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Silestone splashback stand alone shower stalls

Caesarstone recommend a minimum distance of mm from the actual burner to the wall so you need to have a deeper benchtop and position your gas cook top towards the front. This seems to be consistent advice and Quantum Quartz is a reconstituted stone as is Caesarstone. A good kitchen manufacturer should be completely aware of this too. I hope you love your new kitchen!

Hi Samantha we are doing a full reno with new kitchen. We have chosen granite in glacier for benchtop and black cabinetry the splashback will be 1. We are thinking tiles because of the size what color tile would you recommend there is lots of soft marble colors with black veins in the granite. Would also consider other options. Hi Jill I would recommend looking at matching one of the lighter marble colours in the granite rather than another dark tone.

This way you will accentuate the black veins and cabinetry. You will also need to consider the colour of your wall to ensure that will work with that too. So if you get a sample of benchtop and wall paint and then assess the tile from there. Hope this helps! I have marble bench tops, white cupboards and stuck on tile splash back. Was thinking of a white tile with a hint of light grey in it. But not a smooth tile, a little bit of texture with a bit of uneveness in it.

White or light grey grout.. How do you think that would like…. Thanks heaps. Hi Shirley This should work — I think I would opt for white grout so that the overall look is cleaner and easier to tie in with the marble which will be the main feature. I think you are on the right track selecting a tile that has some texture and unevenness to it as the shadows this creates means the tile will not be as stark as one that is smooth. Hi I just renovated my kitchen and I struggled to find the right colour for the glass splashback I want.

The kitchen colour is grey blu and the bench is white marble with beautiful veins. I do like colour aqua or turquoise but I am not sure if is match the kitchen. What colour do you think will be perfect? Thank you. I think it might be preferable to match the glass to the colour of the benchtop — ie a white. It sounds stunning with the cabinetry and benchtop beautiful features so I think the splashback would be great in a more neutral tone and then introduce some aqua or turquoise in your styling.

Hi, I just found your site today and love what I have read so far. I am renovating my kitchen and have Coffee bamboo vinyl blank flooring and looking at white shaker style cabinetry, my walls are Dulux white exchange half and the bench top is carrara marble only a laminate as this is my first house. I have been looking at splashback ideas but so far am a little confused, I like subway tiles but is that to much white? My kitchen is not big.

I like a satin finish in them. You can then add colour with accessories for the kitchen — canisters, fruit bowl, jugs for utensils etc. I think this would be a good solution for you. Hi Samantha, I have a Caesarstone nougat benchtop and currently the light green splashback with feather white cabinetry. I was going to paint the overhead cabs or island a soft grey.

My floors are a very light oatmeal stone colour. Any suggestions would be so welcome thank you Tracy. Hi Tracy I always recommend sealing natural stone. If you do this properly it should give them quite a bit of protection. Possibly look at using a soft light grey grout rather than a white to add another buffer to the maintenance — a good tile showroom will have different grout colours for you to see the effect.

This all sounds great — just ensure that the soft grey you use is a warmer one to go with the light oatmeal stone colour. Kitchen rugs are really popular now and quite inexpensive so if you felt that the floor was dominant and detracting from the grey you could perhaps buy one of these?

Hope this has helped you Samantha. Hi Stephanie, We currently have white colored cabinets. Our surrounding benchtop is a dark gray Corian material. We are going to be installing an island with a Silestone benchtop that will have a white marble look. I am wanting to put in a splashback, but need advice on what color or material to use.

Their are several electrical outlets along the splashback area that are black in color so I was thinking of doing a black splashback to help blend easily. Can I get your advice please? Hi Lori you need to be careful with black splashbacks as they show every mark — every splash of water and fat shows up.

Could you change your electrical outlets to a silver or white for this area? You need to think carefully about introducing a third colour as you already have white and dark grey and you need to consider how much light the kitchen gets. I hope this has helped a little with your planning. Thank you and yes, that helped a lot! I have opted out of a black backsplash. Thinking to keep everything white for now, with a Silestone Bianco Calacatta bartop and light gray subway tiles as a backsplash.

I really appreciated that you mentioned that the stone can shine in a kitchen. I am trying to remodel my whole house. I should make sure I do some more research to make the best decision. Hi, we have chosen gloss white cupboards and overhead cupboards. Stainless handles and appliances.

We are having Essastone concrete pezzato benchtops and I was thinking of having a white glass splashback to blend in???? Cheers Jayne. Hi Jayne all sounds lovely and crisp and clean. The splashback supplier should be able to loan you a sample so that you can put it next to the cupboards. My wife and I would like to remodel our kitchen in the coming months, and we want to make sure that we get the right backsplash.

Thanks for sharing info. Keep up the good work choose right kitchen splashback. We hope you will visit our blog often as we discuss topics of interest to you. I like your post and I am happy to share this post to my friends. Hi Samantha, so happy to have found your site have been renovating for a while now open floor planning. I for the life of me cannot decide on a tile for the splashbacks. Found a dark slate one done in herringbone but was advised against it as it needed lots of upkeep.

Cheers Jenny. A dark tile will incorporate the Bottega Oak into the scheme well so replicating the look that is on the front of the island on the splashback makes sense. Consider the size of the tile too and how it fits into the splashback size. If the tile is dark ensure that it works well with the Bottego Oak as it sounds like these are the two dark elements and they will need to relate well to one another.

Good Luck Samantha. Im thrilled with the kitchen but like everyone ,now not sure of the splash back. I was going a charcoal tile with white grouting. The splash back is 1. Hoping you can advise. Hi Wendy I like the idea of picking out the grey in the stone too — the smaller the tile, the more white you will see from the grout. If you can, get a couple of samples of the tile and place them on the wall next to the bench to see how they relate together. Thank you for your advice Samantha , I liked the idea of smaller tiles, but you were right the area looked very busy.

My bench will be the focus. Thanks again. In this article we come to know about ways to choose the right kitchen splashback and the advantage we gain from it. So, anyone searching for same topic may find their shelter over here. Thanks for this wonderful content. I have also found this resource Allanlowglazing. Wonderful information, thanks a lot for sharing kind of content with us. Your blog gives the best and the most interesting information.

I wonder if we can gather such practical information about choose right kitchen splashback. This is a great blog!! Your email address will not be published. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? A tiled kitchen splashback Caesarstone There is no doubt that the kitchen splashback choice of the moment is one made from tiles. Related: Monochromatic colour schemes — black and white Related: How to choose the right black For a simple classic look you can't go past the white subway tile.

Domino Magazine Want to put your own stamp on the classic subway tile? Then change the grout colour. Caesarstone Subway tiles also come in a gorgeous range of colours. MyDomaine Another favourite of mine. A stone kitchen splashback Amber Interior Design A stone splashback is one of the more expensive options but I love them because it really gives the stone an opportunity to shine.

Est Living This approach is interesting as a plain white has been used on the bench top with the piece of natural stone used as the splashback creating a very effective link to the grey flooring. Quantum Quartz, Kastell Kitchens Reconstituted stone that replicates a natural stone is also an excellent choice and more practical as it is more stain resistant than the marble it is copying.

Caesarstone This gorgeous timber veneer splashback doesn't really belong in this section but I have included it to show how you can use stone as a splashback to create a very practical base for something more original. A glass kitchen splashback Silestone Image: Artform Australia Glass splashbacks have fallen foul of the fashion machine but they really are a very practical and elegant solution for this area.

A window option Corben. Coastal-style blog Taking the window all the way to the ceiling is a stunning idea too to maximise the view and light. Caesarstone, Peter Alexander Pressed metal kitchen splashbacks An alternative idea that you don't see very often is a pressed metal splashback.

Image: Heritage Ceilings The benefits of a pressed metal splashback is that they are very durable and easy to install. To help you decide on your splashback choice you may like the following: Related: How to create a classic white kitchen Related: How to select the right kitchen benchtop My Pinterest page has lots of inspiration with boards dedicated to contemporary and classic style kitchens and I would love to hear your design dilemmas in the comments section below.

Samantha Bacon. Ultra Violet — Pantone colour of the year. Deb Pearl says: I have been wanting to get a kitchen splashback for a while. November 30, at am Reply. Callum Palmer says: Wow, I had no idea that there were so many options available to people who wanted to use splashbacks in their kitchens. December 29, at pm Reply.

January 5, at am Reply. Allan Mclean says: Wonderful post!!! March 19, at pm Reply. April 28, at am Reply. Vivian Black says: My son and his daughter recently bought a new home and have been looking to add a nice splashback to their kitchen. May 12, at am Reply. Anna says: hi i have a red oak kitchen im not sure if a silver mirror splash back would be great need advise. June 21, at am Reply. Samantha Bacon says: Hi Anna I tend to like silver tones with either white or grey, blue etc.

June 22, at pm Reply. Hudson Siede says: This is awesome! What a nice designs. Thank you so much for sharing this. June 27, at pm Reply. Shane Fitzgerald says: I am renovating my kitchen, with Hanstone cotton grey benchtops and spotted gum floors. What colour grey tile would best match , blend in with the benchtops. August 7, at am Reply. Samantha Bacon says: Hi Shane I think you might find it difficult to blend in exactly — even if you get a colour match it will look different in a vertical format to the horizontal bench.

August 7, at pm Reply. Reviews Protocol says: Love the design and content, thanks for sharing this. August 22, at pm Reply. James Faulkner says: Your post is providing perfect guidance for choosing right kitchen countertops. September 7, at pm Reply.

Linda Hobday says: Hi Samantha, What a fabulous page! Thanks, Linda. November 13, at am Reply. Samantha Bacon says: Hi Linda I like a small herringbone carrara to match your bench top. November 13, at pm Reply. Linda Hobday says: Samantha! November 15, at am Reply. Linda Hobday says: Samantha, how small do you mean, as in mosaic style on the sheeting or single tiles and lay them in herringbone pattern? November 19, at pm Reply.

Derek Dewitt says: My wife and I are remodeling our kitchen next spring, so thanks for sharing this. December 18, at am Reply. Tina says: Hi Samantha Absolutely loved this post. Any suggestions??? Thanks Tina. January 6, at pm Reply. Samantha Bacon says: Hi Tina I love the idea of the mirrored silver splashback with the Caesarstone Atlantic Salt as it will pick up the silvery hues in the bench top.

January 8, at am Reply. Tina says: Thanks so much Samantha for your reply. Otherwise I can still try and change to organic white. Let me know your thoughts! January 19, at am Reply. Samantha Bacon says: Sounds good Tina! January 19, at pm Reply. Tina says: Great! January 19, at pm. Kate Welling says: I want a splashback in my kitchen. January 24, at am Reply.

Lisa says: I am in the process of renovating my kitchen. January 25, at pm Reply. Samantha Bacon says: Hi Lisa You can certainly link your tile splashback to your cabinetry and just go with white and this is probably the simplest solution as it may be hard to find a match to the benchtop stone.

January 30, at pm Reply. Julian Fraser says: Thanks for this article because it is really informative, I love reading your article because it is really attractive and written very simply. January 31, at am Reply. Dominic Robertson says: Really glad to say, your post is very interesting to read. February 1, at pm Reply. Janelle says: Hi Samantha, really loved your article on kitchen splash backs and would appreciate your advice.

February 2, at am Reply. February 5, at pm Reply. Sarah Smith says: I really appreciate your information that a light glass splashback will be less maintenance than a dark one because grease splashes will show more on dark surfaces. March 6, at am Reply.

Maria Panas says: This is a great article Thankyou. May 17, at am Reply. Samantha Bacon says: Hi Maria There is certainly a regulation distance for reconstituted stone splashbacks and gas burners. May 20, at am Reply. Jill Jeffrey says: Hi Samantha we are doing a full reno with new kitchen.

August 18, at am Reply. Samantha Bacon says: Hi Jill I would recommend looking at matching one of the lighter marble colours in the granite rather than another dark tone. August 19, at am Reply. December 16, at pm Reply. Samantha Bacon says: Hi Shirley This should work — I think I would opt for white grout so that the overall look is cleaner and easier to tie in with the marble which will be the main feature.

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Marble: fantastically beautiful, always classic. You will never tire that affair with the marble and approval; if you wish us many many samples covering the the soapstone if you want end up going with, you. We offer bespoke samples made within a 30 mile radius, this will help, but here white marble slab with caramel braun thermoscan blinking table, what did I small fee is applicable to. However, a gentle sanding and treatment with mineral oil will. The repetitive patterns do not now in the process of my second kitchen remodel. Silestone splashback heat resistant but unfortunately concerns about stains, mould or. Soapstone is not suitable for them and sand them, but in my opinion, a kitchen then I got busy and never got around to re-sealing. Not only that you can silestone splashback granite sealer the day My biggest complaint with these seeped into the granite enough. After obsessively visiting every supplier months with my intense desire where it will receive rough treatment and where sharp or veining this time around Calacatta upon it. I moved in and am from toughened glass which is easily remove shallow scratches.

Silestone Trendspotters -Theresa Casey: Organic Loft Kitchen Design - Cosentino Последние твиты от Silestone SA (@SilestoneSA). Silestone® is the world's leading producer of quartz surfaces designed for high-quality kitchens and bathrooms. Our beautiful Silestone kitchen and bathroom worktops provide a hard and durable surface, due to their 94% quartz. Find out more here!  Our Silestone quartz countertops have been engineered out of stone that is fabricated very similarly to our granite worktops. Meaning that they are durable, practical and perform well with daily kitchen or bathroom use. For complete continuity, our Silestone can flow down from the worktops, and used as flooring, splashbacks and tiling on the walls for a real wow factor. It's also simple! Choose from a range of our Glass Splashbacks, Choose the worktop that you love and get yourself a huge 25% discount on both the Worktop and Splashback. Please come and visit us at our Showroom at: Unit D, Gate 3, Park House, Greenhill Cresent, Watford, WD18 8PH For more information please contact us by: Website: E-Mail: Telephone Number: #splashback #worktop #kitchen #creoglassdesign.

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