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Thank you, Bob. Keep container tightly closed and sealed until ready for use.

Proluxe deck stain laser impact stud extractor

Use personal protective equipment as required. Note: These warnings encompass the product series. Prior to use, read and follow product-specific MSDS and label information. Call physician immediately. Do not induce vomiting unless directed to do so by medical personnel. If in eyes, rinse with water for 15 minutes. Check for and remove any contact lenses. In case of contact, immediately flush skin with plenty of water while removing contaminated clothing and shoes.

Get medical attention immediately. If inhaled, remove to fresh air. Keep out of the reach of children. For workplace use, an MSDS is available from your retailer or by calling In late March, we informed you of the temporary closure of our U. Over the past few weeks, we've found new ways to serve you through contactless pick-up and delivery to make sure that you're able to continue working and painting during this challenging time. We are pleased to inform you that we have started, and will re-open a large number of PPG Paints store locations to trade and retail traffic over the next few weeks as a number of U.

To ensure a safe transition in states where we're permitted to re-open, we will implement recommended health and safety protocols to keep our employees and you, our valued customers, safe, including:. For more information or questions, please contact your designated local representative or the nearest PPG Paints store through our store locator. Need additional project resources or color inspiration before heading to a store? You can continue to count on us to uphold the health and safety of our employees, our customers and our communities as our highest priority as we continue to support you and your business.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership. We can get through this together. Trade Architectural Coatings, U. Product Details A luxurious wood stain finish for exterior decks that extends the look and feel of hardwood flooring to exterior living spaces. Drying Time Dries to touch and to recoat in 24 hours. We have used Sikkens SRD in clear and pigmented colors. Overall it looks great except for shiny streaks. They mostly flatten out after drying but a few remain after fully dried.

I just sanded down to bare wood and put the first coat of Mahogany Cetol Dek. It has no sheen at all. I am going to do the 2nd coat in the next couple days. Do I need to do any light sanding or scuffing before applying the required 2nd coat? And will it be shiny like furniture, just like the first time I did it many years ago? I have a feeling that they changed the product and it will not look like the first time, which was gorgeous.

Thank you, Bob. It is not supposed to be shiny, that means it will be prone to peeling. As for another coat, just follow their directions. I own a log sided cabin in the N. Many years ago I had it stained with Sikkens and it was brushed on. I was disappointed at the short time that the stain held up.

The deck and house is in bad shape now and I would like to know what to use for stain. I will pick a color for the house and the deck will be clear. We are in desperate need. Please help us out. Can they apply your oil based stain overtop once the deck is stripped?

Here are pictures of before and after. Willing to try a different color to completely cover the bronze-like repair work. Hi, I have been using Sikken cetol 1 and cetol 23 over many years, exterior of the house and garage.

I was just amaze by the quality of that stuff. Recently after some years I bought again that product now own by Sico. They have change the formula. The smell is vivid. Cannot be use on surface that will be touch. Siding of house I guess would still be ok. I went in a lot of of trouble because of that everlasting stickiness.

Beware Joel Chabot Canada. We have pro luxe cetol srd re, multi use translucent exterior wood finish on our deck, not sure how old it is as we just purchased the house. Do I have to sand or can I just put on a new coat. Can you recommend the best Semi Transparent stain to apply that will highlight this wood as well as protect it from UV rays? We are going on the 12 month mark of our cedar deck with sikkens stain.

The deck has lost the luster it had. Can you put an oil on it to bring back that deep rich look? Two years ago we used sico premium deck wood finish stain in cedar color. I bought the same stain in natural color. We have a huge deck so…. Judging by these reviews, that was a mistake. Some of the info and comments are contradictory. For the best results, you have to remove the current stain if switching brands. Strip and or sand.

It has to be removed. Nothing can go over it and work correctly. Hi I have 5 gals of Sikken cetol 23 left over and I would like to use it on my bunk house that has been stripped. I do not have any of the Sikken cetol 1 base coat. I know the formula has changed. What could I use for a base coat that would be compatible with the cetol I live in MN. Hi, It is quite a while but read this. I have many time dilute cetol 23 with a mineral spirit or turpentime to act as cetol 1.

Over the last 30 years I have done this for a big garage an all the siding of my house. It has never peel or fade. Now I am using cetol maintenance to keep and protec from uv. Cetol 1 is in fact a dilute version of cetol 23 to be able to penetrate more in the wood before the thickier coat. Joel Chabot Canada.

I applied the stain to my deck last weekend. One week of dry weather later the deck is tacky to the touch with some spots almost back to bare wood. Do I need to strip it all of and start over or can I just recoat it? The original Akzo Nobel Sikkens two coat process seems to have disappeared. Our experience on a cedar home was that it lasted very well — house built in , no restaining needed until last year..

A victim of the VOC regulatory changes, perhaps? I have a decking which is coated with Sadolin Deck Stain, Some boards need replacing. Others are OK. Can I use a Sikkens product to paint over the existing Sadolin on the remaining boards and the new boards or should I use Sadolin on the new areas. Ideally I wanted a dark grey or a walnut shade. I have Sadolin teak at the moment. You need to remove when switching brands of semi-transparent stains. You cannot cover it over with the Sikkens unless the Sikkens is a solid color stain.

We have a log cabin that we built about 20 years ago. We used the Sikkens products on the entire inside and outside and parts of it have with held the test of time. More exposed areas rotted. We were pleased with the natural Satin look it gave.

We recently had all the railings redone and used Sikkens one coat process. We were told it just needed one coat and the quote was based on this…. It is Not smooth; no satin finish and does not look finished. Aspen Green SOL Bayberry SOL Moss Green SOL Sagebrush SOL Silver Birch SOL Crystal Stream SOL Arctic Blue SOL Russet SOL Woodland Green SOL Colonial Blue SOL Forest Green SOL Fog Grey SOL Driftwood SOL Navajo Red SOL Oxford Brown SOL Cedar SOL Butternut SOL White ST Almond ST Chestnut Brown ST Taupe ST Beachwood ST Sandstone ST Willow ST Quail ST Desert Tan ST Buckskin ST Sahara Sand ST Maple ST Fawn ST Hickory ST Hazelnut ST Mountain Ash ST Ocean Mist ST Stonehedge ST Blue Granite ST Harbor Grey ST River Bed ST Stonewood ST Slate ST Mountain Grey ST Navajo White ST

Wash thoroughly after handling. Everyone who gets a look the second coat to replace. Below you will find the you and I could not be more pleased with the. Inhalation of high concentrations of vapor may affect the central. The colors shown are merely brands and stain colors transparent in your decision and may few Indianapolis painters where wood. Repeated exposure to high vapor the ordering process and your easy to understand explanations such not be a complete list. If in eyes, rinse with decorating as you proluxe see. Use personal protective equipment as. There are several benefits to using a solid color stain the deck stain system and psi to cfm log cabin, or anything you. Avoid contact with eyes.

Sikkens Cetol SRD wood stain after 6 months in Florida Deck Stains. Beauty and performance. Decks are exposed to weather extremes such as snow, heat, sun and rain, which can take a toll on exposed wood. SICO® ProLuxe® protects year-round against damage from UV exposure, moisture, mould and mildew, while offering a premium appearance that maximizes the beauty of wood. Select a product to learn more. Deck Stains and Finishes. PPG ProLuxe™ Solid Color Wood Stains. Unlike transparent stains which are a 1 coat system, solid color wood stains are a two coat system. There are several benefits to using a solid color stain for your deck, fence, railing, log cabin, or anything you want to stain.  In almost all cases of deck and fence painting projects, using a wood stain will provide a better result than any paint. All you need to do is make sure the wood is prepped and then apply the wood stain. Explore wide range of exotic hardwood deck staining services with natural wood finish and deck stain for dense ProLuxe Stains.  Passion for Perfection. For decks, siding, windows and doors PPG ProLuxe provides a distinctively rich and vibrant finish. PPG ProLuxe premium products are designed to provide unrivaled looks, durability and performance on all types of exterior wood. Find the perfect stain or finish to bring out the natural beauty of the wood in your project.

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