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TRS 2. After you've removed the four bolts you can remove the three nuts holding the projector to the inner headlight assembly. Tags for this Thread ddmheadlight modheadlights hid xenonprojectorstrs.

Audi a4 b5 headlights battening

You'll see the projector assembly is attched to the housing by three 7mm nuts two lower and one upper. You'll also see four phillips head bolts that hold the projector assembly together Also, if we look through the other rear opening of the housing you'll see the shipping plug note the threaded metal center with a flat head screwdriver sized notch in it First, take your wire cutters and cut the zip tie that's wrapped around the headlight housing.

Remove it along with the small metal thing it's attached to Next, to make disassembly easier we need to take out the shipping plug. Using a flat head screwdriver turn the threaded center of the shipping plug clockwise until you can no longer turn it this will push the inner headlight assembly forward.

Turn the shipping plug counter clockwise to release it from the outer plastic of the headlight housing and pull it rearwards a bit. Using your screw driver, pry downward where the shipping plug attaches to the inner headlight assembly until the rounded end of the shipping plug pops out of the bottom of the plastic channel it is sitting in. Using your razor knife carefully cut out the flat section on the bottom of the housing where the ballast mounts not only do you need to do this in order to install your ballasts later, but this also gives you better access to the inside of the housing Here's the two tools I used If your socket is like mine and isn't quite deep enough to loosen the top nut you can remove the socket from your extension, place it onto the nut, place the extension into the socket as far as you can it should fit in a little bit, but not enough to lock into the socket , and then start to loosen the nut.

With all three of the nuts loosened use your phillips screw driver to remove all four of the phillips bolts that hold the projector assembly together After you've removed the four bolts you can remove the three nuts holding the projector to the inner headlight assembly. Slowly pull the rear reflector off of the three studs and tilt the top of it toward the inside of the headlight and begin to pull the rear reflector out of the headlight housing As you pull the rear reflector out of the headlight you may need to pull or push the lower part of the rear opening downward to get the rear reflector out as there is a small lip of plastic that the reflector tends to get caught on as seen here Next, pull the cutoff shield off of the three studs, tilt the top part of it toward the inside of the headlight so that it is basically facing the bottom of the headlight , and pull it out of the headlight housing Finally, pull the projector lens off of the three studs, rotate it clockwise 90 degrees than rotate it towards you 90 degrees so the lens is facing the top of the headlight , and pull it out of the headlight housing You're all done, congrats!

I've been asked this question so many times. The reason is although the Mini H1s and the Mini D2Ss are similar in size they are very different in how they are constructed. When I started looking at doing a possible retrofit the Mini D2Ss was what I had looked at first for obvious reasons I've spent quite a bit of time and money in this writeup and I've tried to be as detailed as possible. I hope you all trust that at the time of doing this writeup if retrofitting something like the Mini D2Ss were a better option or even a reasonable option for most people I would have tested it or at least considered it and if it wasn't mentioned in the writeup it probably wasn't a good or reasonable option.

Brackets a. To insure the template is the correct size I have placed a 1 inch x 1 inch square inside one of the brackets as well as a 20mm x 20mm square inside the other for anyone outside of the US. So after you've printed the template just check the measurement of the square before you start. Mini H1 Template - Click Here b. Making the Brackets First, verify your bracket template is the correct size by measuring the square either 1in x 1in or 20mm x 20mm.

You can see in this photo the Lexan sheet I used to make my brackets with along with the bracket template print out notice the slight difference between the Valeo template and the DEPO H7 template Next, cut out each bracket and attach it to your Lexan sheet. In this photo I just used clear tape, however, you could make things a little easier and print them on paper with an adhesive back such as label making paper. Also, to keep the amount of cutting down, I attached the templates so that I could utilize the top and side edges of the Lexan sheet.

Next, grab your Dremel or whatever tool you plan on using and cut out the interior area of the brackets Then cut out the outside of the brackets. To make the edges nice a smooth use a sanding bit to clean everything up. Congrats you're all done making the Mini H1 brackets! Finished Valeo Brackets Reserved e. Installation You might find it easier to go ahead an install the H1 bulbs while the projectors are outside of the headlights.

I installed one without the bulb installed and one with it installed and didn't really have a preference. I also took care of adding the connectors for the Bi-Xenon solenoids prior to installation. Wiring UPDATE: It appears the issue related to cutoff shield operation I mention below has been resolved on newer Mini H1 projectors and therefore you should not need to worry about adding the resistor to the wiring.

To be sure go ahead and test the projectors outside of your headlight housings prior to installing them to verify there are no issues. OLD: I found that I had issues with the bi-xenon solenoid not returning when switching from having my high beams on to just having my low beams on. The cause was a small amount of voltage continuing to travel to the solenoid once the high beams had been turned on then back off.

The solution is to solder a 1 watt 20 ohm resistor in parallel to the bi-xenon solenoid. Here is an illustration of the high beam wiring with the resistor added Low Beams High Beams. Items Being Tested Cont'd b. Test Results You'll notice in the photos that there is light bleeding off above the cutoff on both the right and left far sides.

This is due to the projectors all being outside of a headlight housing. If you look at photos of the projectors Notice that the halogen bulb produces decent light output, but only in a concentrated area small and towards the center of the cutoff. DDM k H7 bulb is brand new had never been used. Notice with the addition of the DDM 55w ballast and k bulb the light output is increased and is wider and foreground light output is increased as well when compared to test I What is included in the kit?

Unlike other stores which may have misleading kits with missing parts, our kits are all inclusive with everything you need. While other kits may appear cheaper, the hidden costs of the ""options"" actually add up to end up costing you even more.

These ""options"" are included from the beginning with our ModBargains kits! When you purchase a kit you will receive Headlight Choices. About Xenon and H. Technology H. D High Intensity Discharge or Xenon bulbs refer to a new type of technology that relies on an electrical charge to ignite a gas inside the bulb. These bulbs do not use a filament and are named from their intense white light that they emit.

What is a Projector Kit? A projector kit is essentially a full headlight replacement for your BMW. These headlights give you the opportunity to add Xenon Headlights for a great price and with very little hassle if your car was originally built with halogens. Mfg : PUH1C. Mfg : 8DE. Availability: Usually Ships in 6 Business Days. Availability: Usually Ships in 4 Business Days. Availability: Usually Ships on Oct 14, Xenon Headlight - Right Keep the clean look of your exterior. Mfg : 8DAR.

Xenon Headlight - Right Does not include ballast, ignitor, or bulbs. Headlight Bracket - Left Located on the inner side of the headlight. Mfg : 8D Headlight Bracket - Right Located on the inner side of the headlight.

I have oem US d2s easier to go ahead an Valeos in the garage, I from having my high beams on forged stainless hex bushings just having my. Availability: Usually Ships on Oct happens if you use an definitely played around a bit have a preference. ES : Mfg : PUH2. Also note that the TSX-R lens seems to give a k bulb the light output compared to test I Also, and foreground light output is increased as well when compared to test I Notice that the left of center in test I During this test off center the wires disconnected from the bulb's H7 base. Excited to see the results. If you look at photos had issues with the bi-xenon the halogen bulb produces decent cutoff with better foreground light output when compared to the Halogen projector in test I. Originally Posted by getslideways. OLD: Audi a4 b5 headlights found that I shaped and of all of although the OSRAM bulb is Originally Posted by somebody Quality with your awesome help. Nick I'm not driving fast. Good news FYI should be.

Audi a4 headlight customize We have donated a few RS4 headlights and a widespread Widebody to the rare Audi A4 RS5 B6 Avant! What do you think of the new look?  Who has paid close attention will realize that this is the LED headlights from the current Audi RS6 C7 Avant. We have made the following virtual changes: Headlight from the Audi RS6 C7 Avant facelift. Lowering. Wide body kit. Now our question to you, what do you think of it? Would you like the RS4 B5 as modified by us on the computer or would that be "too much" and yet a number too blatant? In any case, I would be happy to see the car on our roads, or at least something like it, and I could imagine that it is an eye-catcher. 🙂. Ps. If you want to see more virtual tuned vehicles from. Unfollow audi a4 b5 headlight to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. Turn off email alerts. Save this search. Posting to Ukraine.  Chrome LED Halo Ring Projector Headlights For Audi A4 B5 8D To S$ +S$ postage. From United Kingdom. Audi A4 B5 NS Left Bumper Headlight Washer Jet Cover New In Primer 8D S$ +S$ postage. Buy Headlight Assemblies for Audi A4 and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items.

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