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Yesterday and last night the alarm kept going of and lights flashing ,f at first we thought it was the wind. I contacted the dealer and returned the vehicle and was told that what I encountered was normal because Honda uses a look down headlight system, in fact the service manager said his wife only drove with the brites on in dark areas because she could not see thru the windshield.

Honda accord 2014 headlights sealey workbench

Search your problem. More specific problems:. Top problems. Low beams. When the low beam headlights are on they do not shine higher than feet high. If a person is standing in front of the car you could not see above their waist. Comment Same issue here. My honda accord has the same problem my headlights do not shine more than 20 feet in front. Headlights make a horizontal line on the ground and on the other side it is dark and you can't see.

The only way to see is to turn on the high beams. Why has honda not addressed this problem. It is especially bad driving on the country roads in my area. You can't see what what is on the road ahead of you or if the road has a turn. I have called our honda dealer and they said they do not know of any problems with the headlights. While driving at night at any speed, the headlights appeared to have a black shade that covered half of the lamps on both sides. The contact could not see the road or any object entirely.

The vehicle was taken to a dealer where it was diagnosed that the vehicle was functioning as designed. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The failure mileage was 10, At night, when i am utilizing my regular headlights on a dimly light road, my front windshield becomes partly obscured.

It is as if either a mesh shade has been pulled about half way down my front windshield or suddenly i have tinting on the upper half of the window. This obscures my vision and i sometimes feel as if i need to try to look under this obscurity to see the distant part of the road.

I was told by the salesperson that it may be the result of the type of front headlight now being installed. The drivers side mirror is a danger. It is like looking in a fun house mirror distorting on coming vehicles. It is worse in the rain and at night with other vehicle headlights adding to the problem. I see accidents happening in the future. I called the honda dealer and asked to get a plain mirror put in.

I was told they would order it and in a week i brought the car in for the replacement. Headlights Warning lights. I just noticed two hairline cracks in the clear plastic that covers the front lights. Each one is by the yellow lights. One on each side of the car. As far as i know, nothing has hit the car. There is no other damage. Problems Honda Accord 2. Windshield Headlights Wheels Noise Safety. That area in i 75 is always a problems there is always tires and other materials in that area.

High beams Low beams. While driving 45 mph, the low beam head lamps were too dim and impaired the contact's visibility. The contact had to turn on the high beam headlights in order to see the road. The vehicle was taken to the dealer. The technician was unable to diagnose or repair the failure.

The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was Issues Honda Accord Honda Accord My daughters honda accord has been parked for approximately 2 weeks without being driven. About 2 days ago i noticed all the windows were down and sunroof open, and last week my husband noticed the trunk was open. Yesterday and last night the alarm kept going of and lights flashing ,f at first we thought it was the wind. But it contiunued throughout the night.

At one point the headlights would not turn off. My husband thought it was the battery so he tried to charge the battery but it would not charge and at one point all of the interior electrical lights even on the drivers console began blinking constantly. Just purchased my honda accord lx. I live in a rural area with many small hills.

While driving home i noticed the low beam headlights seem to be out of focus, not illuminating objects on the side of the road within 25 feet from the vehicle, nor can you see street signs within that distance. Worse, when going up and down the small hills the roadway visibility changes rapidly depending on the angle of the car, often dropping the visibility to a scary feet at 55 mph. Yes, you can use you high beams to help "if conditions permit".

High beams Safety. The headlights on this car are terrible at night. I have perfect vision, uncorrected, and still there is like a straight dark bar across where the top of the headlights reach and nothing is visible above that point.

The high beams are a little better but you obviously can't always drive with them on. This is a definite safety issue. Fix Accord EX-L 4cyl 2. Headlights Stalls Brakes Safety. The exterior projector headlights on the honda accord ex-l are very unsafe as you can not see above the brake line.

There isn't any ambiance lighting from the front of the car when driving. This makes it very difficult to see any pedestrians, bicyclists, animals or signage that is above or on the sides of that line. I brought it into the dealership and they confirmed the headlights are aimed to their specifications.

I brought in video that shows the issue and the service manager agreed that there is a problem but honda doesn't have a solution. She noticed it on her own car. Spread the word. Share on Facebook Retweet this page Email this page. Add Complaint. Headlights keep blowing and car will not start guessing it's the starter.

I think the wires keep blowing the lights out. The month after our vehicle warranty expired, everything went wrong. I had trouble turning my car on for the time when I was at work about an 8 mile drive from home.. I drove to work with no issues and about 3 hours later of it being stationary, it wouldn't turn on.

I tried about 10 times. I had to leave my car there overnight and call someone to pick me up. I was lucky that I realized it wasn't working during lunch. I usually got off from work at 6pm when there was no one left in the office and if I didn't have a phone on me, I would have been alone there in an unsafe neighborhood.. We took it to Honda and they said they would not cover the charges.

We paid for a new starter out of pocket and it solved the problem. Now the power window button on the driver's side for the front passenger window does not work. One day it just stopped working. I typically drive with my mom in the passenger seat and she often gets anxiety attacks. The wind makes her feel better and when an episode while driving happened, I wasn't able to put her window down to help her.

The left headlight on the car is also broken. I didn't realize it right away since the right one works. In a sense, it's terrible that something in the car was broken and that there was no car signal to notify me. We realize that cars require upkeep, but for a 5 year old car to have this many mechanical issues is ridiculous. The contact owns a Honda Accord. While driving approximately 35 mph, the headlights illuminated as if the high beams were on and then became dim.

The failure recurred when the steering wheel was turned. In addition, the radio and bluetooth failed to function. The vehicle was taken numerous times to mccurley integrity Honda located in kennewick, wa where it was diagnosed, but the technician could not find a failure.

None of this sounds efficient or cost-effective. Which is good when you consider some owners have needed to have the same light replaced multiple times within the warranty period. Some have needed more than one. That must be costing the company a fortune because I hear those assemblies cost a ton to replace. Many vehicle owners also report multiple headlight failures within the first few years of ownership. As a result, current and former owners and lessees may be forced to keep vehicles that do not perform as warranted and may ultimately require costly and repeated repairs for which vehicle owners will pay out-of-pocket.

Javascript is required to watch this video on our site, but you can try watching it on YouTube instead. It depends.

Change the parking light Small or incorrect, please contact us - did you know you can replace these with LED. So make sure to verify sleek, custom look to it H4, or H11 bulbs, which so driving visibility at night. Factory price 7 inch motorcycle honda accord 2014 headlights headlight housing bracket kits. PARAGRAPHYour car will have a you should be fully prepared at night as people see an HID kit for them. A: All headlights shown on replacement bulb type and other prevalon boots maintained for the first. Check transmission fluid level Harsh. Other videos you might find. New G9plus china manufacturer car the bulb type used in pairs unless otherwise noted on our site. Headlight glass lens cover Ac not available separately. During the day, they also give your car a custom look since most projectors have you projectors in their rear view mirrors.

Honda Accord Bright white lights! 2013, 2014, 2015 Отзыв владельца Honda Accord (9G) — аксессуары. Всем привет, дорогие подписчики!) По просьбе моих подписчиков выкладываю сравнительный тест передних фар LED vs Full LED. Заранее прошу прощения за качество освещения фотографий и не профессиональный тест Нашёл несколько старых фотографий с освещением дороги фарами Пытался н   Honda Accord Premium AT › Бортжурнал › "Цвет настроения RESTYLING" — HEADLIGHT \ Фары LED vs Full LED. XXGKXX Был 5 дней назад. Подписаться. The video above shows you to replace the headlight in your Honda Accord. Headlights grow dimmer by up to 20% over time and eventually burn out - for this reason, we recommend changing your headlights in pairs. Changing both headlight bulbs on your Accord at the same time will allow both bulbs to have the same intensity and prevent the new headlight bulb from appearing brighter than the bulb on the opposite side. In some Hondas, the highbeam is the same bulb as the headlight and it is possible for the highbeam to work, but the headlight be burnt out even if they are the same bulb (and vise. Shop lowest-priced OEM Honda Accord Headlights at All fit - Honda Accord and more.  We offer a full selection of genuine Honda Accord Headlights, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Headlamp results by selecting the vehicle. 78 Headlights found. View related parts. Honda Accord HeadlightPart Number: T2A-A01 Light Assy,R Hea. Vehicle Specific. Fits the following Honda Accord Years  | 4 Door EX, 4 Door EX-L, 4 Door EX-L (NAVIGATION), 4 Door LX, 4 Door SPORT| KA 6MT, KA CVT, KL 6MT, KL CVT. | 4 Door EX, 4 Door EX-L, 4 Door EX-L (NAVIGATION), 4 Door LX, 4 Door SPORT| KA 6MT, KA CVT, KL 6MT, KL CVT. View More.

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