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Smells better, too. NSI Industries. Superior Electric.

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I made it much smaller than this though - I cut open an extension cable, cut the power line, then soldered a cm wire to one end to extend it a little, and soldered each end to a 2-pin header and insulated the solder points with heat shrink tube. Then I stuffed most of it back into the cable body, and slipped a jumper - the type with the "handle" and visible metal loop - onto the header. Now, to test current, I clip my probes onto the bare header so I don't lose my connection when working with things like flashdrives or smart devices like phones - if the probes short, no big deal, it'll just read "0," though insulated clips work just fine to stop that.

Then, to test voltage, I disconnect the device, slip the jumper on, reconnect, and stick one probe into the hole on the jumper, and the other onto the shield of the USB cable - as long as your hub properly grounds the shield, I think it should read the same as the normal 5V to GND pin - it has for me when disconnected, and I've seen voltage drop on some devices with it. I left the data lines intact, so I can see things like current draw when writing to a flashdrive, and in different device states, though the iPhone still realizes something is fishy and says charging isn't supported by the device when I'm in current measurement mode.

My multimeter isn't top of the line though, and I wonder if it's impeding a little too much Anyway, thanks for the inspiration - this is really handy for debugging a USB device in progress when I'm not sure how much room I have to work with power-wise!

I could put up a spinoff tutorial if you like? Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. Sorry, seems I missed a step. The usage is similar to the original project, except with this version, we have a switch and not a binder clip. You Rock! This beats the h l out of trying to use the multimeter straight to the computer.

This is a definite build for me. Thanks for sharing. I just made a usb christmas tree I have an ible about it that wasn't spamming bacause it relates oh look, three parentheses and I just had to assume that there were 5 volts. By gmgfarrand Follow. More by the author:. At this point, it might be easier to paint the cover before pushing the wire through. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Wooden Disc Player by jbumstead in Arduino. Phroggy 4 years ago.

Reply Upvote. Never needed something like this until today - a gr8 item and it works terrifically!! The charging port on your system is the one that will charge a device even if your laptop is off, and will probably also support fast charging. Other USB ports will charge devices too but they may not support fast charging. USBDeview is a free app developed by Nirsoft.

Download the app, and run the EXE. All the devices that are green are the ones that are currently connected to the system. Go through this list and try to identify the type of the product using the Description and Device Type column. Here, look for the Power field which will tell you how much power the device is capable of withdrawing.

This should match the specifications on the box your device came in. Look for other connected USB devices.

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3 USB VA meters compared. Are they any good, which is the best?!!! voltage current meter multimeter Подоспела замена синему доктору! Теперь тестер ест меньше, показывает больше, да ещё и помнит сколько съел. Всех, кому интересно, что может этот «ангел в. offers 2, usb voltage current tester products. About 11% of these are Voltage Meters  A wide variety of usb voltage current tester options are available to you. Аналогичную проверку можно устроить для USB удлинителя. Измеряем напряжение и ток без шнурка, потом подключаем его между блоком питания и тестером и смотрим насколько упали значения. Большое падение может стать причиной нестабильной работы периферийных устройств.

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