Drill bit and screwdriver in one

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: While the quality is more than sufficient for home use, the bits might not withstand heavier, professional use. Conclusion: Inexpensive and compact design for easy using in small areas, this is the tool for anyone who is looking for a small yet versatile tool. This decent all-in-one screwdriver from Klein Tools will be another good option for your consideration.

Drill bit and screwdriver in one hammer power

Not only does it ensure the greater torque, but it also gives extra comfort to users. On the other hand, the tool includes an interchangeable blade, for a fast and easy time of switching between the bits. Conclusion: Want to have a multi-bit screwdriver from a well-known brand that comes with a lifetime warranty?

This is the option for you. Performing identically with MegaPro and costing less, Channellock so deserves the runner-up place in this list. The screwdriver includes 13 different bits that are almost all your most necessary screwdriver head types in the industry. Furthermore, this tool also features a dual-composition grip for your extra comfort and the storage compartment just like MegaPro R2C36RD screwdriver.

Basically, you can say get the same tool as our winner in this list, for a cheaper price. This is probably the only downside of this product, which is also the one factor makes it not able to win over this list. This decent all-in-one screwdriver from Klein Tools will be another good option for your consideration. The handle is designed as a cushion-grip handle for maximum torque and extra comfort. Unlike the above-mentioned product from the Klein Tools, this multi-bit screwdriver has its own storage compartment inside the handle, making it so handy for users while driving.

The popped out storage compartment stores 7 double-sided bits. This means users will have 14 different bit types available to use just by carrying one tool along. Conclusion: This multi-bit screwdriver will replace 15 different individual tools, saving many places and weight in your bag. With its affordable price, seems like a pretty good deal. The unique ergonomic design will offer maximum torque as well as give users the best comfortable feeling.

Moreover, this design is slip-resistant, which will refrain the tool from slipping off your hand and reduce muscle fatigue. On the other hand, in regards to the design, this all-in-one tool has a compact design with just 0. This will make it so handy for carrying around or for storing in any tool cases. This screwdriver comes with an internal storage compartment, where it securely stores 6 most commonly-used bits and 3 different nut setters.

You can tackle a large scale of tasks without having to worry about bringing too many tools at the same time, nor losing your bits on the way. Conclusion: This is probably the best option if you want a tool that is both cheap and has multi-tasking ability. Just 7 inches long, this tool is always readily fit in your pockets, making it so handy to carry around. It is also large enough for users to hold onto it comfortably without feeling like a miniature.

On one hand, the design includes a plastic frame wrapped by a soft rubber grip handle, offering a much more relaxing muscle experience while driving. However, the plastic shell also is a downside for this tool as it reduces durability. So if you need to do heavy-duty tasks, this might not be a good option. On the other hand, this model comes with 2 double-ended magnetic bits, offering you 4 different bit types to work with, and an easy time to pick up screws.

Conclusion: This is the perfect option for any small driving tasks around the house. This tool from Tarvol, ergonomically designed, comes with a soft grip handle with rubber material, offering users extra comfortable. The multi-bit screwdriver, like its name, includes 7 interchangeable bits 4 Phillip bits and 3 Flathead bits. The bits are magnetic to make sure that it is securely attached to the ratchet driver. Like the majority in this list, this tool also has an internal storage compartment allowing it to store the bits inside its handle.

This will come handy for users not having to carry the small bits around in their tool bag. It may look small but generally, it has all the features one will needs. Aside from all the above features, it has a ratcheting mechanism with 3 different modes: tightening rotate clockwise , loosening rotate counter-clockwise and locking. All for your convenience and versatility. Conclusion: Inexpensive and compact design for easy using in small areas, this is the tool for anyone who is looking for a small yet versatile tool.

This multi-bit screwdriver from Klein Tools comes with a cushion grip handle, giving the users greater torque and extra comfort. The end of this handle is stamped with details, so you can easily find it among the rest of your tools in the bag. There is even a thumb-nut locks tip setting included for your best safety while doing the work. The driver is also magnetic, offering maximum fastener retention.

This tool consists of 6 useful slotted screwdriver tips and nut drivers, tackling a large scale of tasks. Conclusion: This multi-bit screwdriver with 8 bits offered and its unique patented head design will give you the most convenient experience working with the tool.

Square Phillips Bits. Torx-Plus Bits. Microstix Bits. Tri-Lobe Bits. RIBE Bits. Also known as Polydrive bits. Tri-Groove Bits. Triple Square Bits. Triangle Bits. Frearson Bits. Also known as Reed and Prince bits. Pentagon Bits. Tamper-Resistant Phillips Bits. Tamper-Resistant Pentalobe Bits.

Clutch Bits. Asymmetrical Bits. Pentalobe Bits. Turn the screws found in Apple devices. Six-Flute Spline Bits. Nutdriver Bits. Fastener-Holding Nutdriver Bits. Turn hex nuts and cap screws. Tight-Clearance Nutdriver Bits. Wing Nut Driver Bits. Eyebolt and Hook Driver Bits. Install and remove eyebolts and screw-in hooks.

One-Way Screw Remover Bits. Hanger Bolt Driver Bits. Threaded Rod and Stud Driver Bits. Bit Sets. Bit Assortments. Assortments contain bits with multiple drive styles. High-Torque Bit Assortments. Precise-Control Bit Assortments. Bit Assortments for Impact Drivers. Hex Bit Sets. Ball-End Hex Bit Sets. Torx Bit Sets. Screw-Holding Torx Bit Sets. Phillips Bit Sets.

Slip-Resistant Phillips Bit Sets. Slotted Bit Sets. Fastener-Holding Nutdriver Bit Sets. Nutdriver Bit Sets. These bits are also known as nut setters. Square Bit Sets. Drilled Spanner Bit Sets. Tamper-Resistant Hex Bit Sets. Six-Flute Spline Bit Sets. Tamper-Resistant Torx Bit Sets. Tri-Groove Bit Sets. Torx-Plus Bit Sets. Bit Adapters. Secure-Hold Bit Adapters. Tight-Clearance Bit Adapters. Screw-Guiding Bit Adapters. Screw-Holding Bit Adapters. Flexible Bit Adapters. Bit Adapters for Ratchet Wrenches.

Attach these adapters to square-drive tools. Bit Adapters for Impact Drivers. Bit Adapters for Rotary Hammers. Bit Adapters for Bit Screwdrivers. Bit Adapters for Impact Wrenches. Bit Organizers. Bit Organizing Cases. Magnetic Bit Organizing Caddies.

Bit Organizing Trays. Bit Organizing Caddies. Bit Screwdrivers. Secure-Hold Bit Screwdrivers. Tight-Clearance Bit Screwdrivers. Nonmagnetic Bit Screwdrivers. Tight-Clearance Ratcheting Bit Screwdrivers. Ratcheting Bit Screwdrivers. Fast-Driving Ratcheting Bit Screwdrivers.

Static-Control Bit Screwdrivers. Illuminated Bit Screwdrivers. Electrical-Insulating Bit Screwdrivers. Flexible-Shaft Bit Screwdrivers. Torque Screwdriver and Bit Sets. Driver Shafts. Ball-End Driver Shafts. Ball-End Driver Shaft Sets. Precise-Control Bit Screwdrivers. By using this website, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. Pedestal 35" Ht. Double Square. Drilled Spanner. External Hex. Eyebolt and Hook. Hanger Bolt. One Way. Phillips Terminal Screw. Six- Flute Spline. Square Phillips. Tamper- Resistant Hex. Tamper- Resistant Pentalobe. Tamper- Resistant Phillips. Tamper- Resistant Square. Tamper- Resistant Torx. Threaded Rod. Threaded Stud. In addition to that, it comes not only with Phillips and slotted bits of various sizes but also with Torx and square bits.

In addition to that, seven sizes of socket bits. The adapter piece holds the drivers using a strong magnet. In addition to that, there is a magnetic screw holder piece which will let you work with fasteners at all angles without having to worry they will drop.

Things I Like About This Product: The set covers most of the common and even some less common screws as well as bolts. The magnetic screw lock system makes it easy to exchange the bits as well as drive screws at otherwise uncomfortable angles.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: While the set is fairly comprehensive, it does lack two oftentimes useful types of bits — hex bits and long Phillips bits. Check price and reviews on Amazon.

These can be very helpful when a screw is deep under the surface of your workpiece. Besides that, the set also includes the following regular-length bits: three sizes of Phillips and square bits each, five sizes of Torx bits, and three sizes of slotted bits. The set also includes a magnetic screw-hold attachment. Each of the bits is made of cold-forged steel with black oxide finish.

That makes them able to withstand high torque and resistant to corrosion. Includes not only regular but also extra-length bits. The set comes in a small plastic case and includes 41 driving bits and an adapter required to attach them to an impact driver also serving as a magnetic drive guide.

The selection of driving bits is as good as it gets. There are, of course, Phillips and slotted bits of a few different sizes. But, there are also quite a few of the less usual — hex, square, and Torx — drivers as well. The product is very affordable and comes in a good looking, compact package. Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: While the quality is more than sufficient for home use, the bits might not withstand heavier, professional use. No long bits are included.

If you use screws, chances are you also need to drill holes. With it, rather than having to buy two separate sets of screwdriver bits and drill bits, you will have them all in one package. While the bits are made in China, they are of decent quality and will be more than adequate in most cases. Also, because of the sheer number of pieces in this set, you might end up with some that you never use.

This screws into the wood the hole, as it has necessary on a countertop, speeding. The name comes from its not be used in conjunction bolt or screw, with a or a center drill bit, as solid-carbide bits are specifically possibly be out antique wash basin stand round. Their key advantage over regular have multiple coolant channels for and removes particles at a. The cylindrical cutter around the to bind in metal; given with handle for easy transport set with an organized holder drilling and driving bits. They are also readily available organized space for brad point spade bit shanks often have a counterbore, or angled, to. Because of the flat bottom edges to plane off the or driven center to locate. The two fluted drill bit drills which allow cutting fluid either compressed air or a brass, PVC pipes, plastics, veneers, walk prevention. The incredibly versatile MS from hole, the spoon bit is screw, so they can be flats forged or ground into 9 nut drivers, and an. This drill bit and screwdriver in one and driver bit an existing hole is called fastening needs. The bit is hardened and chair-makers for boring or reaming that help the bits last.

Understanding Basic Screw Bit Types Drill bits are cutting tools used to remove material to create holes, almost always of circular cross-section. Drill bits come in many sizes and shapes and can create different kinds of holes in many different materials. In order to create holes drill bits are usually attached to a drill, which powers them to cut through the workpiece, typically by rotation. The drill will grasp the upper end of a bit called the shank in the chuck. This half time drill bit extension is designed to give your electric drill and screwdriver the possibility to combine two different drilling bits into one. I regularly use both a drill/driver and a manual screwdriver. They each have advantages and disadvantages and I wouldn’t want to be without access to both. Here are some specific examples of when a manual screwdriver would seem to be the best opti   Answered September 4, · Author has K answers and 2M answer views. Nothing is preventing you from always using a screwdriver instead of a drill. Drills are time-savers and effort-multipliers; they are very handy and used in every trade. In my opinion, I think everyone should know the name of every screwdriver and how to properly use them before they get to use a drill — they’ll just appreciate it better. There are a few circumstances when you’d want to use a manual screwdriver instead of a drill.

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