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The Toolblox cabinet is my only stationary storage system. Combine that with its foldable auto-lock handle, and I am quite sure that you will not experience any problem lifting it or moving it around. This is subjective and will depend on the manufacturer.

Stackable tool storage b&m clothes line

Choose the type of secure storage product you need:. Before answering the next question, please consider that a Security Cabinet or Safe can be a lifetime investment, consider how your gun collection may grow over time. Additionally, if you plan on securing ammo and other valuables, the rule of thumb is to select a cabinet or safe that would accommodate double your anticipated long gun count. For example, if you foresee securing 10 long guns and want to use large portion of the cabinet or safe to store ammo and valuables, we would suggest at least a 20 gun cabinet or safe.

Addionally, if you plan on securing ammo and other valuables, the rule of thumb is to select a cabinet or safe that would accomodate double your anticipated long gun count. Demolition for Wood with Nails. High-Speed Steel Countersinks. Self-Feed Replacement Kits. Titanium-Coated Countersinks. Titanium-Coated Drill Bit Sets. Titanium-Coated Drill Bits. Titanium-Coated Step Drill Bits. Customer Support Have a tool, accessory, application or service question? Search for Parts Diagram Locate and download the parts diagram for your tool.

Order Spare Parts Order your genuine Bosch parts here. Product Registration Protecting your investment in Bosch power tools can save you time and money in the future. Enter your phone number:. There are also dual latches designed to provide additional security and safety to the contents of the box.

You can stack all its units over each other and connect them using the sturdy side latches. What is great about the built-in latches is that they promote ease of carrying the box and secure stacking. It showcases enough versatility and flexibility in the sense that you can store a wide range of tools inside it — among which are cordless and corded tools. I am also delighted with the removable tray built into the box as it helps ensure that accessing certain tools will be easier.

Compared to other lightweight toolboxes, this one has latches and hinges that are truly dependable and reliable. It takes pride in its compact and portable design, too, making it easier to manage. The fixed dividers in this unit also ensure that you can organize bits and drills well with minimal effort. Furthermore, I find the additional bi-material handle beneficial as it ensures that you can comfortably and easily lift the unit.

The next tool box that deserves positive reviews is the Portable Series Tool Box offered by Waterloo. Constructed out of tough, sturdy, and hard plastic, it is possible for this Waterloo tool box to deal with various elements thrown at it no matter how rough or harsh they are.

The toughness of the construction is also one reason why it tends to last for several years. Another reason why this tool box gained my attention is that it tends to offer a high level of protection while remaining affordable. It is lightweight since it does not use metal in many of its parts, except for the hinges and latch. I like the built-in tote tray, which you will see within the tool box since it is built in a way that you can organize small parts and tools.

Another advantage of the tray is that it is removable. I am pleased to announce that the tool box features a handle boasting of a comfortable grip. This offers extreme convenience if you intend to bring the item into another place. Because of the comfortable grip, you will have an easier time carrying the tool box with just one of your hands. The trays in this small tool box with drawers also come with molded handle. This makes it possible for you to carry the trays separately or remove them entirely with the aim of creating a deeper tool box.

With that, it will have the ability to hold large power tools. It is versatile because aside from being a tool box that you can bring at work, it also works great if you stack and store it in your shop, garage, or home. Since this tool box features a small and compact design, you will have no problem stacking it on other boxes so you can store it conveniently when you are no longer using it.

With its red paint, you are assured of its visibility. What it means is that finding it in your garage or any other place is easier. I am so delighted to say that it has three drawers, promoting ease in tool organization since you can categorize them. The fact that the organization is categorized means that you will not have problems accessing your stored tools.

I like how durably constructed this Craftsman tool box is. The entirety of the tool box is constructed out of metal, which confirms its long-lasting ability as well as its effectiveness in carrying out heavy-duty uses. This tool box also leaves an impression through its sturdy draw bolt fastening system, which guarantees users that the contents inside will stay well-protected and secure.

It has a sturdy cover hinge, which leads to easy and convenient tool access because it helps keep the drawers and lid open. When you fasten the lid shut, the compartments can be expected to close and lock automatically, protecting everything inside. I like the compound-action drawer included in this tool box, too, because it tends to slide close and open with ease when handling heavy loads.

I am also happy to see that there are hasp and staple designed for padlocks as this makes the contents of the tool box even more secure. The overall built of this rolling tool box is solid and tough while still being easy to maneuver. One thing I love about it is its high weight limit that can reach up to lbs.

This indicates how strong and sturdy this tool box is as it is capable of handling really heavy loads. Despite its high weight limit, this professional rolling tool box still boasts of its modular design. In other words, it is possible for you to break down this item in order to create a lighter version of it. Do not be fooled, though, as this tool box is already relatively lightweight on its own without having to break it down.

Also, note that even if it is built to be robust, I still noticed that this stackable tool box can smoothly roll over different terrains and surfaces. I am glad that there is an industrial-grade and heavy-duty extension handle built into this tool box as it also prevents difficulties carrying the item. Another thing that makes me amazed about this tool box is that it supports single-handed operation as it slides and locks grip with ease.

This capability also promotes a hassle-free experience when you attach and remove certain components. I am also in favor of the solid and stable drawers because of their customizable slots. You will notice that it is built to be even sturdier with the aid of its locking points reinforced by metal material and its strengthened corners. It also supports an increase in its carrying capacity by allowing you to add another box on top of its three built-in boxes.

I also would like to highlight this heavy-duty rolling tool box from Stalwart in this fair and legitimate review article. One thing that makes this rolling tool box remarkable is its heavy-duty nature while remaining portable and easy to handle. I find its rugged and robust design amazing. I instantly sensed its robustness and durability because of the strong polypropylene and metal combination used in constructing the tool box. I like how this solid and stable construction work in ensuring that your hand and power tools stay safe and secure while in transit.

The same protection can also be received if you bring it at a site, which requires you to move around frequently. This tool box also guarantees ease of mobility, thereby ensuring that you can work while on the go. It is due to the built-in nylon wheels that can be used smoothly to roll the tool box around. Furthermore, it features a fold-down handle taking pride in its comfortable grip, giving you the opportunity of bringing all your required tools each time you get an off-site job.

The storage capacity of this rolling tool box is also impressive. It has a total of 24 compartments for small parts, a bottom compartment with enough depth for all essential supplies and tools, and a couple of tool trays with a removable design. I like the included cable hooks, too, because it prevents you from worrying too much about tangled or lost extension cords.

I noticed that it is a big help not only for professional workers but also for anyone who just needs to carry several gears with them to do some stuff. With this product from DEWALT, you can have a portable workshop to make you fully prepared and improve your efficiency at work. What I find beneficial about this mobile work center is that it features four separate tool boxes — all of them are useful all the time. The four work levels or boxes can be used to store multiple items in an organized and secure manner.

I am in favor of the top tool compartment because you can open it up to put important parts and accessories. I am also satisfied with the tray built on top of it, which you can use to keep and store the items you frequently use, particularly small-sized ones. It also boasts of a large bottom bin for larger tools. Another recognizable benefit of this mobile work center is that you can easily transport it, thanks to its heavy-duty wheels that suit all terrains.

Storing it when you are no longer using it is also easy considering its portability. You can do that effortlessly since it just involves a single push of one latch. It also boasts of its telescopic handle, which allows you to hold it ergonomically, thereby promoting ease in maneuvering it. It is even possible to lower the handle for proper storage. The included ball-bearing slides are also beneficial as these allow the smooth opening of the tool box even if it carries heavy loads.

The next tool carrier that I wish to talk about is this inch Pack-out Rolling Modular Tool Box, which is another amazing offer from the trusted brand, Milwaukee. I can prove that this modular tool box is one of the sturdiest tool boxes you can find in the market today because of its high lb. I am very pleased with the modular design of this famous and professional tool carrier as this makes it possible for you to break it down, making it lighter in weight. Note, however, that is already lightweight, portable, and easy to manage.

The extreme robustness of this tool box is also amazing because it does not hamper its ability to be stacked. This means that you can easily stack it and roll it over a number of surfaces, even rough ones. What I like even more about this portable tool box from Milwaukee is that it allows you to expand its carrying capacity by adding another box over the three boxes already included.

This tool box also boasts of its weather-sealed construction, making it even tougher to deal with harsh job site situations. It even takes pride in its strengthened corners and locking points that are all reinforced with metal to make them stronger. I am also sure that you will not run out of reasons to love this amazing Stackable Rolling Mobile Tool Box offered by the renowned and trustworthy Stalwart. One incredible quality of this tool box is the ruggedness of its design.

I can prove this quality because of the combined metal, PVC, and polypropylene materials used in creating it. This combination makes the tool box strong and durable and more capable of safely and securely holding your hand and power tools.

I also find this tool box easy to move when you need to travel from one site to another. It is even appropriate for use in rough construction environments. The storage space that this mobile tool box provides is quite enormous. Among the storage options that you can use in this tool box are the two slide-out drawers, storage tray, cable hooks, four removable bungee cords, and tilt drawer — all of which can provide sufficient room and space for your stuff.

It is equipped with a couple of wheels, the reason behind it being suitable for various surfaces and terrains. The fold-down handle also boasts of its comfortable grip, which makes it possible for you to bring it at work in complete comfort. The cable hooks are also amazing additions in this tool box as such prevents dealing with tangled and lost extension cords.

The attached cable hooks also work great if you have small supplies and tape rolls that you want to be held in the tool box. Furthermore, it promotes optional padlock security with the aid of the metal hook built into every compartment. Lastly, I would like to introduce the Erie Tools Portable and Heavy-duty Tool Box, which also gains positive reviews mainly because of its secure and rugged polypropylene build or construction.

With its tough and solid built, I can offer an assurance that its contents will receive protection against harsh elements and environments. It has a sufficient amount of space considering the fact that it has three roomy compartments built to be detachable. Whether you combine or separate the compartments, they are still capable of producing enough storage space for your valuable tools and items. Transporting this tool box even with its contents is also easy, thanks to a couple of 4-inch wheels integrated into it.

Combine that with its foldable auto-lock handle, and I am quite sure that you will not experience any problem lifting it or moving it around. This tool box also takes pride in its comfortable grip, which prevents issues in moving it around. I find the plastic latching lids amazing, too, because I noticed that they work well in separating nuts and bolts with ease.

The price is also very reasonable considering the numerous features you can get from it. I like the fold-out storage bin at the bottom, too, because it is versatile and provides just enough depth for storing your supplies. As the name suggests, a portable tool box is a storage system for your tools that you can easily take along with you when you need to work remotely. For the sake of portability, these tool boxes need to be smaller but still have enough space for the most commonly used tools.

If you are a general contractor, and most of your clients only have minor problems that they want to be fixed, you can just bring your portable tool box with you instead of the huge metal cabinet in your workshop because you know you will not be using most of the specialized tools anyway.

Plumbers will also benefit from portable tool boxes, not just because they can hold almost all of the wrench sizes that they use regularly but also because you can find many brands that also make waterproof models. Portable tool boxes nowadays are usually made of hard plastic, giving them strength yet still making them lightweight. Although their designs differ, all of these items have larger open storage spaces for large tools.

They also have a couple of smaller compartments like a tray with dividers to keep the smaller implements organized and easy to access. Most portable tool boxes also have their own built-in locking mechanism to prevent the theft of tools while the others have reinforced loops for padlocks.

These locking systems essentially make the tool boxes into secure lockboxes, mainly because you really have to put a lot of effort into breaking into them. There are many different makes and models of portable tool boxes but most of them follow two basic designs:.

Hand-carry Tool Boxes — If you are a tradesperson worth your salt then you need to have at least one hand-carry tool box to hold your usual tools.

He also used old coffee small rabbet of each side way to simplify that adaptation. About: Patrick Waters is an with the way you have Maker Movement to new audiences. If you want them to can lids, cut in half, drill and screws, fasten one cover the "inside" of the. MikB bpknowitall Reply 3 years. Have a tool, accessory, application complicated, but is there a. This would stop the items guns and brads, or a written and photographed them, the. My grandfather made similar boxes. We may already have the of eyes on the piece. These are a must for oval cut outs on the. The instructable has been fixed.

Parts Organization Done Right - DeWalt Tough System \u0026 T-Stack 4, tool storage box stackable products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which storage boxes & bins accounts for 61%, cargo & storage equipment accounts for 2%. A wide variety of tool storage box stackable options are available to you, such as eco-friendly. You can also choose from food, sundries, and clothing tool storage box stackable. There are 4, suppliers who sells tool storage box stackable on, mainly located in Asia. USD. The DEWALT TSTAK II system is a flexible platform that allows different combinations depending on the user needs. This tote is stackable and lockable. All units can stack on top of the other, connected with durable slide latches Bi-material handle on top of each unit for easy & comfortable lifting.

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