underneath them, so I just kill the grass and let the needles fall and it looks great. I grouped many trees together and it looks stellar. Problem was I was backpack spraying and it was wearing me out, so got the northern and it works flawless and is a lifesaver.

Folks were naysayers to my plan initially, and now are doing the same thing. I bought a 2nd for weed killing in my grass via spot spraying. Works great. We also offer plastic septic tanks , fabricated tanks, water totes, and storage containers. Some of our most popular plastic tanks are vertical tanks, horizontal tanks, water tanks, cone bottom tanks, double wall tanks, heat traced and insulated tanks, which can be provided in HDPE or XLPE plastic.

National Tank Outlet has years of experience with plastic tanks and is always here to assist you with questions about polyethylene tanks and plastic tank applications. We offer liquid tanks from over 40 different shipping locations nationwide. Popular Brands View All Manufacturers. Popular Categories.

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NorthStar 31 gallon tow-behind sprayer Город: HQ in Burnsville, MNПодписчиков: 52 тыс.О себе: Official Twitter account for Northern Tool + Equipment Quality Tools for Serious Work. Truck-mounted NorthStar(R) sprayer handles the big spraying jobs with its gallon capacity and dependable diaphragm pump from Comet. Honda-powered unit. Оплата в рублях и доставка товаров от 6 дней из интернет магазина через сервис покупок за рубежом

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