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Flame-Retardant Quick-Disconnect Terminals.

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It is also employed for digital signals, as a method to sequence connections properly in hot swapping. Many connectors are keyed with some mechanical component sometimes called a keyway , which prevents mating in an incorrect orientation.

Keying is particularly important for situations where there are many similar connectors, such as in signal electronics. Some connector housings are designed with locking mechanisms to prevent inadvertent disconnection or poor environmental sealing. Depending on application requirements, housings with locking mechanisms may be tested under various environmental simulations that include physical shock and vibration, water spray, dust, etc.

Backshells are a common accessory for industrial and high-reliability connectors, especially circular connectors. Backshells usually lock onto the cable with a clamp or moulded boot, and may be threaded for attachment to a mating receptacle. To deliver ensured signal stability in extreme environments, traditional pin and socket design may become inadequate.

Hyperboloid contacts are designed to withstand more extreme physical demands, such as vibration and shock. In a connector with hyperboloid contacts, each female contact has several equally spaced longitudinal wires twisted into a hyperbolic shape. These wires are highly resilient to strain, but still somewhat elastic, hence they essentially function as linear springs.

The internal wires that form the hyperboloid structure are usually anchored at each end by bending the tip into a groove or notch in the housing. Whilst hyperboloid contacts may be the only option to make a reliable connection in some circumstances, they have the disadvantage of taking up greater volume in a connector, which can cause problems for high-density connectors.

During the following decades, the connectors steadily gained popularity, and are still used for medical, industrial, military, aerospace, and rail applications particularly trains in Europe. Pogo pin or spring loaded connectors are commonly used in consumer and industrial products, where mechanical resilience and ease of use are priorities.

They are used for safety in applications such as the MagSafe connector, and can be less damaging than traditional pin and socket design, leading to their use in in-circuit testing. Crown spring connectors are commonly used for higher current flows and industrial applications. They have a high number of contact points, which provides a more electrically reliable connection than traditional pin and socket connectors.

Whilst technically inaccurate, electrical connectors can be viewed as a type of adapter to convert between two connection methods, which are permanently connected at one end and usually detachable at the other end.

There are many ways of applying a connector to a cable or device. Some of these methods can be accomplished without specialized tools. Other methods, while requiring a special tool, can assemble connectors much faster and more reliably, and make repairs easier. Plug and socket connectors are usually made up of a male plug typically pin contacts and a female socket typically receptacle contacts.

Often, but not always, sockets are permanently fixed to a device as in a chassis connector see above , and plugs are attached to a cable. Plugs generally have one or more pins or prongs that are inserted into openings in the mating socket. The connection between the mating metal parts must be sufficiently tight to make a good electrical connection and complete the circuit.

An alternative type of plug and socket connection uses hyperboloid contacts , which makes a more reliable electrical connection. When working with multi-pin connectors, it is helpful to have a pinout diagram to identify the wire or circuit node connected to each pin. Some connector styles may combine pin and socket connection types in a single unit, referred to as a hermaphroditic connector. These mating surfaces are mounted into identical fittings that freely mate with any other, without regard for gender provided that the size and type match.

Sometimes both ends of a cable are terminated with the same gender of connector, as in many Ethernet patch cables. In other applications the two ends are terminated differently, either with male and female of the same connector as in an extension cord , or with incompatible connectors, which is sometimes called an adapter cable. Plugs and sockets are widely used in various connector systems including blade connectors, breadboards , XLR connectors , car power outlets , banana connectors , and phone connectors.

A jack is a connector that installs on the surface of a bulkhead or enclosure, and mates with its reciprocal, the plug. The movable less fixed connector is classified as a plug denoted P , [36] designed to attach to a wire, cable or removable electrical assembly. Crimped connectors are a type of solderless connection, using mechanical friction and uniform deformation to secure a connector to a pre-stripped wire usually stranded. Crimping usually requires a specialised crimping tool, but the connectors are quick and easy to install and are a common alternative to solder connections or insulation displacement connectors.

Effective crimp connections deform the metal of the connector past its yield point so that the compressed wire causes tension in the surrounding connector, and these forces counter each other to create a high degree of static friction. Due to the elastic element in crimped connections, they are highly resistant to vibration and thermal shock.

Crimped contacts are permanent i. Crimped plug-and-socket connectors can be classified as rear release or front release. This relates to the side of the connector where the pins are anchored: [20]. Many plug and socket connectors are attached to a wire or cable by soldering conductors to electrodes on the back of the connector.

Soldered joints in connectors are robust and reliable if executed correctly, but are usually slower to make than crimped connections. Metal solder buckets or solder cups are provided, which consist of a cylindrical cavity that an installer fills with solder before inserting the wire. When creating soldered connections, it is possible to melt the dielectric between pins or wires. This can cause problems because the thermal conductivity of metals causes heat to quickly distribute through the cable and connector, and when this heat melts plastic dielectric, it can cause short circuits or "flared" conical insulation.

Since stripping insulation from wires is time-consuming, many connectors intended for rapid assembly use insulation-displacement connectors which cut the insulation as the wire is inserted. To make these connections reliably on a production line, special tools accurately control the forces applied during assembly. On small scales, these tools tend to cost more than tools for crimped connections. Insulation displacement connectors are usually used with small conductors for signal purposes and at low voltage.

Power conductors carrying more than a few amperes are more reliably terminated with other means, though "hot tap" press-on connectors find some use in automotive applications for additions to existing wiring. A common example is the multi-conductor flat ribbon cable used in computer disk drives; to terminate each of the many approximately 40 wires individually would be slow and error-prone, but an insulation displacement connector can terminate all the wires in a single action.

Another very common use is so-called punch-down blocks used for terminating unshielded twisted pair wiring. Binding posts are a single-wire connection method, where stripped wire is screwed or clamped to a metal electrode. Such connectors are frequently used in electronic test equipment and audio. Many binding posts also accept a banana plug.

Screw connections are frequently used for semi-permanent wiring and connections inside devices, due to their simple but reliable construction. The basic principle of all screw terminals involves the tip of a bolt clamping onto a stripped conductor. They can be used to join multiple conductors, [42] to connect wires to a printed circuit board , or to terminate a cable into a plug or socket.

Some disadvantages are that connecting wires is more difficult than simply plugging in a cable, and screw terminals are generally not very well protected from contact with persons or foreign conducting materials. Terminal blocks also called terminal boards or strips provide a convenient means of connecting individual electrical wires without a splice or physically joining the ends. Since terminal blocks are readily available for a wide range of wire sizes and terminal quantity, they are one of the most flexible types of electrical connector available.

One type of terminal block accepts wires that are prepared only by stripping a short length of insulation from the end. Another type, often called barrier strips , accepts wires that have ring or spade terminal lugs crimped onto the wires. Printed circuit board PCB mounted screw terminals let individual wires connect to a PCB through leads soldered to the board. The connectors in the top row of the image are known as ring terminals and spade terminals sometimes called fork or split ring terminals.

Electrical contact is made by the flat surface of the ring or spade, while mechanically they are attached by passing a screw or bolt through them. The spade terminal form factor facilitates connections since the screw or bolt can be left partially screwed in as the spade terminal is removed or attached. Their sizes can be determined by the gauge of the conducting wire, and the interior and exterior diameters.

A blade connector is a type of single wire, plug-and-socket connection using a flat conductive blade that is inserted into a receptacle. Wires may be attached to male or female blade connectors by either crimping or soldering. Insulated and uninsulated varieties are available. In some cases the blade is an integral manufactured part of a component such as a switch or a speaker unit , and the reciprocal connector is pushed onto the device's connector.

Common types of blade connectors are the Faston connectors and Lucar connectors. Faston connectors come in male and female types. They have been commonly used since the s. Media related to Electrical connectors at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Spade connector. Examples of keyed connectors. XLR connector , showing the notch for alignment. Main article: Pogo pin. Plug and socket connectors. Female VGA connector. Male serial port connector.

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