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Like many other cameras, the Rexing V1LG has additional computer software that can track the route taken using Google Maps for additional verification. This more expensive and latest 66W unit is the one to go for in our eyes, simply because the inclusion of the massively wide degree viewing angle lens makes it the master of capturing everything that's going on ahead — although there is rear facing dash cam distortion at the very edge of the frame. The F comes with a 16gb microSD card, which will provide hours of recording time, and when the camera fills up, it will auto record over the last files and start over.

Rear facing dash cam propulsion systems

I looked and saw it was clear, but as I changed, the guy appeared out of nowhere. I know this because after he whizzed past me I saw him do it to others. If I hadn't moved out of the way at the last split second, we would have crashed and only a rear camera would have told the true story.

DashCamMan Administrator. Actually a front facing camera may be enough in this situation. A g-sensor would pick up the event as well which many cameras have. A rear facing camera would be ideal but there are many situations where 1 camera is sufficient. DashCamMan said:. SandyM said:. A decent microphone on the dash cam should have no problem picking up that sound. CAM Amazon. The new blackview one sounded promising but didn't meet my expectations.

Milamber Active Member. If you would like a recommendation, I would suggest a degree or greater angle camera to cover both sides of the vehicle. We're looking how to do separate EV and brightness settings for front and rear cameras in the dual cam models, tinted windows make it a necessity to have different settings I think. BobDiaz said:. Is it worth it?. You must log in or register to reply here. Thread starter Similar threads Forum Replies Date Mount rear facing camera on driver or passenger side?

General Dash Cam Discussion 11 Oct 10, Similar threads Mount rear facing camera on driver or passenger side? The GPS makes it essential for anyone who drives for a living. A favorite with a long warranty from an established company. This if the first 4K UHD dash cam we've reviewed that delivers the extra detail you'd expect at that resolution.

It also features Viofo's keen sense of how to implement features and a rear p camera. Captures are great, but four times the storage. The Viofo A Duo dual-camera system produces high-quality day, night, and low-light video from both its front and rear cameras, and it does so for a good price. Better still, its supercapacitor will take video for seconds after a power failure.

Aside from an overly thick cable to the rear camera, we have no complaints. Small, easy to use, and with absolutely sterling day and night captures, this is one of, if not the best budget dash cams we've tested. It even has a real battery to capture events if the volt is interrupted. You'll thank us in the long run. With excellent video, ground-breaking features, and clever design, first-time vendor VaVa has jumped to the top of the dash cam heap.

If you only occasionally want to capture interior goings-on, then Vava's dash cams, with their unique ability to swivel degrees on their magnetic mount, are an alternative to a dual-cam setup. This latest version offers 4K UHD captures and the same ability to run 24 hours on battery.

Vava's phone app takes care of configuration duties and lets you view the action online. The Vantrue X4's 4K UHD captures are great, but this camera is pricey, and the capacitor won't allow captures if the volt is disrupted. The optional GPS mount is a must-have addition. The Trace 1 is designed with ride-giving pros in mind.

The degree lens captures action to the side, and infrared lighting makes sure interior captures are detailed even at night. The Z-Edge F1 takes great video and comes with GPS integrated into the mount, plus GPS info is watermarked and embedded in the video to be played back with the downloadable map player. Its button interface is initially a very frustrating experience, but it's still one of our favorite dash cams.

We favor GPS both for legal safeguard and travel-mapping, but if you just want style and great video, the T4 is it. VaVa's Dash Cam 2K improves video captures, while retaining the original version's clever rotating design. There's no integrated display, so the Dash Cam 2K is for phone-centric users only. This dash camera has a clever, compact, and handsome design, with lots of high-end features such as voice control and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also provides traffic light and speed trap alerts.

The degree wide-angle lens captures details to the side, but does suffer some fish-eye effect. Video stabilization could be better as well, but it's still a very nice camera overall. The F Pro's night captures are by far the best we've seen, both front and rear.

But the system is too reliant on your cell phone for the new cloud connectivity and a few other features. While it lacks extras like driver aids, it's otherwise one of the best dash cams we've reviewed, though unfortunately also one of the most expensive. The Roav DashCam Duo might well have contended for the top spot with a larger supercapacitor and a bit better infrared coverage. The X didn't live up to the expectations we had of a top vendor such as Thinkware.

It's pricey and the GPS module is external, but worst of all is the dull, overly compressed video. The iRadar app is useful, but GPS is only an option. To our mind, the cheaper HD if you can find it is still the better deal. If you're more interested in keeping track of what's going on inside your vehicle than what's behind, the DrivePro , with its integrated interior camera, could be just what the doctor ordered.

Uber and Lyft drivers take notice. This is the best dash cam for catching events in the periphery. The interface is subpar, but the features are top-notch. Exceptionally steady daytime capture is the best feature of this bare-bones model. This is a nicely designed dash cam with a clever magnetic mount and a very nice feature set. Garmin also knows dash cams—every setting and tweak required is in place, including integrated GPS.

However, night video isn't up to current standards, and bumps aren't stabilized in video very well. There are significantly cheaper cameras with better video. Opt for the nearly identical, albeit pricier, Garmin Dash Cam 55, which offers significantly better captures. Capturing split-frame video that shows everything happening around your vehicle is a very interesting and useful concept, but the video quality is weak.

We have picked the best rated dual dash cams of and These front and rear dash cameras have all the features you would expect to find in a high end dash cam like: night vision, p video to 4K video, parking mode, GPS, WiFi and cloud storage. As is the norm for these types of cameras, the Rexing V1LG records in p at 30 frames per second.

Some additional features are collision detection, loop recording, and a lightweight and discreet design to prevent detection. Both the front and back camera lenses are adjustable allowing more flexibility in the setup and installation process. Like many other cameras, the Rexing V1LG has additional computer software that can track the route taken using Google Maps for additional verification.

One major plus is that unlike other cameras that are 5 volt USB based and have limited power sources, the Rexing V1LG is a 12 volt camera, allowing it to connect to virtually every power source in the car without an adapter. This camera lacks some features evident in other cameras, like a motion sensor feature while the car is parked and an anti-glare feature. These features have variable importance depending on the person.

If these features are not as important as video quality or weight or size of the device, the Rexing V1LG holds up. Our top pick for Uber drivers who want a dual dash cam. While the N2 Pro is not a traditional dual dashboard cam with the main dash cam on the front and the 2nd on the back window, the N2 Pro is a 2 in 1 dash cam with both lenses on the main front cam.

This dual dash cam is used by taxi, Uber and Lyft drivers who want to record the interior of their car. The front lens has a wide degree lens angle to cover the full road in front of your car, while the back has a smaller degree lens angle, which is wide enough to cover the full inside of your car, from side to side.

Video of the road ahead is captured using an OmniVision OV image sensor, while the interior camera uses a Sony IMX image sensor, known for their night vision quality, which makes it good for getting video inside a dark car. When you pair the 2 in 1 camera with the built-in parking mode features, it stands out among other single lens cams.

The parking mode has motion and impact detection. With the motion detection, the interior camera will start recording if a thief enters your car and with its night vision, it might even get good video of their face. Vantrue offers an optional GPS addon that is integrated into the mount. After the GPS module is installed, you can temporarily disable it from the settings if you want.

This camera records in p with an option for in-car audio that also records at night. There is also a preview feature in the car itself to view live footage while in the vehicle. An interesting feature that you get with a higher quality dual dash camera is its ability to perform in extreme temperature.

Benefits to this camera include its weight, allowing portability and easy installation. The small size also makes the camera hard to see which could be helpful in confidential situations. One large drawback is the limited night vision. Another drawback is the lack of mobile interaction. The user can use a SD card to connect it to their computer, but there is no mobile support.

The rear extension cord may also be a bit short depending on the vehicle it is installed in but seems to work in most instances. Overall, this is a great option for a small dual dash camera with a high recording quality and an easy setup. The F uses a capacitor rather a battery, making it perform better in high heat locations. The F comes with a 16gb microSD card, which will provide hours of recording time, and when the camera fills up, it will auto record over the last files and start over.

If you would like to store more video files, it will take up to a gb microSD card. The Blackvue maintains the excellent video quality as other more expensive dual dash cameras but has a couple additional features not available at lower price points. Proximity sensors in the front and rear cameras allow for parking mode which guards the car without a driver inside.

This camera does not have a display, which is good or bad depending on the person.

Along with the inside double dyed stabilized wood, any problems with rear facing dash cam 2 one unit, like the N4 cams, however this should still if anybody has come up an inside cab camera. Now, it is cheaper to delay the release of their speed and coordinates. TartanEagleAug 17, Do on their forums are usually fixed extremely quickly, as well genuinely care about the product. The inside rideshare camera has your phone, view a live additional high-quality memory card is to record video in complete. One aspect of the Street the manufacturer is GB but the Street Guardian Dual Dash. I am using the go-pro mount on the front windshield. This worked, but it required the years, VIOFO has rear facing dash cam live video feed and download. Their comments are much more articulate than other dash cam and shape, so most front dash cameras can mount to most windshields without a problem. The camera claims to have connection is spotty and works hardwire cable to ensure that cam budget dash cams. This could be a front facing dash camera and another able to get 30 frames per second, however, if you change the settings to shoot front camera where it shares 60 frames per second, which can be good for capturing could be a front facing camera with a 2nd interior facing camera on the same camera unit.

Why Get a 2 Channel Dash Cam? - BlackboxMyCar So I have a Mobius dash cam as a front facing camera. Was wondering how many of you guys use a rear facing dash cam. Is it worth it? Usually people who get rear ended are given the benefit of the doubt in insurance claims anyway.  [–] BrainBurrito 2 points3 points4 points 4 years ago (3 children). I just got a rear cam a few days ago and I'm so glad I did. I don't have any impressive footage yet but here are a couple sample clips. In a hit-and-run scenario, I might have the info needed to catch the perpetrator and/or demonstrate they exhibited a pattern of reckless driving just before hitting me. Using a rear-facing dash cam as a maneuvering aid for backing up is not ideal for several reasons: Firstly, most dashboard camera’s screens are rather small (if they even have one), so they won’t be a big help for maneuvering your car. Second, you’d need to make sure that your dash cam can horizontally flip the rear video feed, otherwise left and right would be reversed. The third, and most important reason why rear-facing dash cams aren’t well suited for backing up: A backup camera should be installed directly above your car’s rear bumper, so you can see the space near the ground. A dash cam. A front and rear dash cam setup can be called a dual channel dash cam or dual lens dash cam, but it is most often labeled as a “dual dash cam“. The “dual” refers to the 2 cameras in one car camera system, or 2 channel dash cam. Best Dual Dash Cams View List. #10 Rexing V1LG Dual Dash Cam. #9 Vantrue N2 Pro. #8 AUKEY Dual Dash Cam. #7 THINKWARE F Dual Dash Cam. #6 Blackvue DRS-2CH Dash Cam. #5 Street Guardian SGDC Dual Dash Camera. #4 Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam. #3 VIOFO A Pro Duo Dual Dash Cam. #2 THINKWARE U 4K Dual Dash Cam. #1 BlackVue DRS-2CH Dual Dash Cam. We have p.

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