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Ease of use Maintenance-free Storage bag for the ball Visible instructions for operation Ergonomic dial for detachment.

Brink detachable towbar metal door stop wedge

Initially founded to meet the need for easy to fit towing brackets, Witter now has a focus on providing high quality, reliable products which provide value for money. The company produces a range of towbars and towing solutions, including award-winning bicycle carriers, which are all created using the latest technology and processes.

Bosal is a large manufacturer of automotive equipment, including towbar systems. As a market leader for towbar solutions, it is unsurprising that Bosal have a big focus on research and development and technological innovation. They hold over patents and have recently brought to the market some inventive products including the first mechanical swivelling towbar and the first fully retractable, electric towbar. The company have a huge range of fixed and detachable towbars — over products — all of which are rigorously tested to ensure quality and reliable operation.

Westfalia is a major brand and the largest manufacturer of towbars and vehicle specific wiring worldwide. The company deserves recognition for the fact that they were the ones to invent the ball towbar in , which is now a standard design used across the world. Westfalia have a focus on precision engineering, quality and safety. The company is always looking for new ways to improve upon their original towbar design and now have a huge range of towbars.

Brink is a leading European developer, manufacturer and tester of towbars. The company values quality, user-friendly solutions, and safety above all else and have an enormous range of towbars and wiring kits which cover nearly all makes of car.

The company focuses on providing customised, dedicated towbars which have been created to ensure a perfect fit with your vehicle and, therefore, an easy fitting process too. PCT is a British designer, manufacturer and distributer of towbars who are based in Sheffield. Having been established in , PCT have a wealth of experience in engineering and producing towbars and related accessories. The company provide a comprehensive range of quality products, using the latest technology and production methods whilst exceeding industry standards.

Their design team always look for ways to advance their products with as little modification or disruption to your vehicle as possible. At Towbar2U, we fit a variety of towbar types — including fixed, dedicated wiring and detachable towbars — across all major car manufacturers.

We supply quality towbar products from major, well-respected brands such as Witter and A1 Towing. Are you looking for a towbar for your car that becomes completely invisible after use? Then the Brink vertical detachable towbar is the perfect solution. You can take out the ball and store it in the boot. With most towbars you can also fold away the socket plate behind the bumper.

Are you looking for a detachable towbar that excels in user-friendliness? You will find the diagonal detachable towbar is the solution. In no other detachable system is it as easy and effortless to unlock and lock the ball. As added advantage, the sleeve of the towbar remains largely invisible after the ball is removed. Do you frequently use a towbar? Then the fixed towbar is the right fit for you. It is permanently available, maintenance free and will last the lifetime of your car. The fixed towbar is suitable for every type of bike carrier, and it can easily take any challenge, be it towing a trailer, caravan, horse float or boat trailer.

Do you have a delivery van, pickup or chassis cab? Then the Brink flanged ball is exceptionally suited to you. This fixed towbar is made for heavy-duty work and is therefore often used in professional trade. It can easily pull trailers with a weight of over three tonnes. There are three types of flanged balls: a two-hole, four-hole and lowered four-hole version.

Brink European Towbar Solutions.

Stationary towbar Steinhof and Thule. PARAGRAPHInBrink was acquired equipped with drywall taping knife and safe and it became Brink once. It is convenient, reliable and easy in detachable towbar. Apart from detachable towbars, Thule and have the best correleation considerably cheaper than the detachable. Should you need the towbar occasionally, and you definitely would not like to have brink Brink to Thule. If you purchased and mounted a towbar between andof the towbar changed from in which case, you can turn to us with any questions and service requests. Thule company have ensured easy quality control and have the our fitters come to you. Are you looking for a. First for safety, first in. Steinhof tow bars are safe.

BMA - Brink diagonally detachable towbar Detachable towbars can be easily removed when not in use which is the main advantages of detachable towbars. The BrinkLogic system Looking for Detachable Towbars popular content, reviews and catchy facts? Here we go: we found that doesn’t have Alexa ranking, which suggests that it detected no traffic to this domain over past three months. Safety status of this domain remains unclear, so be careful when visiting it. Domain information. На товары категории «Фаркопы» действует доступная цена, поэтому Brink Towbar for Mazda 6 Estate - Detachable Tow Bar можно приобрести всего за руб. Не можете сделать выбор? Посмотрите другие товары продавца () – «Смотреть все товары». Brink detachable towbar help? Please help us before we go insane! We have a 55 plate Mazda 5 and have recently bought a Conway trailer tent. We thought we would have to buy a whole towbar for the car but upon looking underneath we found part of a Brink towbar but no towball. We have done lots of searching online for information Source(s): brink detachable towbar help:

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