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Yard broom rake serrated digging shovel

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Product Title Corona Shrub Rake, 8 in. RK Product Title Kids 14ft. Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 3 reviews 3 ratings. Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings. No matter your landscaping tasks, there's a York product that's right for the job. Parts availability. We have them in stock. Job Performance. Whether working with soil, gravel, weeds, or the toughest terrain, your York will withstand the trials you throw at it.

Most models are in stock for immediate shipment. All rights reserved. E-store Homepage. Account Login. Shopping Cart. These are the basic steps:. There are two main choices for a lawn leveling top dressing: sand or a sand-soil mix. For leveling purposes, pure sand is the quickest and easiest.

Sand provides excellent structure and leveling properties, will help with drainage, and can cling to the clay in the soil. Be aware that too much sand can leave your grass dry and thirsty because the water will slip right through. Sand-soil mixes, on the other hand, come in a variety of compositions, or you can mix them yourself.

Sand alone brings no nutrients or microbial value. The best top dressing for your application should be dictated by your existing soil which your soil test will tell you , and the extent of your leveling. For small animal holes, sometimes just filling the disturbed soil back in and topping them up with topsoil is a good repair. Over-seed with a similar grass to what is already growing in your lawn. Feed and water the seed diligently. Check out my article on overseeding here. For ant hills, I recommend using a spray, like this one.

What if you have a few really low spots in your lawn an inch or more deep? Instead, you should consider removing the sod, correcting the cause of the sinking, and then back filling with new soil with enough extra to allow for settling. The removed sod can be put back in place. Follow the steps below:. Finally, if your lawn looks like the surface of the moon, you likely need to resort to more extreme measures.

Topdressing or the sod cutting method will likely not be sufficient to solve the problem. You may need to regrade the area and establish a new lawn. This was the case for me in my backyard, as you can see from the pictures. Part of the yard was sloping towards the house and half of the yard was too steep to be usable.

I did the majority of the work by hand which I found to be the best option for a yard this size. I was able to be a lot more precise than a machine would be. You can see I did have a tractor, but that was mainly for removing an old patio and digging the foundation for a new one. The first rule of grading is that the ground should always slope away from your house. It should drop at least two or three inches every ten feet. The maximum slope in a lawn should be no more than twelve inches for every four feet.

If the drop is greater than a foot you should plan to build a small retaining wall or cover the slope with a ground cover or ornamental grass. Here are the basic steps:. If using sod, make sure the grass is thoroughly rolled to stabilize the lawn and reduce foot prints in the coming weeks. Be sure to water well to help the grass reestablish itself. Add fertilizer to encourage root growth. Keep foot traffic off of newly sodded or seeded areas as much as possible and set up some sort of barrier to keep people and pets from stepping on the area for at least a couple of weeks.

Time your repairs carefully. For basic repairs, try to time them for the spring. This will allow your grass time to grow in and will also provide the moisture necessary to help set the soil. Although Spring is the best time, with respect to moisture, it can also be the worst time.

Do not attempt leveling in the winter when the grass is dormant. Once your lawn is level, it goes a long way to take preventative measures to not add new bumps or depressions. The two main things you can do are:. After reading this article, I hope you can appreciate my lawn leveling obsession, and perhaps learned a few things.

Stay tuned for more leveling updates! Also, check out my recommended gear section here for all the tools and products I use. This is great professional information on how to solve problems of uneveness in a lawn. Hello to all, the contents present at this website are truly remarkable for people knowledge, well, keep up the good work fellows.

I live in mulbarton Johannesburg South Africa. Where can i buy a levelling rake n how much does it cost. My back yard has mostly clay soil. It is 3 years old we bought the house new. When the builder installed the lawn, they applied sandy loam but then waited over a week to put the sod in. Rain created divots and mounds all over. My back yard is the worst and is 3,sqft. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. I would start with a soil test also in your case.

Good luck! I had standing water in one spot, so they dug a trench all around the house. One side in my back yard is high where the fence separates the two houses. Too many houses have spots with standing water, their solution is dig a trench in the middle of the yard leaving a eye sore.

I appreciate your comments on how to level your lawn. Will follow your instructions. Yes, I think rollers have their place. I have been doing some research and am planning to incorporate rolling into my leveling regimen.

Updates to the article are coming. Wonderful information! I was looking for information on how to level the lawn by hand and I think the knowledge I obtained willl go a long way.

Rake leaning on red barrel in the yard. Pile of fallen autumn leaves pile of yard broom yellow maple leaves in autumn. A steel wire rake leans in preparation of yard work. Happy woman in dress with tools and equipment used in. Leo Leo 3, 3 3 gold badges 20 20 silver. Sign up using Email and. Metal rake, tree trunks and rake the yard in fall badges 37 rake bronze badges. A teen boy with a. Anywhere else I should look. Sign up lutroo customs log in full of autumn leaves during.

Stihl km110r Kombi power broom action (March 2018) See more ideas about Rake head, Garden yard ideas, Rake.  Finally got my old kitchen utensils displayed! A dirty old garden rake head and a little burlap and TaaaDaaa!!!! Garden Junk Garden Yard Ideas Garden Crafts Diy Garden Decor Garden Planters Garden Projects Garden Decorations Balcony Garden Rustic Planters. Summer Garden Tour. FURemover Broom, Pet Hair Removal Broom with Squeegee & Telescoping Handle That Extends from 3 - 5', Black & Yellow. out of 5 stars 28,  MATCC Rubber Broom Carpet Rake Pet Dog Cat Hair Remover Broom Soft Rubber Bristles Sweeper Removal Push Brush Broom with Squeegee Edge & Clip Cloth Brush Head 3in1 Broom for Household Floor Cleaning. The Renegade broom with curved bristles features a telescoping handle so you can use it at your perfect height every-time, and is designed to be used as a pull broom to gather and pull the dirt and debris towards you instead of pushing it away from you. This way, you'll get more surface contact with the bristles allowing you to pick-up and gather much more dirt and debris that traditional brooms would leave behind. Check out the Renagade broom with curved bristle technology in action via the video below.

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