Electrical light box

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Most ceiling fan boxes are rated for fans or light fixtures weighing up to 75 pounds, depending on the installation method.

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There are a number of options to consider: materials, shape, and size. Here are all the different types of electrical boxes you need to know. Metal boxes are generally made of steel, while plastic boxes are either PVC or fiberglass. Weatherpoof metal boxes for outdoor use are generally made of aluminum.

If you are using metal conduit to run wiring to the electrical box, then a metal box is required—both to anchor the conduit and because the conduit and metal box system itself may be used to ground the system. If you are using non-metallic cable, such as Type NM-B non-metallic sheathed cable , then you can use either plastic boxes or metal boxes , as long as the cable is secured to the box with an appropriate cable clamp.

Modern wiring systems with NM-B cable usually include a ground wire inside the cable, so the box is not part of the grounding system however, metal boxes must be connected to the system ground, usually with a short length of wire called a pigtail.

Single light fixture switches and outlet receptacles typically fit into standard rectangular boxes, also known as "single-gang" or "one-gang" boxes. Some forms are "gangable"—with detachable sides that can be removed so the boxes can be linked together to form larger boxes for holding two, three, or more devices side-by-side.

Standard rectangular boxes come in various types of "new work" and "old work" designs. Some types have built-in cable clamps for securing NM cables. Like standard rectangular boxes, these are used to hold household switches and electrical outlets, but they are oversized so that two, three, or four devices can be mounted side-by-side.

Like other boxes, these come in a variety of "new work" and "old work" designs, some with built-in cable clamps. The same effect can be created by using standard rectangular boxes with a "gangable" design that allows the sides to be removed so the boxes can be joined together to form larger boxes. They are used most commonly for ceiling- or wall-mounted light fixtures that weigh no more than 50 pounds.

Some types of specially rated metal pan boxes may be used for mounting ceiling fans, but not all pan boxes may be used for this purpose. It's important that the fixture wires can be properly connected and fitted within the round pan box. These are shallow electrical boxes with only enough space for fitting two or three electrical connections. If there are more wire connections to be made, you will probably need a full-sized octagon or round electrical box with more volume.

The number of wires in the box should never exceed its safe fill capacity. They provide much more room for wiring than shallow round pan boxes and can be used as junction boxes. Metal boxes are suitable for surface-mounted installations using metal conduit. These allow you to secure the box to the drywall or other surface material rather than cutting a large hole in the drywall to fasten the box to the framing.

They are usually round but may be octagonal. Ceiling fan boxes require special fastening to withstand the dynamic loading of a rotating fan. Most ceiling fan boxes are rated for fans or light fixtures weighing up to 75 pounds, depending on the installation method.

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