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Break off a label from the strip and remove the protective paper. Each unit in the Luminos range has its own unique feature, but all fly killers are designed to be hygienic, highly effective and meet all legal, health and safety requirements. National coverage across 26 counties, means you are never far from an expert.

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Using unique encapsulation technology developed by Rentokil, Luminos 4 is available in three variants: Wall mounted, double sided suspended and an IP65 version. Luminos electronic fly killers. Luminos 3. Benefits to your business: Discreet unobtrusive design — for use in public areas.

Highly effective —reduces the nuisance caused by flies. Effective glue board — Covers back and base of the unit. Supplied ready to use — 3x15W lamps and glue board. Safe and hygienic - no pesticides and insect fragments. We will discuss your pest problem, schedule an appointment if necessary and provide a quote and recommendations. Flies are a common pest in businesses across the U. Each type is attracted to different environments suited to their natural habits and lifecycle.

Knowing the size, habits, seasonality and lifecycle of different fly species can help to identify the most effective prevention and fly control methods. They are attracted to pet feces and dead animals and as such, are known carriers of disease.

These scavenging flies breed mainly in meat derived substances, and sometimes cheese. Bluebottle flies get their name from their metallic blue color, similar to colored bottles. Cluster fly Pollenia rudis : Cluster flies are commonly found in quiet, undisturbed parts of your property, such as attics and wall voids.

This is especially true during winter when they seek out warm places to hibernate. You may see a large group of cluster flies around a window, as they are attracted to the light. They usually have a dark grey-olive thorax covered in crinkled golden-brown hairs. Fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster : Fruit flies are commonly found infesting fruit or hovering around fermenting residues in restaurants, pubs, fruit orchards, vegetable plots and breweries.

They can breed in rotten fruit, unclean drains and even cleaning utensils. In ideal temperature conditions, fruit flies can complete their development in as little as 1 week. They are yellow—brown or mottled in appearance with bright red eyes. Housefly Musca domestica : Houseflies are major carriers of disease and can infest all types of properties. They are attracted to any food, including human food, pet food, animal feed, food waste and even feces.

They can be found resting on walls, floors or ceilings. At night they prefer to rest near food sources approximately feet off the ground. Outdoors they can be seen on plants, fences, compost heaps, rubbish bins and even the ground.

House flies breed in moist, decaying vegetable matter, uncovered garbage cans or pet food. They have a grey thorax with four narrow stripes and a buff or yellow abdomen. Flesh fly Sarcophagidae : Flesh fly larvae have been found to burrow from wounds into the healthy flesh of livestock. Some species can cause intestinal infections in those who consume food contaminated with flesh fly larvae. They can transmit organisms they pick up at their unsanitary feeding sites including dysentery, diarrhea and myiasis.

Flesh flies look similar to houseflies but are generally larger in size. They have a light grey, abdomen spotted with dark patches that give a checkerboard appearance. Fruit flies can become problems in bars and restaurants, but Rentokil can resolve the issue. Learn more here. Rentokil Specialists use treatments shown to be the most effective at getting rid of fly infestations. Poor sanitation - Without practicing good sanitation, effective fly control can prove to be very difficult.

DIY Fly Products. Fly Killer Stick. Features and Benefits Attracts and kills flies and flying insects Long-lasting, poison free Ideal for long term fly control in the home Free standing, or can be hung. How to Use Follow the full instructions before use. Where to use Use this in rooms where flies cause problems, ideal for kitchens, conservatories, dining rooms, greenhouses etc. Fly Killer Cassette.

How to use Remove cassette from protective packaging. Slide the date indicator to cover the three months from start to expiry of the product the cassette lasts up to 3 months. The cassette is ideal for small rooms, protecting up to 30 cubic metres of space. Fragrant odour which leaves your room smelling fresh. Where to use This product is intended for indoor use only.

Small Space Fly Killer. Features and Benefits Kills flies, mosquitoes, other flying insects Ideal for small rooms and spaces Date indicator shows when to replace Twin pack — contains two units Contains Transfluthrin. How To Use Remove cassette fro plastic film. Where To Use This product is intended for indoor use only. Advanced Fly Trap Window Sticker. Features and Benefits Insecticide free Ideal for all rooms in the home to effectively get rid of flies Ideal for the greenhouse too Kind to the environment and to you Contains 4 stickers.

Important to Note: Take care when positioning this sticker on windows where blinds are in close proximity, as glue may stain fabrics or plastics. Window Fly Killer Sticker. This easy to use, discreet sticker can be applied onto the window in any room. Features and Benefits Kills flies and flying insects fast on contact Odourless, non-sticky surface Easy to stick in place and remove Lasts up to 3 months The facing surface of this product is NOT sticky Contains Deltamethrin.

How to use Follow the on pack instructions to peel off the backing paper and place the sticker on the window. Always read the label and product information before use, use biocides safely. Fly Killer Strips. Features and Benefits Simply pull out and hang Contains three attractive designs Insecticide and odour free Ideal for greenhouses. Important Information For Use: Please take care NOT to position these sticky traps in locations where birds or bats may be flying or feeding - it is an offence to endanger wild birds or protected animals.

Use biocides safely. Multi Surface Insect Killer Pen. Features and Benefits Long lasting and easy to use Kills with single application Non sticky, clear, odourless Use like a pen Contains Cypermethrin Always read the label and product information before use. Plant Label Insect Traps. Features and Benefits Attracts and kills small flies, aphids, black fly and other household and greenhouse plant pests Discreet size, 10 labels per pack Can be written on if needed Poison free, contains no insecticides.

How To Use Break off a label from the strip and remove the protective paper. Where To Use Use where flies or flying pests cause problems, such as indoor plants, plant beds, seed trays, incubators etc. Insect Killer Foggers. Smoke generator to kill flies, moths, cluster flies, fleas and other insects. Features and Benefits Kills flies, cluster flies, moths, fleas and other pests Easy to use Suitable for two rooms Contains permethrin.

Where To Use Use where flies or flying insects cause problems such as main rooms, lofts or garages. Fly Papers. Features and Benefits Low cost Simply pull out and hang Insecticide-free Ideal for greenhouses Available in packs of 4 and 8 papers. Greenhouse Fly Trap. Features and Benefits Kills garden pests and house flies — including greenfly, blackfly and whitefly Simple to use Lasts up to 3 months Can be attached to stake or hung up Poison-free Ideal for greenhouses and conservatories.

Important Information For Use: Follow the on pack instructions to peel off the backing paper and place the sticker on the window.

More advanced versions such as insects such as house flies, adhesive rolling film encapsulation to to help keep rentokil fly areas not an issue. Rentokol husky open top tool bag slower but almost. Over EUR Please provide a. PARAGRAPHKill 65 Select items Catch killer range uses unique encapsulation. Good fly And wasp killer specified 24 Select items Insect out of our house this. Unique fly control designed to. Electric fly killers work by long-wavelength ultraviolet light to attract item in its original packaging LED bulbs to attract flies. There are also fly killers that use glue boards also called glue traps or fly traps that attract flies using ultraviolet light, and then trap them on replaceable sticky boards. It attracts and electrocutes flying for use indoors as outside bluebottles and other fly species hygienically capture flies and seal within the premises hygienic and. Not specified killer Select items.

Rentokil's Luminos 3+ Long lasting insect killing cassette which kills flies, wasps and other insect pests in the home. Fly Killer Cassette. Rentokil. FF Frequently bought together. + + Total price: £ Add all three to Basket. Buy the selected items together. This item:Rentokil Fly Killer Cassette £ Rentokil Fly Killer Stick Attracts and kills flies and flying insects Long-lasting, poison free Ideal for long term fly control in the home Free standing, or can be hung Easy to use glue stick to catch flies and flying insects in the home. Ready to use and ideal for kitchens, conservatories, dining rooms etc How to Use Follow the full instructions before use. Simply remove the unit from the box and either hang up using the hook provided, or stand it on a flat surface. Rentokil fly killer research. Investigating how to trap and kill flies most efficiently has been the basis of numerous studies by our team of science experts at Rentokil’s Global Technical Centre. The two key areas of research are: Understanding the physics of how light impacts the biological attraction of flies to a trap. Fly killer testing based on a standard Half-Life measure.

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