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You should see a prompt to pair your Room Sensor on your ecobee's screen. Leave a Comment: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is set to seconds 5 minutes by default.

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By choosing which sensors participate in each Comfort Setting, you'll have complete control over which sensors your ecobee thermostat uses to calculate the average temperature. Keep in mind, each Comfort Setting must have at least one participating sensor. To maximize overnight comfort, you might decide that the only sensor you want to include in your Sleep Comfort Setting is the one in your bedroom.

During the busiest time of day, when your Home Comfort Setting is active, you may want to have multiple sensors participating; e. How does my ecobee thermostat manage sensor participation when it's changing from one Comfort Setting to the next e. Because each Comfort Setting might have an entirely different mixture of participating sensors, a sudden change from one Comfort Setting to another could result in a rapid rise or drop in average temperature.

To avoid this, your ecobee makes the transition from one Comfort Setting to the next, gradually. This process usually takes about 30 minutes. Adjusting the temperature with your ecobee's temperature slider or in the app activates your Home Comfort Setting.

This is called placing a Manual Hold. When your Home Comfort Setting is active, your ecobee sets the temperature by averaging out the temperature readings from each Room Sensor participating in that Comfort Setting. Good to know: By default, a Manual Hold continues until you cancel it. When a Room Sensor isn't participating in a Comfort Setting, what does my ecobee thermostat do with its reading?

When a sensor isn't participating, it still reports the temperature to the thermostat, but the reading isn't used to help determine the average home temperature. Smart Home intelligently switches on your Home Comfort Setting for maximum comfort. Smart Home uses your Home Comfort Setting's hot and cold set points. Smart Away intelligently overrides your usual schedule—helping you save on your energy bill.

Since your ecobee thermostat knows that it will have to recover the temperature gap should you return, it sets the temperature to where it can quickly get your home back to your Home Comfort Setting set points, while still conserving energy. What happens if none of the sensors participating in the active Comfort Setting report motion?

If none of your participating sensors report motion for 30 minutes, your ecobee will set the temperature based on the average of all participating sensors even in the Sleep Comfort Setting. I'm spending most of my time in the living room this evening, and I just walked by my kitchen's Room Sensor. I don't want a single reading from my kitchen sensor to determine my home's temperature.

In Follow Me mode, how much weight does my ecobee assign to a single reading versus the many readings from the living room sensor? If you walk by a sensor and it detects occupancy, the weight your ecobee assigns to that single reading in calculating the home temperature will be low. In this scenario, most of the weighting will be given to the occupancy readings from your living room sensor. To put it differently, the more time you spend in front of a particular sensor, the more weight your ecobee will assign to that sensor's readings.

When I leave a room, how long will it be until that Room Sensor's temperature readings no longer factor into my ecobee's temperature averaging calculation? Follow Me includes participating sensors that have detected occupancy within the past 30 minutes.

If you leave a room and its sensor stops detecting motion, that sensor's temperature readings will be gradually not immediately removed from your ecobee's set point calculation over a minute period. If 30 minutes pass with no occupancy detected, that sensor's reading will be excluded until occupancy is detected again.

What happens to Follow Me mode if I manually adjust the temperature while it's running? Adjusting the temperature on your thermostat or in the app with the temperature slider i. Using the app? You should see a prompt to pair your Room Sensor on your ecobee's screen. If this pairing method was unsuccessful, try replacing the battery in your sensor.

A low battery will cause frequent disconnects and may prevent the sensor from re-pairing. You will need to push the battery gently to allow the metal prongs to hold the battery into place. If your ecobee thermostat is attempting to pair to a Room Sensor, it means there is an unpaired Room Sensor with a battery inserted within the detection range 45 feet of the thermostat.

This will add the sensor to the Ignored Sensors list. Still need help? Our support team is waiting to help you. Get in touch. X How can we help? How can I use them in my home? There's no wrong way to use your Room Sensors. Room Sensor tech specs. Occupancy and Temperature Detection Detects both temperature and occupancy and communicates those readings to the thermostat.

Occupancy detection uses infrared technology to detect body heat signatures. Occupancy is based on a person's continued presence within a Room Sensor's viewing angle—not merely motion detection. The more time you spend in front of a particular sensor, the more weight your ecobee assigns to that sensor's readings.

Communication Room Sensors use MHz radio waves—not Wi-Fi—for secure, energy-efficient communication with your ecobee thermostat. Range and Viewing Angle Range: up to 45 feet from the thermostat barriers and obstacles such as thick walls or different floors, and other devices broadcasting on the same MHz frequency, such as a baby monitor, cordless phones, etc.

Battery Powered by a single CR coin battery. Battery will last approximately one year and is easily replaceable. Factors that can reduce battery life include a high or low ambient temperature and placing the sensor in a high-traffic area. Learn how to change a Room Sensor battery ecobee thermostats can support up to 32 Room Sensors. Which thermostats are compatible with Room Sensors?

Where can I see the status of each Room Sensor? Pairing a new sensor. Once your thermostat is on the Home Screen: 1 Gently pull the plastic tab on the back of the sensor. Learn more about sensor participation in the next section. Unpairing Room Sensor. To unpair a Room Sensor: 1. Tap on the sensor you'd like to remove. Sensor Participation and Comfort Settings. Customize your comfort by adjusting your sensor participation settings To maximize overnight comfort, you might decide that the only sensor you want to include in your Sleep Comfort Setting is the one in your bedroom.

How does sensor participation work when I adjust the temperature manually? How can I tell which sensors are participating in the current Comfort Setting? So even when your schedule changes, your ecobee knows to adjust on its own—helping you save energy and stay comfortable. You can set up these little satellite sensors anywhere in your home to give the ecobee more knowledge of temperature and activity in your home.

The sensors include a motion detector to tell the ecobee which parts of your house are active. They also include a temperature sensor so it can figure out the best way to keep you comfortable. The motion sensors are passive infrared motion sensors. This means they use the natural infrared radiation given off by all objects as a means of detecting motion, and therefore work regardless of light or dark.

They connect to the base unit using radio frequency communication right in the same range as z-wave. It will run the sensor for months. However, the new Smart Sensors use a CR which should last for 5 years. They also warn that if a sensor is placed in areas with lots of motion, the battery life will be reduced. There is no need to worry about when to replace the batteries because the ecobee will tell you when any of the sensor batteries are running low.

The maximum number of sensors the ecobee can connect to is For the vast majority of people, any more than four sensors seems like overkill to me. The base unit itself is a sensor, and the original package comes with one extra remote sensor. If you buy one extra pair of sensors, you should be set.

In most homes, the base unit will be in a central location. Place one sensor in the master bedroom, one in the living room, and maybe one in an office. If you place your remote sensors too far from the ecobee thermostat, they will become unreliable or not work altogether. The advertised maximum range of the sensors is 45 feet. But, ecobee reports the range as 45 feet to account for the inevitable obstructions that occur your home.

If your base unit is in a central location in your home, there is a foot diameter circle that you can place your sensors. That range should satisfy the majority of homeowners. Keep in mind that walls and other obstacles will shorten the range. If you are having connectivity problems, there is a good chance you are on the outer edge of the range.

The remote sensors have a horizontal range of about degrees and a vertical range of about degrees. They can detect motion up to 15 feet. The sensor on the main unit has the same degree angle but only a foot range.

The sensors will not be triggered by every tiny motion event they detect. They are designed with a sensitivity that is supposed to stop pets from setting off the motion detector. Since a sensor cannot detect how far away an object is, a close object will appear much larger to the sensor than a distant object. Therefore, it will take a much larger object to set off the motion sensor at 10 feet than it will at 10 inches. Your new sensor will have a plastic tab sticking out the back. This keeps the battery from powering on the sensor.

Once you are ready to connect a sensor, go to your thermostat and bring the sensor with you. The sensors can only be installed from the thermostat unit. Activate the home screen so your thermostat screen looks like this:. Then, pull the plastic tab out from the sensor. The power will connect and within a few seconds, your screen should switch to the sensor setup screen. Press Yes to pair your sensor with the thermostat.

Let it sit for a minute or so. Then, reinstall the battery the proper direction and it should work. Next, you need to choose a name for the sensor. You can type in your own name or you can choose from a list. I will put this sensor in my bedroom, so I will name it Bedroom. Then, choose which comfort profiles the sensor will participate in.

You can always go back and change it later. Repeat the process as many times as you need for each sensor.

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Ecobee - 6 Tips and Tricks to getting more out of your device We hope this video helps you learn how to use the ecobee4 main menu. This video is also part of a playlist the walks you through all the settings and. Heating/Cooling RangesYou can configure the ecobee3 to only display a specific heat3. Select Heat Set Point Range or Cool Set Point Range. Ecobee4 ㅡ это умный термостат, который поможет всегда поддерживать комфортную температуру в доме, при этом экономить энергию. Обычный термостат определяет температуру только в той комнате, где он висит. А вот к ecobee4 можно подключить датчики обнаружения холодных пятен, которые могут висеть в разных уголках дома. В комплекте поставки присутствует один датчик.

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