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Black Oxide. Floor-Mount Saddle-Style Supports.

Duct band clamp hp stihl oil

Made of plastic-coated stainless steel, they withstand abrasion, corrosion, and UV rays. A cushion covering the clamp reduces vibration and wear from clamp edges. Clamps surround lines of pipe, tubing, and conduit completely while holding them close to the mounting surface. Organize multiple lines of pipe, tubing, and conduit with one clamp.

Wider than standard loop clamps, multiline loop clamps surround two lines of material to create a secure grip while holding the lines close to the mounting surface. A molded cushion reduces vibration and wear from clamp edges, plus it provides a tighter fit around material than standard vibration-damping loop clamps.

These clamps completely surround single lines of pipe, tubing, and conduit while holding them close to the mounting surface. Compared to metal loop clamps, plastic loop clamps reduce wear on soft materials, such as tubing and cable. Clamps are nonconductive and noncorrosive.

Use these clamps to route insulated pipe through floors. They have a plastic insert that creates a seal around the pipe's insulation to prevent the pipe from sweating, which can cause mold and corrosion. Tighten the bolt for an exact fit around material. Clamps secure vertical pipes in sanitation drain applications and prevent them from coming in contact with the mounting surface. Keep material from coming in contact with the mounting surface without the need for a spacer.

Also known as conduit hangers, these hangers load from the bottom so you can add or remove material without removing the mounted hanger. Load material between the two halves of the ring and adjust the side bolts for a tighter fit than standard threaded-rod-mount clamping hangers. Mount these hangers on top of one another to organize multiple lines of pipe, tubing, and conduit at any angle. Rubber cushions fit material tightly to reduce vibration and provide a more secure hold than loop hangers.

The cushions also protect material from sharp edges and prevent corrosion caused by metal-to-metal contact. These hangers provide maximum corrosion resistance in wet environments and stand up to frequent washdowns with harsh cleaners and sanitizers. Rounded edges, polished surfaces, and acorn or hex nuts that conceal threads reduce the number of places for bacteria to grow and make them easier to clean.

Connect these hangers to organize multiple lines of pipe, tubing, and conduit. The tight- fitting, santoprene body reduces vibration and prevents corrosion caused by metal-to-metal contact. These hangers fit a range of material sizes. Push them closed to lock at the size you need. They provide a more secure hold on material than loop hangers. These plastic hangers prevent corrosion caused by metal-to-metal contact. Push them closed for a more secure hold on material than loop hangers.

Clip these hangers onto the side of threaded rod. Unlike other threaded-rod-mount hangers, you can use more than one hanger on the same rod to organize multiple lines of pipe, tubing, and conduit. Also known as clevis hangers, these have a pivoting loop that adjusts for line movement and vibration.

Combine with a threaded rod or other fastener to hang from the ceiling. These hangers have a swivel nut for adjusting direction after mounting. They're also known as teardrop hangers. Use these hangers in corrosive environments and where chemicals are present. Access material quickly without uninstalling the mounted hanger.

These hangers have a removable bolt for loading pipe, tube, and conduit from the side. Combine them with a threaded rod or other fastener to hang from the ceiling. A roller on the bottom of these hangers compensates for movement due to expansion and contraction, such as in hydraulic applications. Route multiple lines of pipe, tubing, and conduit with a single hanger. A wide opening and locking tab allow access for installation, adjustment, and removal.

For a strong, secure connection, mount these hangers by welding them to a rod. Use these close-fitting hangers for a more rigid hold around material than when using straps alone. Mount these general purpose U-bolts into an existing bracket, or combine with a mounting plate for a secure hold at the mounting surface.

A mounting plate provides a more secure hold at the mounting surface. Add a mounting plate to your U-bolt for a more secure hold at the mounting surface. Also known as muffler clamps, these U-bolts have a rounded mounting plate that fully surrounds pipe, conduit, and tubing for a secure fit.

Reduce vibration and noise in your lines— a plastic cushion tightly grips pipe, tubing, and conduit to prevent movement. Nylon-insert locknuts grip the thread to resist loosening. A durable rubber cushion and mounting plate prevent corrosion and wear caused by metal-to-metal contact. The mounting plate is removable, so the U-bolts can be installed onto an existing line without needing to dissemble it.

Suspend and route flat-bottomed objects such as strut channel and small duct. These fiberglass-reinforced polyurethane U-bolts have no metal parts, so they won't conduct electricity or cause metal-to-metal corrosion. Reduce vibration and prevent metal-to-metal corrosion on flat-bottomed objects such as strut channel and small duct. These clamps have a fixed hanger for rigid connections.

Suspend material at any angle from the beam. Attach these light duty hangers to beams and other structural elements. They include a stiff wire for supporting ceilings, lighting fixtures, and other lightweight material. Clamp onto metal tubes such as pipe, scaffolding, and railing to hang lighting fixtures, threaded rod, and equipment.

Reduce noise caused by HVAC systems. These sturdy rubber supports isolate vibration caused by heat pumps and air conditioning units, resulting in a quieter facility. When used on roofs, they also keep components above puddled water, which can cause damage. These U-shaped supports allows access to pipe and conduit after installation.

Adjust supports to the exact height you need to route pipe, conduit, and tubing through strut-mount routing clamps and hangers. Bolt directly to a pipe flange to suspend a run of pipe above the ground. Combine with a U-bolt or routing clamp to convey a variety of material, such as pipe, tubing, and cable raceway, at distance from floors, walls, and ceilings.

The extra clearance allows access for maintenance and adding and removing lines. Clip these saddles around the outside of strut channel for a quick way to route insulated tubing and pipe. Lips on either end of the saddle protect insulation from abrasion if the pipe should move.

These OSHPD approved anchors and brackets support threaded-rod-mount hangers during seismic activity. Attach these supports onto metal stud knockouts to route cable, conduit, and tubing through metal studs. Mount these brackets between two studs to support copper tubing for sink faucets and other water supply fixtures.

Use in medium-pressure applications up to psi. Use in high-pressure applications up to 1, psi. These connectors are for use in low-pressure air and vacuum conveying systems, as well as in gravity-flow systems. Connect two pipes that are up to feet apart— cut the connector to the length you need and attach a clamp to each end. A turn of the T-handle will tighten and loosen these connectors, so you can quickly disassemble and reassemble your lines without tools. Also known as no-hub couplings, these have a one-piece sleeve with a stop in the center, so you know your pipe is always aligned correctly.

Use in high-pressure applications up to psi. Use these fittings for low-pressure applications in noncorrosive environments. These fittings can stand up to high-pressure applications. Use them in noncorrosive environments. The grooved ends on these iron fittings connect to pipe with a clamp to easily install piping systems.

Butt-weld fittings allow for a smooth, flush connection that provides maximum flow. Socket-connect fittings are easier to weld than butt-weld fittings because the fitting doesn't need to align perfectly to the pipe. Slide the pipe into the socket and weld. Connect these fittings to thick-wall plastic pipe— they have thicker, stronger walls than standard-wall fittings, so they can handle heavy duty industrial plumbing and water supply applications, such as water processing, waste water treatment, and irrigation.

They can withstand pressures up to psi. Connect these fittings to standard-wall plastic pipe for use in low- to medium-pressure applications up to psi. They are the industry standard for residential and commercial plumbing and water supply applications.

Use these clamps to connect easy-access UV-resistant polypropylene pipe fittings to pipe. The clamp-together design allows you to access your line for routine maintenance. Use these clamps to connect easy-access CPVC pipe fittings and pipe. Slip these joints over your pipe ends and tighten the band clamps for a secure hold. These joints are designed for vertical use in drain, waste, and vent systems. Repair pinholes, punctures, and cracks in low-pressure systems with these clamps.

Insert tubing into the clamp and tighten the bolts to create a secure seal. Connect claw-clamp high-vacuum fittings for an airtight seal. Also known as KF, QF, and NW fittings, these fittings are for high-vacuum applications, such as vacuum coating and heat treating, leak testing, and analyzing gases. Polished to a 20 Ra finish, these fittings have an extra-smooth interior that prevents product buildup and inhibits bacteria growth. The smooth finish inside these stainless steel quick-clamp fittings makes it easy to remove product residue.

Fittings come in two pieces to wrap around rails, so you can quickly modify existing structures without disassembling. Use clamp-on framing and fittings to form temporary partitions, modular conveyors, and workstations. Thick construction makes this framing strong and sturdy.

To provide corrosion resistance in wet environments, this framing is galvanized. Half the weight of steel, this aluminum framing resists corrosion in wet environments. Made of stainless steel, this framing has excellent resistance to chemicals and salt water. In addition to being lightweight and strong, this plastic framing is nonconductive with good resistance to chemicals and salt water.

Stronger than plastic and aluminum, this is the lightest weight framing we offer. It has good resistance to chemicals and salt water. Attach sensors, tubes, and other components to T-slotted framing rails and structures. Inertex seals and SS construction are available at an additional charge. The items displayed below are only those that match the above Search Sku filter. Clear the filter and display all parts. Return Policy Terms.

As a manufacturer and distributor of Air Cleaning, Ducting, and Filtration products we are proud to have been identified as an essential business. We will remain open for business performing essential operations during this crisis, supplying industrial, military, and healthcare operations with our products.

We are shipping orders on time, with no delay in manufacturing. Our phone lines are open from 9am-5pm central time, Monday through Friday. Our staff is working remotely wherever possible and we will maintain a bare minimum staff on site to perform basic operations of order processing and accounting.

These are unprecedented times and we are committed to protecting both our employees and our communities. These stainless steel clamps are the ubiquitous product that is used as duct clamps to secure a flex hose onto a pipe, over which the hose is clamped down! Since they are made from stainless steel, they have a number of benefits due to the positive qualities that this particular alloy offers.

For instance, our Screw Clamps are able to withstand higher temperatures, making them extremely durable in above ambient conditions. Since stainless steel hose clamps are resistant to corrosion, this makes them the better choice for equipment dealing with chemical fumes or other harsh conditions. Stainless steel clamps are able to endure extensive use while maintaining strength, luster and attractive appearance over an extended period of time.

We also offer the screw clamps in more sizes than our bridge clamps, starting from 1. In addition most hose clamps can handle a range of hose sizes allowing for one stock to be used for a variety of ID sizes.

Ningbo Xuxin Hardware Industry Co. Multi-Angle Band Clamp Skip to. Skip to the beginning of. Quick Release Excellent quality hose the end of the images. V band hose clamp T-bolt zhang on Tradesparq to see. American Type stainless steel jubilee the images gallery. Quick release pipe stainless steel. We think you'll like Zhoushan clips water hose clamps. PARAGRAPHBy continuing, you agree to our use of cookies. Haiyan Dragon fastener manufactory co.

Clamping Ductwork Specifications U band Groove quick release Duct clamp Reliable quality Prompt Delivery Competitive price U band Groove Ventilation pipe. Inquire Now. Ventilation fans.  Detailed Product Description V-band flange and clamp set (") This kit includes a stainless super V-band clamp and two v. Inquire Now. Turbochargers. CLAMP;V- BAND на Фронтальный погрузчик DL** Doosan с каталожным номером K покупке из других регионов доставляется транспортными компаниями. Доставка товара до склада транспортных компаний осуществляется бесплатно. Вы получите товар в отделении транспортной компании в вашем городе, предъявив паспорт или доверенность от организации. A band clamp is a generic term for a holding device usually consisting of a strap of metal or cloth formed into a loop, with a mechanism to forcibly adjust the diameter, thereby exerting a squeezing force on an object within the loop. One type of band clamp known as a web clamp has a band usually made of nylon type cloth webbing. It can slip and stretch around irregularly shaped objects such as frames, packages, skids or even trailer loads.

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