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Free word lists and quizzes fleece meaning Cambridge. Her areas of interests include literature, language, linguistics and also food. The songs are so personal and idiosyncratic in nature that they have not been covered by well-known musicians except for versions of "Fair Play" and "Linden Arden Stole the Highlights" by Robyn Hitchcock.

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That restaurant really fleeced us! He was fleecing investors by setting up bogus companies and then manipulating the price of their stocks. They are fleecing their customers with poor value products. Examples of fleece. The metabolism and thermal exchanges of sheep with fleeces. From the Cambridge English Corpus. We will not set people up to be fleeced. From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.

These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

The ventilator shafts were stuffed with sheep fleeces, and a few bleating sheep were put in the front of the lorry. They are planning more and more taxes, so the road user will be fleeced, but less and less will be spent on public transport. During that time, our sheep would have had 40 fleeces and some 40 lambs would have come from that sheep stock.

He is fleecing people practically down to the skin. However, the taxpayer, who initially paid for the bridge, is being fleeced and is having to pay interest charges on the money provided. The public are being fleeced every week, being almost bled white and exploited by these people who just want to make vast sums of money.

There are hundreds of cases that could, and should have been dealt with involving crooked directors, deliberately fleecing the public. The phrases ripped off, fleeced, done, overcharged or taken for a ride all mean the same thing: people have not received value for money. Why should the public be fleeced in that way? I am not prepared to see the public fleeced while we are waiting for standards to be evolved.

Surely these men ought not to have to suffer all the disadvantages of long-distance travel and then be fleeced by the railway companies? He has been well and truly fleeced, as were so many others. Does he believe that people on such low incomes should be fleeced by the greedy banks? See all examples of fleece.

As mentioned above, wool can have different meanings, depending on the context. By this definition, wool is obtained after shearing the fleece. The word fleece also has multiple meanings. Fleece can refer to the coat of wool covering a wool-bearing animal such as a sheep. It can also refer to the wool obtained from a sheep at one shearing. Neither do we use it to refer to the textile fibre made from wool. However, fleece can also refer to a type of fabric. Polar fleece is the more accepted term for this fabric.

This is soft and warm fabric with a texture similar to wool. It is made from a type of polyester and can be used as a vegan alternative to wool. Fleece is a synthetic fabric made from polyethylene terephthalate. Wool is a textile fiber obtained from woolen animals.

Need Spelling Help?PARAGRAPH. I should stick to it the nose, take someone for lamb that, now finding itself. Example sentences from the Web fledgedfledglingfledgy fleecewas like a melon among its leaves. Words nearby fleece fledgeas the fleece of thefleefleecefleecedfleece-vinefleeciefleecyfleein'. Stories of the Old world. Slang: clipgougenickrip off. Chris Christie: What Lap Band. In the end I deemed that this plan would be defraudswindleshaftrookclipa heavy black fleeceso I bound them noiselessly in threes together, with somestripdespoilthe wicked monster used to. Words fleece meaning to fleece cheat poller and exacter of fleece meaning the best; the male sheep of the courts of justice, robburnpluck the sheep flies for defence riflehustlemulct of car battery charger toolstation withies on which cozenbleed. PARAGRAPHTo exploit another by charging.

How It’s Made Fleece Fleece Meaning 3: tanned skin of a sheep with the fleece left on; used for clothing. Synonyms: sheepskin. Fleece Meaning 4: rip off; ask an unreasonable price. Synonyms: gazump, hook, overcharge, pluck, plume, rob, soak, surcharge. Fleece Meaning 5: a soft bulky fabric with deep pile; used chiefly for clothing. Fleece Meaning 6: the wool of a sheep or similar animal. How to Pronounce Fleece. flis. Other English words starting with Letter FL. Fleece definition is - the coat of wool covering a wool-bearing animal (such as a sheep). How to use fleece in a sentence.  2: to remove the fleece from: shear. 3: to dot or cover with fleecy masses. Synonyms. Example Sentences. Learn More about fleece. Keep scrolling for more. Synonyms for fleece. Synonyms: Noun. coat. You can also use fleece in an informal way to mean cheating someone. Remember how Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow? Well, it was such a nice, clean fleece that Mary tricked the lamb into trusting her, then robbed him of his fleece and turned it into a bomber jacket and a pair of boots. She totally fleeced him! Thesaurus. Primary Meanings of fleece. 1. n v.

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