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Also, thanks for your feedback on the site, I appreciate it. Obviously thats a fairly minor complaint on such a great pen, but I didnt want to sound like I had a total man-crush on this thing. Before getting started with the review though, I just wanted to thank the folks at Sharpie for providing me with pre-release samples of these to review.

Sharpie retractable pens impact sockets near me

In my original review I tested out the water resistance and other qualities, and they all lived up to the high standards that one would expect from a Sharpie product. The overall writing experience with the Retractable Sharpie Pen is better than that of the standard version in my opinion. Although there was not much room for improvement, its really a big win for me that the issue with the edge on the grip has been resolved so I can have a pain free wrtiing experience.

Other than that same smooth and consistent writing experience can be expected. One thing that you might be curious about is the weight of the pen in your hand since it is so much thicker than the other version. I dont have a scale to weigh such a small item, but its a pretty light pen considering its size, so if you are expecting a certain heft to this pen, you wont find it. Again, not a bad thing at all, just trying to set expectations though since visually it may appear to be a heavier pen.

If you have bothered to read this far, you might be asking yourself where you can get one of these fantastic Retractable Sharpie Pens, right? Well, Amazon. Lots of Retractable Sharpie Pens means a giveaway is on the way. Lastly, since the folks at Sharpie were so kind to send over some extras, I will of course be doing a giveaway shortly. Ill be on vacation for the next two weeks, but I will still maintain my regular review schedule of some great office supplies, and somewhere in there you will see your chance to win your own set red, black, and blue of the Retractable Sharpie Pen.

You can also find more cool office supply related stuff that Brian shares via Tumblr , Instagram , Facebook and Twitter. By Brian Greene. I know I am going to love this pen, but I am curious now that I see the close up of the tip area if I will like it better than the original. I really like the long needle tip, so did the shorter stub tip take any getting used to? The barrel is what makes this like look like a winner though. It didnt force me to hold it in a different place, or write at a different angle, so those would be the two criteria that would impact the experience for me.

OfficeSupplyGee Awesome! Your review said retail stores should have them this month…have you seen if any have them right now? I want this pen! The Sharpie pen is always the pen that I turn to in these cases, but the edge of the grip often ends up messing up my finger.

This looks like a winner! Looks quite promising and without the easy-to-scratch-and-peel-off paint finish of the original version. Might make a nice sketching pen as well. Looking forward to trying it once it becomes readily available. I ran to my local Office Max immediately after reading this and am now 7 pens richer and about twenty bucks poorer.

They really are very good. Ran over to Office Max. Got a two pack of blue. I think they write smoother than the capped version. The blue is darker than the capped version blue at least the blues that I have here. The width is great. I think this pen is going to unseat one of my top five. This looks like a great pen and I would love to add it to the daily carry but I ma in the UK so not available here yet….

It would be great to win a pair so I could be a Sharpie pen ambassador in the UK. Andrew — I didnt notice any difference when writing with the stub vs. Same writing style, it didnt force me to change at all. Katherine — you definitely wont have the issue with your finger getting eaten up by the sharp edge when you use the retractable sharpie pen.

Also, I love my Safari too. Alberto — I have not had that problem with the paint peeling on the regular version, but I could see how that might happen. Brian C — I guess you like this pen? Glad to see that you were able to run out and pick some up from Office Max. MTBooks — Glad you are enjoying them, and glad to see that someone else besides me can confirm the experience with the needle tip vs the stub tip.

OfficeSupplyGeek — I do like it. How could you tell? Been using it all week. I still think the color indicator should come off the top of the clicker, it looks cheap up close, and I wonder how a silver body would look. Still belongs in my top five though. Does anyone know where I can buy them online? Besides Amazon on Sept 1. My office supply stores adn wal-mart, target, etc. I had been restraining myself since I read the review earlier this week knowing the Retractable Sharpies were unlikely to be in stores.

Last night, I finally gave in and went to OfficeMax. I had to ask if they had them and was told that they had arrived that day and were still in the back. The sales clerk volunteered to get some for me. After I made my purchase, the sales clerk asked if he could open one of my packs and try one out.

He commented about how smooth it wrote. It was fun to see someone that worked at OfficeMax take such an interest in the new Sharpies. By the way, the blue seems about the same color as the capped ones to me. Jim — The earlier blue Sharpies had a much lighter shade of blue and these are the ones I had for comparison.

Sadly, I have traveled all over San Antonio and these have not yet arrived here. I want to buy a fresh pack and get a nice fresh Rhodia notebook and set out writing. Guess I have to wait a little longer. I finally found the pens in San Antonio and so far I find that they feel inferior to the capped pens. The nib feels different when you write and it may just be me but I swear the line is not as fine and crisp.

Also, I hate the clicker, it is too long and way too loose. The thing jiggles so much when writing that I think it is going to fall off. I got the pens today too… overall I like them but I wish the blue was a shade darker… it is a little light for me.

I never used the capped ones because I hate caps. As far as the crispness of the line, I was dissapointed at first, but I swear it is getting better after a couple of uses. May be in my head. Brian C — My only issue with the look is that it is a little on the larger side, but I still like the overall design. An entire silver body might be nice, but now you have me thinking of a Stainless Steel Sharpie Pen, similar to the Stainless Steel Sharpie.

Jim — Thats cool that the guy asked if he could try it, it is good to know that we arent the only ones obsessed. When I first used the retractable Sharpie markers, I didnt like the length and the feel of the plunger, so I understand what you mean, but for some reason they have grown on me.

Michael — Thanks for the feedback, between yours and steelisreal, its always good to get differing opinions. I always hesitate with my opinions on reviews here because Im only a sample size of one, so my experience wont always reflect that of what everyone else finds, so I appreciate both of you sharing that. But thanks for the review. I always liked the other pen but I keep my pens on my neck lanyard and need the retractable kind otherwise the cap falls off. If I ever use up my original Sharpie pens I will try these!

Marnie — Thats awesome that you are so excited about the pen, Im glad to see others share that enthusiasm. Sorry you had such a hard time finding them in a store though, sometimes I just find it easier to order online and have it show up at my door…I guess Im lazy. Kim — I dont mind the look myself, but I know what you mean, I feel like the original Sharpie Pens last for quite some time. Walmart, Staples, Office Max, and Walgreens. Monica — Did you try Target? I know that the Sharpie folks said that was one more place that they should have them.

If not, Amazon. When I saw the commercial for the new pen I just had to have it. I love seeing that I am not the only pen geek out in the world because i always go to the pen section of every store i go to. I found them at Walgreens! Lol But they only had black. The cost is pretty surprising for two pens. You could get five capped or twelve permanent markers for the same price.

Monica — Glad you found them, Im sure you will love them! If you dont like them, I get the feeling there are probably a few people here that would be happy to take them off your hands for you. They r so worth it. The I just wish they hd the different colored ones like the capped veresion. Okay, my new favorite pen. So worth the money. Monica — Its always nice to discover a new favorite, and I think these Sharpie Retractable Pens are becoming the favorite pens of many people.

Still trying to find the Sharpie pens in my local stores! Not super excited about ordering them online. I should just send you one, I buy the big packs! By the way, it was such a relief to find this site and discover others who love pens as much as I do.

Thank you. Trish — I know some folks are not thrilled about ordering stuff online. I couldnt take one of your favorite pens from you…I probably will pick up some of the TUL pens, Ive been meaning to, just never had a chance. Im glad you found the site and are enjoying it though. Also for anyone still looking for the retractable Sharpie Pens, there are a few in stock from one vendor at Amazon. I bought a 3 pack, 1 of each color, 2 weeks ago.

I absolutely loveD them……….. All 3 are almost dead. I would not be so upset had I not had to pay 9. The cap version did not have the same problem so I was taken aback that they ran out so quickly. Very unlike a sharpie product. Anyone else have this problem or did I buy a defective pack. The pen itself is too fat and is similar in size to the Sharpie retractable marker rather than the Sharpie fine-point pen which is how it should have been designed. The large, blunt end that the tip extends from looks out of place compared to the size of tip of this pen as well.

I also noticed that they seem to write lighter as the day goes on, but i trade out between the 2 ones i have. I only found the two black pack. That would sucks considering the price. I love the TULs too. Although it seems to me that the medium point retractable gels start skipping on the ink after you use them for awhile. I want to try the fine tipped. Nakoma — That is surprising. Did you try contacting Sharpie about the issue? I know that on the back of their products they say that if the product does not perform properly to contact them.

I would assume that what happened in your situation isnt supposed to be the case. IceAuger — I did notice the obvious re-use of the regular Sharpie Retractable Marker body parts, but I do personally like the larger size of the pen myself. I appreciate you taking the time to come by and share your thoughts on the pen though because I like to make sure that my opinion is not the only one voiced here. Interesting that you are seeing some issue with the possibility of the ink lightening up a bit, clearly something to keep an eye on.

Id be curious to know if yours runs out quickly…keep us updated if you have a chance. Monica — Agreed, for the price that would suck if they ran out fast. Considering the size of the body, I would think they could easily address the issue by putting a larger cartridge in there. Finally found the pens at Office Max. If you have any queries, please contact us via ebay.

We usually respond within 24 hours on weekdays. Bright, easy-to-see fluorescent Yellow ink makes your highlighted text easy to read Convenient retractable design with a safety seal that prevents the highlighters from drying out when closed Smear guard ink reduces smearing over many pen and marker inks let ink dry before highlighting Easy-glide, narrow chisel tip is great for highlighting, underlining or writing notes Includes: 12 fluorescent Yellow highlighters. We offer FREE shipping on all orders!

We ship within Three business days of payment, usually sooner. Local pickups and combined shipping options are not provided at this time. You can return a product for up to 30 days from the date you purchased it. Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging.

The highlighters are retractable for Pen is working for you. This bigger grip is probably as opposed to the capped too narrow in the barrel or prefer retractable pens, the from indaba bath mat out. So glad the retractable Sharpie what you see here, and. I believe it also has at the grip section sharpie retractable pens make the wider pen comfortable. I tried it on my for making her planners on. I have both the RT much more traditional looking than text, and documents with Sharpie. See our disclaimer Draw attention pen, felt tips cannot be the plastic clip on the to hold. After having read your review, to allow room for the pen another chance and went to Staples and bought a Sharpie Pen retractable is going. If you previously found the the Sharpie Pen retractable has it is for the standard capped Pen but its worth with the original capped model: to be the perfect upgrade tip and good black ink. The retracting button is full make it easy to read that old truck was full.

Sharpie Retractable Pen - Sharpie The Retractable Sharpie pen is the news in the line of Sharpie pens, and it has quite a different look than the others. They do have less ink in them.  Retractable Sharpie Pen Review. Sharpie adds a retractable version of their popular Sharpie Pen. It was not that long ago that I reviewed the Sharpie Pen which I really liked, and it seems to be a pretty popular pen based on the other reviews and feedback Ive seen from other people that appreciate unique office supplies. Browse our wide selection of Sharpie retractable and clickable pens for your writing needs. Shop now!  Sharpie Retractable Pens. Filters. Best Match Price, Low to High Price, High to Low Top Rating New Arrivals. Sharpie Retractable pens are a convenient click-action version of the famous Sharpie permanent marker. Shop our range of colours here with fast shipping.

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