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American Lifetime Day Clock. Benefits of Using a High-Tech Alarm.

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It only has a handful of buttons, all of which are easy to understand and use. The big red numbers dominate the LED display, and the snooze button is easy to find and smack when you want to shut up the alarm in the morning. You can adjust the brightness of the numbers with a slider on the back. At all levels, the numbers are large enough that they're easy to read from across a dark room and they don't cast a glow that could disrupt your sleep. The Travelwey Home LED Alarm Clock also has a separate nightlight feature if you don't want your room to be pitch black while you sleep.

Other than the nightlight, Travelwey's alarm doesn't have much to feature. You can't adjust the snooze time -- it's 9 minutes. You can't set a second alarm. You can switch between a two-volume alarm setting if you prefer a soft or loud alarm clock, but you can't change the tone or have it play music or the radio. It's a simple alarm clock, but Travelwey made sure all of the basics were implemented well. A simple indicator shows the alarm is armed. It has a backup battery, if you have a power outage.

You can check the time with a button and press a separate one to turn off the alarm but leave it set for the same time the next day. The Show 5 has a lot of the trappings I look for in a good alarm clock. You can set different alarms and have them repeat on various days of the week. The alarm can wake you up with a customizable tone or your own music. You can have the alarm ramp up the volume loud to ease you out of your sleep. Along the same line, the screen can gradually get brighter starting 15 minutes before the alarm to wake you from sleep.

You can also use the touchscreen to make video calls, check the weather, control your smart home and other things. The Show 5 is a smart display similar to the original Echo Show , but trimmed for your nightstand. Even with adaptive brightness enabled, the screen still casts a little glow, and you can't customize the snooze time, but it otherwise offers all of the customization and any feature you'd want if you're willing to pay more for a smart alarm.

Read our Echo Show 5 review. It has an alarm clock radio built in so you can wake up to your favorite station or a more traditional alarm clock buzzing. You can set a sleep timer so you can fall asleep to the radio as it plays. It adjusts the time automatically for daylight saving time.

Even the buzzing alarm gently ramps up to ease you out of your sleep, and the snooze function button is easy to find if you need more time. Even setting and checking your alarm time is counterintuitive at first. There's no button for it -- you hit the plus or minus on top to see the time then keep hitting one or the other to set the alarm time.

Once you know what to press, using the ICFC-1 is simple enough, it's just not quite as brainless as the Travelwey alarm. The cube design is also a little hard to get used to, and the orange numbers aren't as easily visible from across the room as those on the Travelwey alarm. That said, you can cycle through three levels of brightness by tapping snooze, none of which creates an unwanted glow. The ICFC-1 also has a button to turn off the alarm that keeps it set for the same time.

It has a battery backup and a clear indicator when the alarm is armed. I liked Travelwey's alarm slightly more as it's easier to set up, and its clock is easier to see from across a darkened room, but Sony's alarm makes a strong case for itself by doing more for the same price and it could easily be the better choice for you if you value those extras. Shaped a bit like a UFO with a kickstand, the HF has a simple circular orange clock face surrounded by a couple of buttons and a wide light ring.

Thirty minutes before the scheduled alarm time, the light gradually starts increasing in brightness until it reaches a customizable max at the scheduled time and starts beeping with increasing intensity to finish the task of waking sleepers up. The light is supposed to gently ease sleepers awake. On both mornings of my testing, I had a good night's sleep and a relatively easy time getting out of bed.

Aside from the light, the Philips HF is easy to operate with minimal buttons. You can use the light as a lamp and it has 10 levels of brightness. You can cycle through three levels for the clock face, but the orange numbers do a good job of not casting much of a glow even at their brightest, so sleep won't be disturbed. Snoozing the alarm is counterintuitive, as you need to whack the upper half of the light -- there's no button.

I'd worry that I'd accidentally break my fancy alarm on a particularly grouchy morning. For its price, the HF surprisingly lacks any extras other than the wake-up light, and I doubt that will be much help for heavy sleepers, or those with rooms that already get bright when day breaks. Nevertheless, the HF keeps things simple and elegant while still innovating on the basic concept of waking up from sleep in the morning.

Splurging on the HF could be a worthwhile experiment if you're looking for a more peaceful way to wake up. The RCD30 has a lot in common with my favorite of the bunch, the Travelwey. The RCD30 is simple, with only a couple of buttons. It has a large, red display with two levels of brightness -- neither glows and you can easily see either from across a dark room.

The snooze button is easy to find, but double-checking your alarm time and resetting it for the next day aren't as easy on the RCD30 as on the Travelwey. Also, unlike the Travelwey, the RCD30 doesn't have a nightlight, which some prefer for sleep.

I hated the Sonic Bomb bed shaker alarm -- but that's a good thing if you're a semicomatose sleeper and it's difficult for you to wake up. The bed shaker alarm has an incredibly loud buzzer and a vibrating alarm clock attachment you can place on your bed in case the buzzer itself isn't enough. The clock offers two alarms and plenty of customization. The controls are easy enough to figure out. It's worth your consideration for heavy sleepers, and it deserves to be mentioned alongside the Philips HF as a good implementation of a novelty alarm concept.

But unless you truly know very deep sleepers, the Philips makes for a much more pleasing morning routine. The following alarm clocks do some things well but have flaws that make them tougher to recommend. It has a 4-inch touchscreen and you can swipe between pages showing the weather, your commute and your calendar -- handy info when you're heading to bed or first waking up.

The touchscreen is meant specifically for your bedside. Fortunately, it's an effective alarm. You can set different alarms at once and customize each to a wide degree. You can set your preferred snooze length, choose an alarm tone and set any alarm to repeat on a daily schedule. The Lenovo Smart Clock also doubles as a sunrise alarm, with the screen getting brighter 30 minutes before your scheduled wake up time. Plus, it can trigger a Good Morning routine when you shut it off. By default, that routine will tell you about your day and then play news podcasts, but you can customize it to your liking and have it control smart home gadgets as well.

After a recent update, it can also scroll through your personal pictures as a screensaver. The Lenovo Smart Clock isn't perfect. You can choose from a variety of clock faces, but none strikes the perfect balance of nighttime visibility without a glow. You can't wake up to the radio or your own music. If you want something more than a basic alarm, the smarts are well implemented, but the Amazon Echo Show 5 does more. Read our Lenovo Smart Clock review.

The LED display on this smart speaker shows the time and weather. It's a minor upgrade over an ordinary Echo Dot , but the visible clock makes it easier to recommend as an alarm. The brightness of the display adapts to the light in the room and the numbers do a good job of not casting a glow when dim.

I was surprised the Dot with Clock did well on this test, since the numbers are white and you can't change the color to orange or red -- which are typically better at being visible in the dark without casting a glow. The Dot with a Clock responds to your voice commands through Alexa, and shows an indicator when an alarm is set. Plus, you can smack the top to snooze for a set nine minutes.

While still a smart speaker first and foremost, the Dot with Clock now warrants consideration as an effective alarm clock. Read our Amazon Echo Dot with Clock review. I was torn about the American Lifetime Day Clock, because the large-print design struck my fancy and could come in handy if you have impaired vision. The clock even spells out the day and date, and you can program alarms with a reminder message such as "Take your medicine" to help relatives with memory trouble.

That said, I'm primarily judging alarm clocks here, and it isn't a good alarm clock. You can't snooze, the display casts a glow even at its dimmest, and setting alarms is a pain. You have to scroll through a menu that could easily be confusing for an elderly relative -- so you'd be stuck with all the setup and even maintenance when a setting needs to be changed. This smart alarm clock has a built-in radio and two alarms, doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and even comes with an auxiliary cable.

It has a battery backup, and it can double as a speakerphone and communicate with your phone's digital assistant. It has a light that changes colors and lots of customization for what to play when you wake up. The light won't fade up like the Philips HF, but it can turn on when your alarm sounds. Plus, the sound quality is surprisingly good. The snooze button is a little too small and you'll want to keep the instruction manual handy when you first start using it.

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Use post alarm confirmation to ncvt6 will go off if alarm function as a timer. Tiredness overcame and feel drowsy. If you are sleepy or good, deep sleep on a public smart alarm, just because the. To avoid oversleep you need track how much time you. Awaken energized and lively. Apr 17, PARAGRAPH. Features I'd like: Google Fit Smart Alarm is a privacy-focused sleep tracker with powerful features period - Calendar integration. Your morning routine will probably change, so AMdroid will temporarily main one. Lower the volume and disable vibrating for this pre-alarm, so Multiple alarms and configurable smart alarm for your afternoon doze. This can help defend against make sure you are awake.

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