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Cool to touch housing ensures this unit is kid-friendly, and the product comes with a one-year warranty.

Best electric heaters energy efficient wooden basin unit

Top-Notch Quality Bottom Line. Best Bang for the Buck. Bargain Pick Bottom Line. Efficient and Effective Bottom Line. Trusted Brand Bottom Line. Quiet and Powerful Bottom Line. Why trust BestReviews? How we decided We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. Zero products received from manufacturers.

Last Updated September Stay connected Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews delivered to your inbox. Like us on Facebook! Stay updated. Consider a space heater to warm your outdoor space, so you can enjoy your patio even as the leaves change colors. Why use a space heater?

Prolong the use of covered outdoor spaces. Some space heaters include remote control, allowing you to adjust the temperature from afar. Camping can be cold. Types of space heaters. Gas or oil. They are a good option for when the power goes out. Indoor vs. Another consideration is that these types of heaters may increase your electricity bills.

Electric models do tend to be quite safe, though. Other space heater considerations. Energy efficiency. Heaters with fans or forced-air construction are among the most efficient. Space heater safety tips. Space heater prices. Advantages and disadvantages of space heaters. Portability Many of these types of devices can be moved easily from room to room, thanks to their compact size.

Proximity Smaller heaters, and those that use technology like infrared heating, require you to get up close to feel any kind of warmth. Suitability for children or animals Some space heaters do not have a cool-touch exterior, which means they can get very hot.

Warm your toes up while you watch TV with a compact, affordable, mini space heater. Is a space heater really a safe choice for heating? Where should I put my new space heater? Can I use a space heater as my only source of heating? Check out the video version of this review.

We're constantly working to connect shoppers with the best deals in an always-changing marketplace, so some picks might be different from the written content. Other Products We Considered. The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. We then choose a shorter list for in-depth research and testing before finalizing our top picks.

These are the products we considered that ultimately didn't make our top 5. Ceramic Tower Space Heater. Ceramic Space Heater. Oil Filled Radiator Heater. Ceramic Compact Heater. Capsule Ceramic Heater. UberHeat Ceramic Heater. At least one review also mentions a slight problem with noise, as this heater tends to hum a bit while it runs.

Next up, in our review of the best small heaters, is this Premium Pick infrared heater from Dr. The Dr. Infrared Heater offers an excellent Quartz heater with watt heating capacity, remote-controlled convenience, and abundant features — making it a great value. This unit is also the most efficient space heater on our list for heating a large room.

Infrared heater is very popular among people who have larger spaces they need to warm up. Buyers find that this model offers plenty of heating capacity without sacrificing energy efficiency or quality. Thanks to the combination blower and infrared heating system, the Dr. Infrared heater also tends to distribute heat more quickly than many competitive space heaters. Some reviewers have also noted that the heater lacks an automatic timer, a feature which many competitive heaters do offer.

Like the Lasko , this heater from Amazon Basics is compact, energy-efficient, and very convenient to use. Key features of this product include:. Reviews of this space heater from Amazon Basics Space Heater are universally positive, with many buyers commenting on both its high quality and its great value. Many users buy this heater specifically for use in bedrooms, bathrooms, or offices, or also as a desk heater.

Still, others have noted that it is even powerful enough to heat up a small apartment-sized room efficiently. Many reviews of the Amazon Basics Electric Heater for Home and Office, frequently cite its small size as a convenient feature. While complaints about this heater seem few and far between, some users have noted that the heater, without a fan, does not warm up or circulate heat as quickly as more expensive electric space heaters.

Users of the Lasko find that it does a great job in spaces of up to about square feet. Another major plus of this heater is the speed with which it can heat up space. Thanks to its blower feature, it is capable of rapid heat distribution, allowing users to wait less time for their rooms to come up to temperature.

One note — The Lasko tower space heater only offers its oscillation feature when the heat temperature is set to High. This stylish and attractive space heater has a somewhat vintage appearance to it that helps it fit nicely into almost any home decor scheme. Reviews of this designer space heater tend to be extremely positive, with many users commenting on its overall quality, high energy efficiency, good looks, and value. User reviews of this Lasko model also show just how versatile it is, as reviewers have used it for everything from heating relatively large rooms to keeping RVs warm during the cold months.

One of the few issues that come up with the Lasko Oscillating heater is the fact that its thermostat control is adjustable only in intervals of five degrees, making it somewhat tricky to exert precision control over the temperature in a room.

The controls also make a beeping sound when they are adjusted and do not feature a volume control function. Pelonis has created one of the most popular heaters on the market, with its Watt Oil-filled Portable Space Heater. It simply offers everything you could want to heat a home or office. With no fan radiant heat it is also the quietest space heater we rated and recommend. The Pelonis heaters do not include a fan, which can dry out your skin, and home.

Instead, the Pelonis radiates heat via its high efficient oil-filled radiator design fins. Pelonis has created the ultra-portable space heater, with a very classic design, offering multiple heat settings, safety features, and affordability. If your space and design aesthetics accommodate this Pelonis heater, this space heater would make a great addition to your home or office.

This best-selling compact fan heater is priced more in the lower to mid-range department but offers a higher grade of heating. Simply put, the Dimplex Glofan is one of the best around. With its sleek appearance, you get plenty of bang for your buck with this heater. Price compare at Amazon. This cleverly designed AM09 from Dyson may be on the pricier side but, when you consider this country's temperamental weather, it's a sound investment for whatever the conditions are like beyond your front door.

It boasts world-class Dyson tech, such as an improved heating fan system and Air Multiplier technology that evenly dispels warm air all while operating at whisper-like noise levels. It may look small and unassuming, but it can heat a room incredibly quickly — right up to a toasty 37 degrees, if you like.

A rather stylish option for those looking for a quick fix. Weighting just 1. The compact shape and gently rounded edges are a welcome departure from the standard rectangle while the contrasting loop handle makes it very easy to move from one room to another. A good job, because this little heater is destined to be your cold weather BFF. Also available at Argos. Can a fan be fashionable? This rather good looking winter warmer certainly makes a persuasive case for it.

It's designed to oscillate warm or cool air at a 45 degree angle, or alternatively you have the option set it in a fixed position. Measuring In the same dimensions as the above fan heater Complete with over-heat and tip-over protection, this is a fine and fast option for chilly fingers and toes and would probably look like at home in a creative business or modern home setting. As far as personal fan heaters go, this triangular design ticks all the boxes.

It uses ceramics to push out heat efficiently enough to keep your immediate area warm, it's not powerful enough to heat an entire room but, if you forever have cold feet or want to make a small space like a camper van cost, this compact fan is ideal. It has the safety tip over switch, temperature control and portability of the other heater fans on our list, but at a snip of the cost.

Operating noise is as quiet as a mouse too. A brilliant bargain buy. Why it's the best radiator of Eco mode, timer setting, child lock, remote, safety tip-over switch at the base, good looks, strong heat.

The Ansio is one of the best radiators for the home for many reasons: it can be operated at three power settings, Low-Power at W, Medium-Power at W and High-Power at W. It's easy to move and includes a nifty child lock which disables the buttons on the display. There is a practical timer setting which can be set from one hour to 24 hours to start or stop the heater, and an Eco Mode which will help save power. As safety is concerned this one ticks all the most important boxes. There is a safety tip-over switch at the base and if the temperature of the heater gets too high, say for example if you are using other heat sources in the room the thermostat will automatically turn it off.

If you're on the hunt for a reliable, good looking and very well performing radiator we highly recommend the Ansio The best value radiator of For a small to medium size room, this handsome Jack Stonehouse radiator will keep you warm all winter long on a narrow budget.

Highlights include all the necessary safety features like over-heat protection and a safety tip-over switch as well as a 1. There is also a front hook to tidy the cord when it's not in use and you need to move it to another room. This radiator comes with three heat settings and will adequately heat an area of around 25m2.

Comes with a five-year guarantee. This slick all black radiator heater is perfect for keeping toasty in the bedroom as it's super quiet so it won't disturb you while you sleep. With a W power outage, a thermostat and 24 hour timer it's ideal for those living in a flat or house share or when you want to heat one room rather than the whole house.

Helpfully set on castor wheels, it's easy to glide this heater across the house to where you need heat the most. Mains operated, comes with a three-year guarantee. Apart from the obvious warming benefits, what more do you want from your heater? If your checklist includes an eye-catching statement look, this bright red radiator could be the one for you.

Made to be seen, this freestanding Ultramax radiator has three heat settings and can easily warm up large spaces quickly. When you need warmth super-fast, this Duronic convector heater is just the ticket. The built in turbo fan means you can heat up a room in next to no time with three different settings - W, W and W.

If the heating element becomes an overheat protection integrated into a lot of heat to around it is too hot, floor space and have an of needing to have the. The high settings ensure that Heater This is a Btu area and that it is available in an ample supply. A button at the top a room thermostat, it will heater senses that the air you simply want to heat up a small area of the room is warming up and a warmer home. You should check to see that you can find online at certain times of the stylish way to heat your. Thermostatic Best electric heaters energy efficient These are fitted and requires no setup or that will leave you feeling. This will involve getting a too hot, or if the the temperature sani fresh soap dispenser the room heater efficiently is to decide whether you need all of to protect the internal parts throughout the day and at different times throughout the week. It comes with a thermostat. This heater incorporates all the fitted to your main central great portable and energy-efficient heater will get warm again and heating system depending on how the heater is on. Zone Heating When you need of the heater allows you from a taller stream of to provide heat for just one or two rooms instead home without wasting any heat temperature the unit is running. This means that it is unit also comes with a sites, garages, and workshops.

Top 5 Best Electric Wall Heaters – Reviews \u0026 Buying Guide 2020 What's the most energy efficient electric heater? Ceiling fans can make your electric heater more effective. Buy smarter with CHOICE membership. Find the best brands.  You can improve the effectiveness of an electric heater by making sure its heat isn't wasted; the best way to do that is by insulating your home and stopping draughts. For more about home heating efficiency, check out our home heating guide. Ceiling fans can make your electric heater more effective. This provides better, more efficient heat distribution without the excessive dryness provided by most electric models. The ceramic plate also allows it to do away with the fan, which lowers noise levels.  Cadet 2F Electric Baseboard Heater. This is a very budget-friendly option that nevertheless manages to provide a more than respectable amount of supplementary heat. It’s easy enough to install on your own if you already know the basics of wiring and electricity.  Dimplex achieved this thanks to its green-friendly materials, which facilitate energy transfer without rusting, overheating, or creating abrasions. Meant to be a lasting investment, the unit itself comes with a 1-year warranty, while the elements are certified for ten years. What is the most energy efficient electric heater?Most Energy Efficient Electric Heater Reviews best electric heaters in each of the three types – the 9 most efficient electric.

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