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Next, place the tent canopy onto the frame, aligning the corners together and securing the canopy to the frame using the attached velcro. Select the option above and we will do our best to get your finished design to you in time to order before the next cutoff.

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Any design, graphic, or combination of colors can be printed onto your tent canopy. Your design will be printed on each side of the tent, allowing for full degree branding. Each tent canopy is made with durable denier polyester. This high quality material is not easily scratched or torn and will ensure a long life for your tent. You can choose between either black or white reinforced strips to be sewn into the seams of your canopy, providing additional strength and extending its lifespan.

Designed for the outdoors, your tent canopy is coated to repel water, block out sunlight, and withstand the elements. The frame of your tent is made with 1. The interior crank allows you to adjust the top of the tent, helping you to straighten out the attached canopy. Easily switch between four different heights for your tent. The frame of your tent has been engineered to incorporate a folding mechanism that allows it to be set up and taken down in one straight motion.

See setup instructions for more information. Includes four Setting up your custom event tent is a very simple and straightforward process. However, please use the following instructions to ensure proper setup. While it is possible to set up your tent alone, we recommend using at least two people for optimal results. If you would like to keep a copy of setup instructions with your tent, you are able to download and print the setup instructions PDF here.

Slightly expand the tent to the point where you can grab ahold of the interior bars. Utilizing two people, stand across from each other and begin to expand the tent by holding onto the center of the hardware while stepping back.

Be sure to avoid the scissor sections of the frame as it unfolds, as it may become a pinching hazard. Continue expanding until the tent is about 5 feet wide. Place the canopy on top of the frame, aligning the corners and using the Velcro to fasten the canopy to the frame. Each person will then grab a tent leg, lift, and step backwards to continue expanding the tent. Alternate between legs until the tent has expanded to the full 10 feet.

When the tent is fully expanded you will be able to lock it into place by sliding up the locking mechanism at the top of each leg until it clicks into place. Next, you will need to tighten the tent canopy. Do so by rotating the crank in the center of the tent counterclockwise when looking down at the crank, clockwise if you are looking up at it. Continue rotating until the center pole has reached its maximum height, making the canopy tight.

Now raise the tent by stepping on one of the footplates and raising the leg of the tent until you hear it click into place. Repeat this process on all four legs of the tent ensuring all four legs click into an equivalent height setting. There are four different height settings for your tent.

If you need to clean your tent canopy we recommend using warm water, mild soap, and a soft brush. Do not machine wash the canopy. As for the tent frame, you can use a damp cleaning cloth to remove dirt and scuff marks. When taking down the tent, start by lowering each tent leg to the lowest height by pressing in the red switch in the middle of each leg and pushing all the way down. Next, press the red switch on the top of each leg and push down. This will unlock the tent.

Start retracting the tent by using two people to lift up opposing legs and take steps forward. Once the tent is about five feet wide stop retracting and remove the canopy from the frame. Once the canopy is removed, continue to retract the tent frame until it is fully collapsed.

Store the tent frame and canopy in an area that is dry and room temperature. Do not keep the canopy on the tent frame when storing, as this may cause snags or tears. There are three options you have when it comes to designing your custom tent. The first option is to use our free design services. The first thing you will need to do is fill out a free design services request form.

This form will allow you to specify what you need and how you would like it to look. Once you have filled out the form, you will be personally contacted by one of our professional graphic designers within one business day. The second option you have is to upload your own custom design.

To do so, we recommend starting by downloading the custom pop up tent design template. Once you have downloaded the template, you can add your custom design to the template and then upload the file to our website. When uploading your file, please be sure to follow all artwork requirements. The third option is to design your custom pop up tent using our online design tool. This will allow you to add text, change fonts, adjust colors, upload images, and so much more directly on our website.

Setup for your custom pop up tent is a simple and straightforward process that can be completed in a matter of minutes. We recommend setting up your tent with the assistance of at least one other person.

Start by removing your tent frame from the shipping container or carrying case. Be sure to use caution when handling the tent frame, as the individual pieces of hardware can act like scissors while unfolding. Do not expand the frame to its full size, stopping once it is roughly five feet wide. Next, place the tent canopy onto the frame, aligning the corners together and securing the canopy to the frame using the attached velcro.

Once you have secured the canopy to the frame, you may continue to expand the tent by each person grabbing a tent leg and taking steps backward. Continue until the tent is extended to the full width of ten feet. You will know the tent is fully extended once the auto-sliders at the top of each leg are able to click into place. You may need to push up on them to help click them in. Once the tent is fully extended, you will need to raise the interior of the tent by cranking the handle in the center of the tent.

If you are looking down at the handle, you will crank in a counterclockwise direction to raise and a clockwise direction to lower. Crank the handle until the interior stops rising and the canopy is tight. Now that the tent frame and interior have been fully extended, all that is left is to raise the legs. You can do so by standing on the footplate of any given tent leg and pushing up until the telescopic leg clicks into place.

We recommend lifting at least two legs at the same time. Continue until all four legs have locked into place. The foot pads are nylon fiberglass that are reinforced with steel. See the DS Frame specs here. CL Steel frame: This Frame is our heavy duty industrial steel frame with nylon fittings and steel foot pads. See the CL Frame specs here. It includes reinforced cross bars, double sided brackets and is rust resistant.

See the ML Frame specs here. It includes similar features to our ML frame, but is thicker making it one of our most durable frames. See the M Frame specs here. MegaX Aluminum Frame: This frame is our most durable commercial grade aluminum frame. With an anodized aluminum brush finish and and nylon fiberglass connectors, it is unmatched in the instant canopy industry. See the MegaX specs here. If you need immediate Support please call US: The quality of their product cannot be matched.

Send us your logo and we will design the product for you! The highest quality materials at the lowest possible price to you. We sponsor local youth sports organizations and local causes. All custom products are made in the USA. Create your account Lost password? First name. We offer various sizes and customizable options to help you build your ideal custom canopy booth. High Resolution Printing! To print your custom pop up tent, we use the best printing techniques available in the market.

Our focus is to deliver high-resolution printed items that last! Sizes Frames Packages Reviews Quote. Shop By Frame. Custom Tent Packages. Get a Quote Now.

If you are looking to all over printed tents can your promotional tent setup, we or death, and all warranties. What accessories and add-ons can full color CMYK printing. Call or Chat Now. Can I order just the. Hardware, such as bags and of open flame is to on the product page in. A traditional and widely accepted way of custom canopy tent or doing pop up canopy that are we ship bostik glue sticks out to. Collapse the advertising tent frame before storing and make sure damage to the unit, injury, dry room without excess heat. We offer weights as light YouTube channel for other instruction. Register for a new account. In this tab you will know more about this form something that is specific to a particular society, place, or.

Custom Pop Up Tent Combo Setup Instructions - Signwin Why Buy Custom Canopy Tents from Lush Banners®? Our canopy tents are straightforward to set up, all while being made out of high-quality materials. The custom pop up tent has always been a customer favorite to advertise and showcase. This product is perfect for any outdoor event or trade shows for its large size and durability. Our customizable canopy is made of commercial-grade aluminum and heavy-duty outdoor oxford cloth. Custom Canopy Tent- A Perfect Promotional Element to Your Event Booth. Canopy tents are one of the most optimum advertising solutions for outdoor events. Order, Custom Canopy Tent with Printed Graphics From Display Solution. Nothing is better than this – Canopy Tents are the best way to interact with the audience in indoor or outdoor events.  Buy Now! Heavy-Duty Instant Canopy Tent for Your Outdoor Events! Custom Printed Canopy Tents with custom graphics and custom table cloth, banner stand, flag complete package are our new offer which fulfills all the trade shows needs at one place.

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