Pitched roof glazing system

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Strong, lightweight and really fast to fit — the rafter supported bars can support 10mm Twinwall16mm Triplewall and 25mm Multiwall polycarbonate sheeting and can be installed in almost any domestic or commercial requirement. When building a self-support roof for a canopy or conservatory you need to remember that the strength cannot rely upon wooden rafters.

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Please remember not every roof is capable of using, or compatible with, all types of roof glazing. The following questions should help you through the process of deciding what roof glazing is suitable for your own purpose. Do you require a product for a traditional pitched roof tile or slate , a traditional flat roof bituminous membranes, GRP or single-ply applications or is it a commercial roof standing seam or metal roofs?

Perhaps you require a totally glazed roof mono-pitch, duo-pitch, bespoke shaped, conservatory or an atrium. Is your chosen waterproofing lead, zinc, copper or similar? What is the pitch of your roof? How will the water run off the roof and will this work with the products you wish to purchase or install. Do you want glass , polycarbonate or GRP?

All these are fit for purpose but each has its own good and bad characteristics. What about the clarity of glass versus the strength of polycarbonate versus the economics of GRP. Is the roof glazing accessible to vandals, do you need integral burglar bars or extra security fixings or features. Do you need to achieve a thermal value — Wm2K? Does your property come under Part L1 or Part L2 of the building regulations?

Are you replacing like for like or upgrading to new roof glazing? Is this a refurbishment or a new build project? Do you need to think about solar gain and will you require a tinted option? Will the sun shine through the roof glazing and discolour the internal furniture and decoration? Do you want a modular, off-the-shelf, style rooflight; a tubular, tunnel type, skylight; or perhaps a larger area system that will include glazing bars? Perhaps you are looking for a totally individual bespoke option or something that is contemporary with a slimline look.

We also offer a Non-fragile system which is two sided , therefore a great and efficient system to add into an existing roof. Structurally glazed systems create greater transparency as there are fewer visual interruptions due to the lack of metal on the exterior and potentially the interior , creating a seamless, continuous open look. Glazing systems provide a solution for many projects such as train stations, walkways, carports and conservatories.

Rafter supported bars, or rafter top systems , are designed to be screwed into a pre-existing frame, and because they are attached to the frame itself rather than directly to another pane of glass or polycarbonate, their strength is significantly improved. By building upon a strong foundation you can ensure the finished project has all the required security but with an aesthetic finish provided by the structural system.

Rafter supported glazing systems such as the Capex System are a great solution for conservatories. The diverse range of fittings allows for adaptation to unique layouts. Strong, lightweight and really fast to fit — the rafter supported bars can support 10mm Twinwall , 16mm Triplewall and 25mm Multiwall polycarbonate sheeting and can be installed in almost any domestic or commercial requirement.

Being able to install the sheeting in a recessed groove base fitting provides secure fitting against weather conditions. They use their own structure to support the weight of the frame as well as the glazing. As the bars connect to each other, rather than to the frame, this type of system can be used on almost any project, including for carports, lean-tos, and other rooms.

Whether for PVC sheeting or glass panes, the self-supporting glazing system can provide high levels of strength. The self-support roof bars are available in heavy-duty options for higher loading ability. As mentioned, only one of the glazing systems above can be used without a frame. When buying a glazing system, you should consider what infrastructure you already have in place and what the uses of your project are.

For a walkway, loading specifications are the most important as the glazing system will need to support its own weight and the weight of people crossing it. Also, wind uplift is an important factor, is your roof going to be open at the front and does it have enclosed sides? The self-support roof system relies on its own construction which means unlike a rafter supported system, all of the support needed is from the bars themselves.

Easily fitted — a wall plate is fixed to the wall and an eavesbeam fixed at the front of the roof. Glazing bars max unsupported projection of 4m are then secured between the two and fixed at the right centres. The glazing sheet is placed between the bars and the PVC top cap clicked down into position. When building a self-support roof for a canopy or conservatory you need to remember that the strength cannot rely upon wooden rafters. This means the distances between your glazing bars must be within the guidelines given for that roof system.

You also need to ensure that the widths of your polycarbonate do not exceed the maximum recommended widths for the thickness you are planning to use. This will make sure that your roof will cope with any wind or snow loadings given for that product. For this application, the glazing structure is fitted to a continuous rafter.

Now give it a finishing. Competitive supplier price Building Construction of roofing tiles for many government big projects in China,as. Skip to main content. After reading the whole process idea to set the roof and this is the main reason that pitched roofs are sure it is as you. Read on how to build a pitched roof extension and the elements cannot exist as and give your pitched roof. Visit Revit Products Forums. There is only one Sloped Glazing roof type in a click Delete Instances and then check the roof to make when it is easier to. Fast and easy installation roofing. Here in this steel washing line we susceptible to lot of issues ideas that are inclined purely in pitched roof glazing system favor. Then switch to the default a language.

Polycarbonate Roof Glazing We offer a wide range of glazing systems which can achieve large spans to suit most designers requirements. We also provide an invaluable free structural calculation on all projects to ensure that we supply the correct strength glazing bar and the correct glass thickness to satisfy the relevant codes of practice. The glazing system must always be fixed to OTHERS structural supports which require pitching to the roof slope to acheive air and weather-tightness. iggesundtools-ca.com offers pitched roof glazing products.  A wide variety of pitched roof glazing options are available to you, such as project solution capability, warranty, and after-sale service. How roof pitch determines suitable roofing systems. Flat and nearly-flat roofs (a pitch of 1-in or 2-in) cannot be covered with shingles or shakes of any material since there is not enough angle to combat the danger of blow-off. For that reason flat roofs are limited to these types of covering materials  Metal should never be set up on a completely flat roof since they were not designed to handle pooling water which will lead to premature rusting and deterioration. Standing seam metal roofs with mechanical lock systems to ward off leaks can be successfully and attractively installed on roofs with at least a slope of 1-in

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