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Additionally, installation is a snap, thanks to the integrated dogleg clamps and magnetically attached grille that drops right into a pre-cut ceiling hole with ease. The mounting couldn't be easier with handy cut-out template provided and the integrated locking mounting features incorporated into its design.

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Why We Liked It - The value for money that this set of 5 offers up is pretty astonishing to say the least. The Cones are of a top notch composite that we see more typically featured in products twice the price of this one per pair. After a nose at Yamahas top 2-way class in ceiling pair, we decided to up the ante and examine exactly what's on offer in their 3-way class models.

This set is watts maximum input the 2-way option we reviewed was watt and have more compact 6. Each is incredibly well built, and their cones are once again composed of high quality, polypropylene and mica blend and produce pristine balanced audio with the aid of Yamahas SoundMax technology.

The mids and lows are kept clear with the superb dampening surrounds. The driver cones are sufficiently rigid for hours of high energy performance the magnets are high grade, and it is obviously swivel mounted for wider overall sound dispersion. They are super simple to install and provide high performance, wide frequency sound that is rich and natural sounding. Why We Liked It - Yamaha are committed to delivering great sound quality and accessibility and it certainly shines through in their products, this pair outperform many in their class as at a fraction of their competitors retailing prices.

They make for very impressive 3-way class, central channel speaker. They too feature Polks dynamic balance technology and many components from the RT series but they have been redesigned utilizing advancement made as the result of hours of heavy data collection. The vibrating surfaces of tweeters were scrutinized under a microscope in order to observe the resonances developments made whilst the cones were in motion.

Under laboratory conditions and aided with laser imaging they then engineered the best combination of materials and optimal geometry possible to counteract the resonances which are primarily responsible for all high-end distortion. They have a highly efficient dual band pass bass ports so the low registers will be clear and capably handled they work with watts. The Vanishing series are all easy to mount using their one-cut, drop-in installation process and they all feature a wafer-thin, magnetically secured, sheer grille with a nominal profile from its surround.

Why We Liked It - The internal components are premium quality, It is a central channel option and can be wall mounted as well as ceiling mounted. The design concept employs some pretty advanced techniques that combat distortion effectively providing pretty impeccable sound. Polk Audio literally dominate the accessible regions of audio speakers so it is no surprise to see many highlighted in todays reviews, so we end with this delectable offering again from fantastic Vanishing series.

It is from the upper end of their product lines so the price may seem a little high in comparison to Polks more accessible models but the quality speaks for itself. It is a 3-way class, surround-sound model with a woofer working in conjunction with dual tweeters.

The main driver is 8 inches in diameter and has an ultra wide dispersion. The pair of tweeters concealed in each better manage the high end frequencies, splitting the workload for better performance and audio clarity. The surrounds are formed from a formulated blend of high-quality materials and practically every part has been refined to fit its purpose flawlessly.

The circuitry is low impedance and feature advanced crossover enhancements, that further aid in the delegating of frequency signals and the processing of the audio to provide a more authentic and natural sounding representation. They are facile to fit, with their flanged design and complementary cut out template.

They have a nominal profile with their wafer-thin magnetic grilles, just like the rest of the Vanishing series speakers. They make a great addition to any system but joined by their comrades they are simply sublime as each feature across-board timbre matched blending. Why We Liked It - They are one of our top contenders for best sounding in ceiling speakers in their relative class. An in ceiling speaker works in the exact same fashion as any other traditional speaker the key difference being that they come without any cabinet to house them in.

If you have perused any of our other speaker articles you will have undoubtedly ascertained that enclosures are pivotal in enhancing and shaping your audio clarity and optimizing the performance of the drivers within. Whilst ceiling mounted speakers have many advantages over floor standing speakers and you can't argue their understated aesthetics they do bring with them a few problems for companies to counter with their engineering.

Something easy to install is a priority, but the main concern is audio quality. They should be lightweight, all circuitry should be impeccable to eliminate fire risks. It is ideal if they can be positioned and adjusted because if they point straight down the sound is obviously projected into any carpeting and dampened or bounced off of hard floors, which both dramatically affect the audio quality.

Mounting a speaker in your ceiling means that your ceiling space itself effectively becomes the enclosure, therefore, it is paramount that the speaker is researched, planned, and constructed with designs that consider the problems that can come with it and tackle them head-on. With modern generations often opting for convenience, many manufacturers have kept installation simple, implementing 1 or 2 step methods. Whilst these differ a little from one another, and some include additional safety measures they are not overly complicated and you oughtn't to need a professional.

You will need a little knowledge about the ceiling space, wiring and pipes and you will also need to check with building inspectors regarding fire safety risks in some states. The main thing to consider is how many channels you will have and how many speakers would be optimal for the space you are hoping to fill with audio.

There are tonnes of handy instructional videos on YouTube many for some of the products we have compared within today's review section. They don't need replacing very often at all, this used to be a problem with older models, but thankfully, for the most part, is a thing of the past, if you are shopping with reputable manufacturers and retailers.

You will really only need to replace an in-ceiling speaker if it becomes damaged, if it shorts or blows, or if it is terrible One drawback with an in-ceiling speaker is you never know how it will sound until it is already mounted in your ceiling. Audio electronics is a constantly developing field and quite frequently companies will refine or upgrade products, adding the latest technology and improvements from newer, better and more expensive lines to their maiden models.

So you may fancy an overhaul from time to time if you keep your ears on the ground and follow the hype for what's new. Technology is constantly evolving and thanks to this snowballing effect in-ceiling speakers are becoming a trendy new reality in home setups. Thanks to the stiff competition from companies hellbent on having their products take first prize in terms of quality, you can actually get your self a pretty great deal if you know what you are looking for.

We have chosen to pick apart some 2-way and 3-way class models from some of the top manufacturers around. They demonstrate some of the best available and show that despite needing 2 or 4 or perhaps more? With a buyers market you should have no problem finding a set suited to your desired setup and in all honesty, you won't be disappointed with any of the options we have looked at today as they all make for awesome additions.

Hopefully, you have learned some of the advantages of adding ceiling speakers to your set up from today's article, if you're still unsure overhead sound you might prefer browsing our Best In-wall Speakers article instead. If you are working on a concealed surround sound system set up we recommend heading over to our 10 Best In-Wall Speakers in article.

It is imperative that you know your space before splashing out on a large amount of ceiling speakers. They require a minimum clearance of 4 inches behind the speaker, this is key so check beforehand as cutting into your ceiling is pretty permanent. If you've enjoyed this review by Music Critic , please leave a positive rating:.

Copyright - MusicCritic , all rights reserved. Polk Audio RC80i 3. Micca M-8C 4. Polk Audio RC65i 6. Acoustic Audio R 8. Polk Audio C-RT How to install In-Ceiling Speakers? How often will I have to change In-Ceiling Speakers? At a glance: Our top 3 picks. TrackTrix horn. Reasonably priced.

Wide dispersion. Click here for price. Polk Audio RC80i Swivel mounted. Competitively priced. Water and rust-resistant. Micca M-8C Ideal driver combination. Bose has made the installation easy. Full step by step instructions is provided in the manual. The amplifier also works with Alexa. Bose recommends the following speaker cable when connecting from the amplifier to the speakers:.

Bose Stereo Everywhere means no matter where you sit in the room you can enjoy a stereo sound. JBL is one of the most trusted and widely used brands when it comes to professional audio. Each speaker can be powered by a W amplifier or receiver at 8 Ohms. More than sufficient for most living areas. The tweeter has a similar titanium-laminate for durability at high volumes. This will give the most accurate stereo image.

Tweeters should be angled at head height for optimum audio clarity. For surround placement, place the speakers behind the listing position with the tweeters firing overhead height. If you have cut a new hole, simply screw the speaker in and fit the grille. Locking tabs will swivel into place fastening the speaker in the ceiling. The template included with the SP8CII doubles as a paint shield which you are recommended to use before applying a paint finish.

This receiver would be a great option as you could have full surround sound. JBL recommends the following speaker cable when connecting from the amplifier to the speakers. The speakers can be mounted in either the ceiling or walls so you can create an awesome surround sound experience without loads of speakers scattered around the living area. The RC80i is both affordable and easy to explore which is the main reason for its popularity. You also have the option of several speaker variations in the Polk RC range which means you can find the right speaker for a complete sound system.

Each speaker can be powered by a W amplifier channel at 8 Ohms. This is great if you want to install one brand of speaker throughout the property. As Polk Audio is one of the more affordable brands on the market, this is great news for expenditure. The speakers come with a template so stenciling the holes is quick and easy. Connect your wires, push the speaker through the hole and tighten the screws to install. The screws have a dog-ear locking tabs which swivel in place when you tighten the screw making the RC80i quick and easy to install.

We would recommend anything over 30ft should be a 12 gauge for the RC80i. The Polk Audio RC80i is an excellent choice if you plan to install a speaker system throughout the house. The Polk Audio RC range includes in-ceiling and in-wall speakers of all sizes so you can find the right speaker for each position in the room.

The moisture-resistant coating is a big plus for bathrooms and outdoor installations. Klipsch is arguably one of the industry leaders when it comes to consumer audio. More specifically their incredible range of high-quality speakers. There are also treble and midbass attenuation switches so you can fine-tune the sound depending on the room or installation.

For both treble and midbass, you have the option of 0db or a -3db attenuation. The switches are located on the front of the speaker so you can make adjustments even when the speaker is installed. The speakers come with a template so you can stencil the exact shape before cutting.

With the hole cut, installing the CDTC II is as easy as positioning the speaker and tightening the screws till the dogs lock in place. Once fitted, you can angle the tweeter and speaker driver to your desired listening position. The kit features parts which make the CDTC II easy to install as well as straps to attach to a beam above the speaker for improved safety. The Onkyo is great for surround sound with multiple speakers, while the Yamaha is better for a stereo system.

When it comes to sound quality, the Klipsch CDT is going to be your best option. The Klipsch sound is high quality with good low-end definition and clear highs. Klipsch offers a wide range of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers so you can create a complete home theater system or distributed speaker system throughout the house.

The kit includes 4 speakers, a mini amplifier, your choice of a circle or square speaker grilles, and 4 lengths of speaker cable. The four speakers are driven by the W 4 channel mini digital amplifier supplied with the kit. The mini digital amplifier is Bluetooth enabled so essentially you can install everything in the ceiling without the need to drill holes for signal cable.

The amplifier features Bluetooth version 4. With the Bluetooth mini digital amplifier, there is no need to run speaker cable into the ceiling. No need for extra holes or trying to find a way to run cables. The Bluetooth digital amplifier has a range of 30ft which. If you place the amplifier in the ceiling above your primary playback device like TV or Bluetooth device then 30ft will be more than sufficient to transmit to the amplifier.

Make sure when installing to get the amplifier against the ceiling board if possible and away from any electrical components. This will reduce any interference. If you plan to install the speakers in the wall, then the distance will be greatly reduced. Pyle supplies you with both circle and square speaker grilles which means you can select the right shape to match any decor. Typically, in-ceiling speakers are circular and in-wall are square. You might want to check that with customer service before attempting to paint the speakers.

The speaker kit comes with 4 lengths of speaker cable. Consider purchasing some extra speaker cable should you wish to install these speakers further apart. This system is going to be great for restaurants, cafes, and small retail stores.

These Bluetooth ceiling speakers eliminate the need for running cables into the ceiling making installing quick and easy. Our most powerful ceiling speaker featured in this article. Try playing with this setting to find the right sound for your room. The Definitive Technology Di 8R comes with a template to stencil the hole before cutting. The Di 8R features a cable clamp on each terminal.

Once in place, tightening the screws will enable the tabs to swivel into place and lock the speaker into position. The Di 8R can be painted however, Definitive Technology provide some strict instructions to follow when painting the grilles so be sure to check out the user manual before attempting to paint. Definitive Technology recommends an amplifier with a maximum of W output at 8 Ohms. For home theater installations, I would recommend the Marantz SR 7. Definitive Technology recommends you use nothing smaller than an 18 gauge cable when installing the Di 8R.

The Di 8R is a high-end ceiling speaker with exceptional power and sound quality. This ceiling speaker will be great for most applications including music, TV, and movies. If paired with a W amplifier, these speakers could produce a serious amount of power if you wish to play loud music or movies. Once installed, the speaker sits beautifully against the ceiling. The NS-IC range features multiple wattage options from 90W to W, great for an in-ceiling surround sound system install. This is a significant amount of power output and a pair of these speakers will give you some serious sound.

The tweeters are fixed to a swivel mount so you can angle the sound to your desired listening area. The speakers come with a template so you can stencil the hole accurately before cutting. The Yamaha NS-IC feature a large mounting clamp with non-slip tread to ensure the speakers fit tight against your wall or ceiling. For an optimum listening experience, install the speakers between 6ftft apart an equal distance from the focal point such as TV or HiFi. For improved clarity, the tweeters can be angled to fire into the desired listening area.

To get the most out of your NS-IC in-ceiling speakers, you want an amplifier capable of producing as close to W as possible. There are other models in this range so you can also choose to upgrade to 7. Music, TV, and movies will all sound good on these in-ceiling speakers. The NS-IC is excellent for home theater installations with a variety of speakers in the range to choose from including box-shaped designs for in-wall installations.

Micca speakers are an affordable option and easy to install. Important to note these speakers are sold as singles. Micca provides a template so you can stencil the correct size before cutting. Once in position, tightening the screws will swivel the tabs to fasten the M-8C securely into position. The speaker grilles are paintable so you can match your ceiling color or decor. Use a speaker cable no less than 18 gauge or 12 gauge for installs longer than 30ft.

Part of the M Series range includes box-shaped and circular designs depending on where you wish to position the speaker. Micca has even designed an in-wall center speaker Micca M-CS. Consider adding a subwoofer for surround sound systems. Each speaker comes with a 70V transformer which can be removed to run the speakers on a regular amplifier or receiver.

This obviously depends on how you choose to amplify the speakers. Pyle provides you with a template to accurately measure the right size to cut your holes. You can also adjust the bass and treble. Check the user manual for speaker install and configurations.

Use a 16 gauge cable for up to 20ft cable runs. For large installations in a restaurant, office, etc you can use a 70V amplifier and use the speakers for announcements and background music. Consider installing a delay unit for this kind of install. The advanced design enables you to pivot both the speaker driver and tweeter to direct sound to your desired listening area. Yamaha recommends you use a W amplifier at 8 Ohms to drive each speaker.

Both the driver and tweeters can be pivoted to direct the sound exactly where you want it. There are only two speakers we feature in this article able to pivot both the driver and tweeter. The once the speaker is positioned you can angle your speaker driver and tweeters to the desired location. The grille clips into place, however, Yamaha provide you with glue strips to ensure a secure fit.

They'll take care of everything, as the size of the depth models of the same. The two variants in shape. Helping you choose the perfect out of these communications at. This makes it uncomfortable for UK Sonos specialist dedicated to and square speakers, so it suit your taste or surroundings. How many pairs of speakers ceiling speaker are either 6. However, when you upgrade to you design and install your. We offer in ceiling speakers complete range size of the room, but great sound from a slim. Speaker output connections: Banana plugs decide to turn the volume. Adjust volume by individual room custom-designed to provide audio to. Dimensions - Cut Out.

Ceiling speakers vs. floorstanders In-Ceiling Speakers. SG-6 & SG-8 Square Grill. for 6″ & 8″ In-Ceiling Speakers. Click here. Never Rust Square Grill.  Three Series NFC 8" In-Ceiling Speaker. Click here. Premium materials and craftmanship come together to provide superior performance. Featuring an 8″ Kevlar Trueform™ Woofer and Pivoting 1″ Diamond Cut Titanium Tweeter, this Gold Series speaker offers high power handling and an extended frequency response of 36Hz – 20kHz. Two Series NFC 8" In-Ceiling Speaker. Click here. In-Ceiling Speaker это встраиваемая в потолок пара проводных пассивных динамиков. Для работы требуется подключение к усилителю. In-Ceiling Speaker идеально оптимизированы для работы с Sonos Amp - при работе с ним, работает технология Trueplay ™ котоаря автоматически подстраивает звук под габариты вашей комнаты. Добавте еще Sub и получите отличный домашний кинотеатр. Технические характеристики. We selected and reviewed the 10 best in-ceiling speakers. Come find the perfect speakers to match your vision and budget.  We earn an affiliate commission if you buy through our links. Learn More. Whether you want to have a home cinema, want to dance to the rhythm of your favorite music, or throw top-notch house parties, you are going to need good in-ceiling speakers. Sure, you can buy just any in-ceiling speaker, but why do that?.

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