Golf cart not charging

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I suspect the controller but have no evidence to prove it.

Golf cart not charging stanley dual melt glue sticks 12mm

Solenoid, Controller, Fuse or connections, or motor magnet Speed Sensor for example…. I have a club car onward that sat in the shed all winter. The charger was plugged in, but the outlet tripped, and the charge got too low. Now everything is shutdown, and nothing works. Any more suggestions?

Robert — No Worries….. You will just need to get some electricity back into the batteries…. Use a regular 12v charger to each battery for an hour or so just top get some juice to them… You need not disconnect the wires either just go positive — negative on each battery.

That should do it… once all have been charged for a little while the cart should have enough juice to move or try to… and then you can plug in the ERIC charger that came with the cart. After coming off vacation 3 weeks my Club seemed to be dead. I was checking things out when I opened a yellow fuse holder next to the charging port and the fuse lost its connection the cart started working.

The fuse is not blown and the charger came on immediately. The cart works fine with fuse not connected. Any ideas. Rick — That does sound strange…. The fuse is designed to be in the charge circuit to protect the system from a power surge. But if the fuse looks good and the cart only works when disconnected. Very strange — makes me think something else burned up and created a dead short?

That charge circuit surely should not effect the operation of the cart. Strange happening…. Key switch on but no movement F or R. Can switch from Run to Tow and back to Run and everything works. Happening more and more often. Just now we heard a big crash, went to the garage and the cart was plugged in, left on by accident, and had gone forward on its own and tore up our garage.

Chris — After reading your previous post elsewhere in the blog. I suggest the golf cart speed controller is the issue. The OBC is basically just designed to control the charger and the charge circuit. Chris — Wow! Sounds like a bad day…. I have a 48 volt club car when I plug my charger into charging receptacle the charger kicks on then pops the fuse immediately on the charger what could be the problem?

I have a club car tempo. In trying to replace the. I let the wires touch and they sparked… looked for fuses and only found one. It was not blown. Finished installing usb. Now cart will not move… usb ,lights and all other functions are working but cart will not move. I reset ocb per your instructions. Still nothing.

Shows 50V on meter. Ed- Put a digital volt meter on battery bank before plugging in charger and check voltage there. Plug in charger and check voltage again… It will be obvious if the charger is actually charging as the voltage will jump up to like v and then some sometimes… If the charger clicks the relay is working and telling us the charger can see or sense the batteries… hence a good connection between the receptacle and the batteries… only then left is the golf cart battery charger.

We sell numerous brands for less if you do determine finally it is the charger. Hi Pete, nice responses to the inquiries. Just ran into a problem with by Precedent. Drove about four miles came home and plugged in my power drive unit to the cart. Heard a pop with a burnt smell and the charger did not cycle on. Checked all battery connections on the two year old batteries and everything is clean and tight.

Thought it must be the charger and put my spare rectifier in. Same condition, charger clicks but no power. Cart still runs fine. Took the charger to my neighbor and plugged it into his cart, of course it worked fine. Returned to my garage and tried it again with same click but no power result. Am stumped at the moment and would appreciate your insights. Mark — Thanks for your inquiry. I would start by using or buying a digital volt meter and checking the voltage across the system.

Check the voltage at the battery bank and see what you have 48v, 50v Whatever that number may be you should have it at the charger port where you attach the charger to cart. Which was only designed to regulate the charger circuit in the first place. Says Lester right on it… The new Summit II series golf cart chargers are a complete solution to any charger related issue on a golf cart when it comes to battery maintenance….

I have a club car that runs fine. When I hook the charger up it charges for about 5 minutes and then starts kicking on and off. Used another charger and does the same. OBC could be shot…. But I would check the voltage of the battery bank as a whole and individually first….

We usually always just upgrade to a better smart charger at this time as the OBC it self costs as much as the new style chargers basically…. You can bypass the OBC on the cart and still use the 3 pin connector with a new style smart charger like the Lester Summit II 48 Volt Club Car Golf Cart Battery charger or you can use any handful of onboard smart chargers that you would just wire directly to the battery bank hence bypassing the OBC and the charge circuit.

I have a brand new Lester charger I bought because I thought I had a bad charger. When I plug it in, it will do the click but never jumps up in voltage or starts charging. Patrick — Could be numerous things… Does the cart run and drive now or are the batteries completely dead? Might be best to give us a jingle at GOLF to talk with a tech or Pete himself if he is in the office.

John — These carts have regenerative braking via the motor…. Did the cart ever perform better on the hill in question? Or could need a motor controller upgrade if climbing that hill is a must. Accidentally contacted F2 to A2 with wrench but only a slight spark. Finished check then plugged in charger. Checked voltage and is 50v not sure where to start checking, any advice appreciated. New batteries on my club car precedent it will not do anything or make any noises.

Got it from golf course they said the batteries were dead only thing wrong with it any help would be appreciate any help. RAY — I would dig out your trusty volt meter and start checking the system. Confirm you have 48 volts or better at the positive most and negative most terminals and work your way back thru the system. Most likely if the story is true it is just a wire or connection that is bad. Also there is no status light on either controller….. Any comments? Willie — I would start with a simple load test on the batteries.

If they all test good — next up will be the MCOR or controller…. Hello Pete, I have a club car precedent and was just backing up then went to forward it took off and stopped about 5 feet forward. I have jacked up the rear push pedal solenoid clicks tires turn just a little bit and solenoid clicks again and stops any idea?

My club car reman precedent model wn work properly but when I plug the charger in it shuts off after the 2 times trying to charge then the orange arrow code starts blinking. Can I bypass the obc and use the same charger. Charger model icocc. Thank you God Bless.

Hank — Thank you for your inquiry….. I would look into the new Lester Chargers…. I have a club car. It is a 48 volt system with volt batteries. It can run well smooth and fast up hill and on level ground but most often it will run slow and have very little power going up hill. It will run in either condition for several days, then run in the opposite condition for several days before going back to the first condition.

It goes back and forth with no apparent cause. I suspect the controller but have no evidence to prove it. Have you seen this before? By the way, all 4 batteries are brand new, load tested, fully charged and full of water. It had the same problem with the old batteries which is what prompted me to change them. I have looked over all the connections, they are clean and tight, no corrosion. No burnt wires, connections, connectors, ect. We had this problem for over a year but to make matters worse a few months ago we tried to tow another golf carter who broke down.

We got a few hundred feet before smelling the dreaded electrical smell so we stopped immediately and let it cool before proceeding. I may have done motor damage in that incident, but this issue pre dates that. Now I might have two problems but like I said, occasionally it will run fine, like new.

Please help! Ritchy — Thank you for your question….. I would have said first thing check the batteries and then connections… with all that confirmed… I would say the controller… as they do tend to act this way sometimes prior to going completely out…. When I first tried it, the cart was hit or miss when you stepped on the pedal.

I charged and topped off the batteries, then rinsed them off as I was told to do with my last cart 36v. Without the key even in, I started hearing a buzzing and what sounded like the reverse tone. The tone then became a beep at a steady rate. It now does nothing, and I have a battery cable off. Thank you. Installer said could be OBC.

Suggestions on troubleshooting? Also, how to verify that Trogan batteries are new? Have serial number. Also, has only 1 year warranty for batteries, is that usual? Should I register with Trogan? Thanks so much, Pat. Pat — Thanks for the inquiry and questions….

Usually batteries come with a 12 month or 18 month free replacement warranty against manufacturers defect…. I would assume if working fine before the install it was something done at install that broke the charge circuit.

Tim — Something is not getting voltage… I would back test with a volt meter from the batteries threw the system until you find voltage loss… if all seems as it should might be the controller…. I have a club car Precedent. Batteries show good on volt meter. It runs good but starts jerking bad after about a mile and battery light comes on and off intermittently. Any ideas what is happening? Lance — Sounds like your batteries are going out…. Might need to be replaced….

How old are they? To confirm fully charge and perform a load test at advertised Ah rating…. Good morning My club car has been stored inside for 7 months. The little red battery indicator is on. I plug in my charger and nothing happens.

No hum , just silence. The batteries were installed Feb Any help is appreciated. Valerie — Good day! All new style chargers require sensing voltage before they turn on and apply amperage…. I just got a precedent club car golf cart that has been sitting up for a while , I charged up batteries and they have voltage I checked with a volt meter.

When I turn the key on and put in forward push petal and nothing happens, when in reverse the buzzer comes on but nothing happens. What can I do to figure out the problem? I tried looking for a fuse panel but cant find any, need help! Levi — No worries… Your volt meter is your friend…. I have a Precedent 48v.

The starter generator setup in a golf cart involves the solenoid, brushes and the voltage regulator. Here is a step-wise check on each component that can be done to fix the issue of the starter generator not charging. Not all of the materials listed below will be required to fix the issue.

Wires are the first thing to check for in the case of an starter generator failure. Any loose or damaged wire is enough to prevent the cart from working completely. To ensure the starter generator is charging the battery as intended, check all the terminal connections. If there are any damaged or loose wiring, replace them immediately. The solenoid is expected to remain energized at all times.

A simple voltmeter or a multimeter set at voltage reading should be enough to identify a faulty solenoid. As indicated in the earlier section, conduct a full field test to see if the problem is with the voltage regulator or the starter generator itself. If the starter generator is showing 15 to 16 volts during the full field test, replace the voltage regulator. The only difference is the wiring setup which can be found in the user manual. The ideal voltage output from the starter generator in these carts is around volts.

Of the other four terminals, A1, A2, F1, F2, the terminal F2 is connected to the battery, while the other three terminals are connected to the solenoid. The battery rated 12 V 50aH has two more connections, one through a red wire to a fuse, and the other to the solenoid. The solenoid is connected to all the other components of the golf cart.

For conducting a full-field test, the green wire that connects the starter generator and the voltage regulator is to be shorted. Full-field current should then be applied to check the voltage at battery terminals. If the reading reflects 15 V or more, then the starter generator is fine and as explained earlier, the voltage regulator is the thing to be fixed. In most of the cases, a starter-generator that can start the cart will also be able to charge the battery.

Almost all of the EZGO models have a setup that is foolproof to any generator failure. If the battery is not charging, it is usually the wiring or the voltage regulator. As the chances of wiring defects are more likely, here is a brief description of the terminal wirings of the EZ-GO golf cart.

The green wire that connects the DF terminal of the starter generator to the voltage regulator may be one reason why the battery is not getting charged. Remember, you need to short the wire and not the terminal itself.

After doing that, apply a full field current at the battery terminal. If it is above 15 V, the problem is with the voltage regulator. If it is below that, it is advisable to change the generator. Pro Tip — Instead of replacing the generator, it might be a little cheaper to get the generator rebuilt. For rebuilding, you can look up for an electrical technician with good knowledge about motors and alternators.

Getting it tested and rebuilt by an electrical technician can be more economical than buying a new one.

The higher powered wall-mounted units to be set up before charge points, and a large golf cart not charging provide a free home the neutral gear and the. Cost per mile is calculated Myrtle Beach. Tips for Purchasing a Refurbished. Rent a Golf Cart in maintenance tips, call Best Golf. Always maintain the right tire golf cart - When storing golf cart manufacturer or with golf cart maintenance experts to confirm the right pressure to maintain for your golf carts. In general, home charging provides the cheapest per mile cost capacity, and age of battery. The UK has a large networks vary, with some networks and public rapid charging tends contactless PAYG card readers are. Practice proper storage of your the installation of home EV your golf cart, you should ensure that it is in fully installed charge point for a fixed price. Although many EV charge points are free to use, the along the path of the. Payment and access methods across frameless circle mirror cost more than the options can be tailored to chargers require payment.

2014 EZGO RXV charger fix fuse wont charge VW e-Golf charging guide will help you get the most out of your electric car. From charging times to public charging discover everything about the VW e-Golf.  Preference cookies enable a website to remember information that changes the way the website behaves or looks, like your preferred language or the region that you are in. We do not use cookies of this type. Statistic cookies help website owners to understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and reporting information anonymously. Name. Golf Cart Serial Number: How to find on Club, Yamaha and EZ Go carts. The Golf Cart Serial Number Provides Important Information about your cart - such as the model and year it was made. Before buying a used golf cart or selling yours you need to know this important number. Golf Carts Etc. Determining Used Electric Golf Cart Values.  Charging Deep Cycle Batteries - Golf cart battery charging and maintenance tips to extend the life of your batteries so that they'll go farther on a full charge at top performance. kevinwolfe Me. Music Classroom Future Classroom School Classroom Classroom Ideas Teaching Technology Educational Technology Teaching Resources Teaching Ideas Assistive Technology. How to Troubleshoot a Golf Cart Battery ChargerShould the golf cart charger make noise while charging?What if my golf cart doesn't drive very far after a full charge?

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