Changing fluorescent lights to led lights

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Fluorescent fixtures can either have shunted or nonshunted sockets. Type B LED Tubes require the ballasts be removed from the existing light fixture and the power is then wired directly to the sockets. Your email address will not be published.

Changing fluorescent lights to led lights fixing a dripping kitchen faucet

They enable you to replace your LED lamps without any issues. This method appeals to users with existing T12 lamp holders. T8 tubes are probably among the most common tubes available, so swapping them with the latest and best LED T8 tubes has fortunately been made very easy.

Replacing your older lighting for the new LED fixtures and tubes with a better lumen rating can also occur via the T8 electronic ballast method , in this case, the tubes are compatible. This is a new way of converting that has become very popular due to the ease. You only need to remove your old bulbs before replacing them with LEDs so you will not be incurring the cost of replacing the old fluorescent fixtures.

You can also take the option of replacing with hybrid LED tubes. These tubes work with T8 electronic ballast but can also be wired directly to the voltage line of the power source. They give property managers more options when replacing their old lighting system. These are the newest LED tubes in the market. They work with all your existing fixtures be it T12 magnetic ballast or T8 electronic ballast.

The mode of installation matters when converting your lighting system. You also have to know if your fixtures are T12 or T8 beforehand. Once you know the kind of tube, the next step is to find the type of ballas. T12 tubes run on magnetic while T8s work with electronic, while older fixtures also tend to have a magnetic ballast. To help a little more, here we will answer the questions that we at LED Light Guides get asked the most.

We hope it helps you when converting your fluorescent lighting system to LED. The simple answer is yes you can put an led bulbs in a fluorescent fixture, but you must work out which type of fluorescent tube and fixtures that you have for your lighting. With T8 tubes it can be as simple as take the old tube out and put the new LED in. But you must confirm the ballast compatibility. Remember, always turn off the power source at the breaker before opening lamp holders and removing the tubes.

To bypass an LED tube ballast is a few easy steps, but we would recommend that you use a qualified electrician. Although quite straightforward, it is electricity and the safety procedures must be followed to ensure correct fitting, do not put yourself or your staff and customers at risk.

Again, use the services of a professional especially if you are in a commercial situation with a lot of fixtures. The light fixture you choose depends not only on your sense of style and the room's decor, but also on your lighting needs. Determine whether you need directional lighting or are more interested in accent lighting. You should also consider the function of the room where the new light fixture is being installed. Some fluorescent light fixtures are very large and if the ceiling was painted since the light was installed, you have some ceiling repair work to do before you can install your new light fixture.

You have to scrape away the paint edge that built up along the outer edge of the fluorescent fixture and smooth out the ceiling with joint compound. Once the ceiling is smooth, apply a fresh coat of paint to blend it together. To replace a fluorescent fixture with a chandelier-type of fixture or a ceiling fan, you have to make sure that the ceiling junction box is secured to the ceiling joists so it can support the weight of the new fixture or fan. Replacing a fluorescent fixture with a regular one doesn't mean that you have to forego the energy-savings allotted by your old fluorescent fixture.

By contrast, a high Kelvin figure like k means the color is cool and white in appearance. On the other hand, temperatures of above k produce a glow resembling daylight. This lighting is ideal for spaces such as a garage, high-security areas, displays, etc. To find out the exact diameter of your fluorescents check the label situated at the end of your current tube.

If you are unable to find the label for whatever reason, you can just measure to find the correct diameter size. All these bulbs can be used vice versa so long as they share the same bi-pin connections on the base the 2 pins at the end of the tube and have the right milliamp power supply requirements. Many people convert to LED lamps because they have a much longer lifespan, are a brighter light and are a lot more energy efficient.

Yet, replacing the fluorescent light fixtures can be a bit more complicated because the technologies are not compatible on their own. Ideally, you would want to use the same fixtures due to cost and time considerations of changing the fluorescent fixtures. Unfortunately, sometimes there is no choice but to go through a costly conversion process before these newer tubes can work on the existing infrastructure. In a nutshell, these challenges are the reason why some people have been deterred from replacing their fluorescent fixtures.

If you already have T8 fluorescent tubes and fixtures in place, it can be as simple as swapping those bulbs with LED bulbs without the need to do a ballast bypass as it has an Integrated Driver for use on Existing Fluorescent Ballast. But, using an existing fluorescent fixture is not as efficient due to the ballast needing to be replaced before the LED itself, which is cheaper than having to replace the lamp holders but does mean slightly more maintenance.

Remember, your choice will depend on your budget, preference and your current fluorescent fixture. This is the oldest way of replacing fluorescent tubes with LED bulbs. This option allows the user to bypass the use of a ballast circuit as the wiring passes through the line voltage instead. If you are unsure about any rewiring required please use the services of a qualified electrician.

Organizations such as UL have introduced safety standards to help users replace their tubes safely. If you need a full and extensive guide on replacing light tubes with the direct wire method, be sure to check out this epic guide on Atlanta Light Bulbs.

Non-shunted rapid tombstone tubes are compatible with T12 sockets. They enable you to replace your LED lamps without any issues. This method appeals to users with existing T12 lamp holders. T8 tubes are probably among the most common tubes available, so swapping them with the latest and best LED T8 tubes has fortunately been made very easy.

Replacing your older lighting for the new LED fixtures and tubes with a better lumen rating can also occur via the T8 electronic ballast method , in this case, the tubes are compatible.

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How to Install LED Light Strips /Replace your Florescent lights LED lighting may actually be one of the most important, non-native EMF radiation exposures you're exposed to on a daily basis. If you chose to ignore these new insights, it can have very serious long-term ramifications. It could lead to age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which is the leading cause of blindness in the United States and elsewhere.  But all the lights I have on at night have been switched to clear incandescent bulbs without any coating that changes their beneficial wavelengths. So the take-home message of this interview is to grab a supply of the old incandescents if you can and switch back to incandescent light bulbs. Just remember to get incandescents that are crystal clear and not coated with white to give off a cool white light. How to easily convert fluorescent Lights to LED – Easy Ways to Save Money CORRECTION: At about , I misspoke. We are replacing shunted with non-shunted. This means that, with LED lights, it will be years before you have to look for a replacement or change a highly-placed light fixture. 2. Less Risk of Damage/Breakage. Another impressive benefit of using LED lights is that you don’t have to worry about breakage and damages. Why? Well, unlike incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes, most LED fixtures are made of high-quality, eco-friendly plastics. That means that even if you accidentally drop your fixture, you’ll still be able to use it for years to come. Also, due to their durability, contact with LED lights is often minimal. Hence, reducing.

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