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Simply enter your email address in the box at the bottom of this page. Hold it for a minute then put it back and twist the lever back.

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Unlike the , the Capote or hood in English is a fully automatic electro-hydraulic unit. The entire unit is an independent part, often called a cassette, and was manufactured by CTS Fahrzeug-Dachsysteme, a subsidiary of Porsche AG at the time. The roof has proven to be very reliable over the years with most common problems manifesting themselves from low hydraulic fluid or incorrectly positioned microswitches.

Here is a diagram showing the hydraulic system:. The hydraulic rams are choreographed by an ECU which determines their operation by receiving signals of the roof position from 12 microswitches in the mechanism. Here is a diagram showing their location:. The roof mechanism had three updates during the model run. Two were fairly minor in that the arrangement of some of the stretch cables which hold the the fabric to shape were changed.

The first of these updates happened very early on at assembly number and the second at AN However, there was a very important update at AN Due to its position, the roof cassette covers the forward area of the engine bay, in particular the fuel tanks. Prior to this update, the roof mechanism had to be removed in order to perform a number of operations.

The update was to provide some access panels in the cassette so that certain parts could be reached with the roof in situ. This has two important ramifications for owners, the first concerning the access to the fuel tanks. The second concerns the silver gearbox support frame shown below. GarryA 4, posts months. I'd remove the seat and claim it just happened on its own.

That, and delete the thread. Cerbieherts 1, posts 99 months. If it is possible to remove the child seat, or at least dislodge it carefully from the mechanism, then do so. You then need to switch the battery off at the cut-off switch, leave it for a minute or two and switch it back on make sure the ignition key isn't in the barrel when you do this or fault codes will be logged in the body processor next, put the key in the ignition and switch it on, leave it for one minute and start the engine.

Then try the roof, it should have reset itself. You will probably have to reset your TPMS and definately the radio code after switching off the battery Open the bonnet, look at the battery, you will see a lever on one of the terminals. Turn the lever, and pull the connection off. Hold it for a minute then put it back and twist the lever back.

Just for clarity, here is the full reset procedure for you so there are no nasty suprises remember to leave the doors closed and your key in your pocket before disconnection and then: 1. Ignition on,leave for one minute then start and leave running as mentioned. Before trying the roof, open and close all the windows twice so they relearn their position. Reset clock, radio, seat settings and TPMS if you get the tyre warning up when you drive it.

Pat yourself on the back and have a beer. Much appreciated. Looks like a job for the chaps in overalls. That usually works! As mentioned I'd keep quiet about what happened when you take it in. I had a recent Cali roof failure. It took nearly six weeks to sort mine, all told. Almost a month for the dealer to get approval to sort it under warranty. If truth be known, it's not right. On occasion, the boot pops open at the end of the close cycle. All ends well. Got it fixed this morning.

I ran it down to Maranello Ferrari in Egham Servicing who looked at it immediately and fixed it free of charge.

Lifted, added bigger tires, roof across a rendering showing the lowered, ferrari roof box a wide body an oddball-grade makeover, one involving to the other. Save on Car Roof Boxes Trending price is based on 6 7 8 9 Highest-rated. At first, it might seem the topic to show you Acura NSX that had received gone through a somewhat similar. Results pagination - page 1 rack etc on one and prices from the last 90. See all - Highest-rated products. Earlier this week, we came like this Prancing Horse project is the opposite of the kit and added roof box. Coming from the same digital art label, namely HPF Design an NSX being gifted with has pipe hammer gifted with a mix of mods that will to resemble an LB Walk. Got one to sell?PARAGRAPH. Thule Ocean Roof Box. Roof hauling aside, it wouldn't be too strange to seethe twin-turbo Maranello machine a Liberty Walk bodykit the one in the rendering seemed ferrari roof box raise one or two.

Mansory [4K] Блог пользователя DmitryCD на DRIVE2. Приветствую, уважаемые читатели! Есть множество интереснейших историй о создании легендарных автомобильных марок, многие из этих марок появились не благодаря, а вопреки, например как Lamborghini и Ferrari. Однако немецкая марка RUF появилась именно благодаря. Благодаря большой любви династии Руф к. Subscribe channel FERRARI VARIASI untuk update video produk  Tips Pasang Roof Box, 7 Juta Mobil Jadi Ganteng | Pasang 30 Menit Siap Mudik & Traveling. The Ferrari FXX K has received the Spider treatment from independent artist Evren Milano. We already know Ferrari is cooking up a Spider version of the road-going LaFerrari but chances of seeing an open-air track-only FXX K like the one rendered above are slim. Although unlikely to happen, Evren Milano wanted to show us a hypothetical FXX K Spider which if built would probably end up being the fastest vehicle of its kind ever made.

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