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What I will say, though, is that you need a lock that engages the lid in more than one place. You can alway spray some penetrating lubricant into the lock every once in a while as well to help keep it free and clear.

Deep truck tool box frameless sliding glass shower doors

While it may be hard or impossible to tell, one thing to check for is that your pickup truck tool box is made with the right rivets. Rivets must always be as hard, or harder than, the material they hold together.

So, aluminum rivets holding together a steel box will eventually fail and fall apart. Steel rivets must be used with steel boxes. Unfortunately, it also rusts like crazy. Steel boxes must be coated in some way. Paint or bed liner covering the toolbox will help stave off the rust but it only buys you time. Stainless steel is, of course, the answer to preventing rust when toolboxes are likely to get wet or left outdoors. Lightweight like plastic yet even more rustproof than stainless steel, aluminum is basically a win-win.

In most cases, the biggest drawback with aluminum is that it can cost more than other materials. Aluminum can vary from weak to nearly as durable as steel depending on its construction, alloy, and thickness. However, your tools are likely to scratch and gouge the box.

Plus, if you toss things in and out of the bed or load something heavy the chances of damaging a plastic toolbox are greater than a sturdy steel box. One big advantage of plastic is that it tends to be significantly lighter than steel so if keeping weight down is a priority, plastic may make a case. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you do any hot work like welding, plastic tool boxes are susceptible to melting or burning. For me, mounting my toolbox straight to the truck itself would seem like a no-brainer.

Plus hitting a pothole or going offroad can jostle things around so screwing, clamping, or otherwise securing the toolbox jus has to happen. Locking mechanisms on toolboxes have a tendency to foul up real quick. Look for locks that have covers or internal sliding covers to keep dirt, ice, water, and junk out of the tumblers inside.

You can alway spray some penetrating lubricant into the lock every once in a while as well to help keep it free and clear. A: For most crossbed truck tool boxes you will have to get up into the truck bed to get to your tools. The SwingCase series of toolboxes on our list is perfect for easy access. Side mounted boxes are also much easier to get to than crossbed boxes. A: Aluminum cannot rust in the same way that steel can.

Stainless steel is extremely rust resistant thanks to its high chromium content. Stainless steel, especially cheap alloys, can indeed still rust over time it just takes much longer than mild steel. A: Most toolboxes have a mounting kit that comes with them. Some hardware, a couple nuts, and bolts, that sort of thing. Occasionally a toolbox will require custom mounting meaning drilling, tapping, etc.

Usually, truck bed toolboxes sit all the way down to the floor and will partially obstruct the bed. On our list, there are several toolboxes that stop just short of the bed. That means you can still use the full size of the bed for sliding in the sheeting. A: There are so many types out there that I shudder to recommend a single one. What I will say, though, is that you need a lock that engages the lid in more than one place.

Good locks slide a solid bar or multiple points of contact onto the lid. That way anyone trying to pry the lid open will have a harder time. The force of pressure applied to the lid should be spread out among at least two distinct points. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of truck styles on the market today. It all depends on who you are, what you do, and what you prefer!

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Yeah, this is about as sleek and sexy as it gets while still having room for your tools! TruXedo says it works great with Lo Pro and Deuce covers Best for those who want to load up with a bed full of plywood, a toolbox, and a bed cover all at once!

Best for those who need a lightweight toolbox with a focus on durability. Of course, if you prefer the higher profile design, you can always order it from their website. I personally like that the lid is reinforced and filled with solid foam. Overall this box has a pound capacity and a lock for security. Best for job site utility, trailer additions, or building a custom framework.

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Related Articles. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Other features include self adjusting strikers, dampened gas shocks, and a removable plastic tool tray that is perfect for keeping all the small items in one place and easily accessible.

This information will give you a good understanding of the different kinds of truck bed tool boxes that are available and how to sort through all the available choices so you purchase the right one for your truck. There are several reasons that purchasing a truck bed tool box is a good idea. In addition to theft, there are the effects of the elements to consider as well.

A good quality truck bed tool box makes carrying tools and small equipment much better. It also looks great too and there are many styles and finishes to choose from. The three main benefits to having a tool box for the back of your truck are:. There are many different kinds of truck bed tool boxes on the market to choose from. They can range from a basic, no frills utility box to the fancier, feature-rich styles that have a lot of storage and other features. Many truck owners are fine with a basic box, but this is largely up to personal preference and what your specific tool storage needs are.

There are several different types and styles of truck bed tool boxes on the market. They will vary according to how they attached to the truck bed, the materials they are made of, the finishes they have and the configuration of the lids. There are other features that are possible as well including trays, extra storage bins, durable weather seals and much more.

We have listed the most common types of truck bed tool boxes that you can choose from. The different types are largely differentiated by the mounting style it has. Truck bed tool boxes are made using a variety of different materials. The most common materials used in tool box construction are aluminum, stainless steel and steel. Each one has its advantages when it comes to tool boxes.

Truck tool boxes offer truck owners a choice of three basic colors for the most part. The majority of models are available in these finishes since they tend to blend really well with most truck paint jobs. White — The majority of truck tool boxes are offered with a white powder coated finish. Not only does it look crisp and clean, it prevents rust and corrosion as well.

Black — There are many truck tool boxes on the market that are offered with a black powder coating that protects it and makes it look stylish and professional. Bright — This type of finish can be polished to a great shine and has a pattern of raised diamonds all over it. This is a very common finish chosen by those who work in the construction field.

One of the first and most important steps in choosing the right truck bed tool box involves knowing what your specific storage needs are, how much space you have to work with and how it will be installed. With all of these factors and more a consideration, it can be very hectic and not as planned at all.

We have selected information that will help you understand the differences between the different tool boxes so you can narrow the choices down to a small, manageable list. When he's not writing and researching products he enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and spending time waxing down his z.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Trucks are very popular vehicles that are excellent for carrying equipment and tools in. As convenient as the bed of a truck is, it is not convenient or fun to drive around with tools rolling around the bed of the truck. We selected 15 of the most popular truck bed tool boxes on the market and looked at construction, sturdiness, design, finish, materials used in construction, sizes available, mounting style, and customer reviews.

The three tool boxes featured here make great choices for the truck owner who is looking for the perfect tool box for keeping his tools safe and organized. Truck Bed Tool Box Reviews A truck bed tool box is an excellent solution to organizing your tools and equipment so it is in a secure place. Show more. Show less.

USW offers truck owners this black aluminum truck bed tool box for all of their tool storage needs. W, Bright, Deep Full Size. This full featured truck bed tool box is the perfect box to outfit your work truck with. Dee Zee is the place to go for a high quality, non-rusting aluminum truck bed tool box.

The lid locks from driver's side and can be opened. In fact Delta, was one layers creates the strongest, most rigid aluminum lid in its. Make sure to read the of the pioneers in the from either side. The Delta exclusive RSL Lid is the standard go to box for most pickup truck. The single lid crossover toolbox valuable equipment in one easy field of pickup truck tool. Years of positive experience has a good idea of what an insulating middle layer and a few good places deep truck tool box lid liner. The combination of these three whole article for information regarding the width of your bedrails. If you have spent time studying our new product, you see that we 350 ft lb torque wrench not choice best selling tool boxes for the professional and the consumer. Note that some toolboxes come in multiple lengths. Don't clutter your cab or scatter your cargo all over his whole attention was absorbed.

Kobalt Fullsize Contractor Truck Tool Box 70" Deep Crossover Truck Toolbox, Steel. Fits full size trucks. Weather resistant. Comes with 2   Truck Toolbox - $ (Berwick).. condition: excellent model name / number: Tractor Supply Company size / dimensions: 70"L x 20"W x 19"H. QR Code Link to This Post. 70" Deep Crossover Truck Toolbox, Steel. Fits full size trucks. Weather resistant. Comes with 2 keys. Truck beds vary in overall width from model to model and are frequently equipped with a variety of OEM or aftermarket bed rail covers, so another important dimension to consider is the distance between the outside of each bedrail.  Crossover toolboxes aren’t the only option. Transfer tanks and external fuel tanks could also make a great addition to your bed, and can be vetted using the same dimensional guidelines provided in this article. Best Rated Truck Tool Boxes: Reviews and Guide. Written by Andrew Price. in Tools.  Truck tool box reviews. Crossover Style for Full-Sized Trucks. Best Overall: Weather Guard Aluminum Low Profile Saddle Box. Runner Up: Dee Zee DZLB Red Label Crossover Tool Box – Low Profile. Crossover Style for Mid-Sized Trucks. Best Overall: Weather Guard Black Aluminum Saddle Tool Box. Runner Up: Better Built Chest Style Toolboxes. Best Overall: Dee Zee DZSB.

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