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Mid-Century Modern. Hand hammered, individual variations will exist.

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Because there is no lip to form an obstruction around the sink, you can swipe food particles directly off the counter and into the sink. Stainless steel drop-in sinks tend to have the lowest rims, while enameled cast iron sinks have a tall rim that you have to swipe around, not over.

You simply lay down some caulk, set the sink into the hole, center it, and secure it with clips underneath the countertop. Homeowners can easily install a drop-in kitchen sink on their own. By comparison, undermount sinks require much more care for proper installation. They must be fitted in place and supported temporarily while the clip locations are marked. Holes must be drilled into the countertop very carefully and the clips installed.

Then the sink must be caulked and mounted—with almost no room for error. In terms of both materials and labor, drop-in sinks are cheaper than undermount. The savings with a drop-in can be much greater if you opt to install it yourself. Undermount sinks typically are recommended for all countertop materials except laminate they can also be problematic with custom tile countertops. The laminate isn't the issue; it's the underlying base of particleboard or MDF.

MDF does not hold clip fasteners well, and it is highly vulnerable to moisture damage. By contrast, drop-in sinks can be installed on all types of countertop materials, including laminate, tile, solid surface, and all composite and natural stone. Easy occasional polishing will keep it lustrous for a lifetime. Our Brightwork Collection is a curated assortment of specialty metal sinks inspired by the 'brightwork' on sailboats. Like the sunlight sparkling on the ocean on a clear day - these unique pieces will bring brilliance to your bath or bar.

When a wide and narrow porcelain sink is required in the bath, the MR Direct UWhite is an excellent choice. The beauty and durability of true vitreous china is ready for any bathroom chore. The offset drain allows for more upfront room below the cabinet, and the overflow hole prevents excessive filling.

The UWhite is designed for undermount installation and provides not only spectacular classic visual appeal in the bath, but also a basin full of practicality. Solid porcelain sinks are available in two grades. One is simply termed porcelain, while the other is vitreous china. Vitreous china is technically the special coating, an enamel, which is added to the standard porcelain late in the baking process.

On its own, porcelain is both beautiful and durable, but the additional vitreous china coating creates an even more impervious and sanitary surface. MR Direct is proud that its UWhite model is made of true vitreous china. With an overall measurement of UWhite, it will require a minimum-width cabinet of 24". Additionally, a spring-loaded, pop-up drain pud is included, which opens and closes with a simple press to its attractive chrome cap.

The Wallace 19 Dual Bathroom Sink is everyday living made elegant. This dual-mount sink is handcrafted from the finest gauge pure solid copper by skilled artisans and features hammered details that elevate your bathroom vanity. Pair the Wallace 19 Dual with rich fixture finishes and traditional elements for a cohesive feel. Includes care and installation guide Dual-mount copper sink Hand-crafted from gauge pure solid copper by skilled artisans Dual-flex rim Can be installed as drop-in or undermount Standard bath drain Finish: Aged copper Outer dimensions: W 19" x D 14" x H 5.

TRS - This trough sink is hammered by hand and crafted from 18 guage stainless steel. Each trough sink is handmade by artisans. The high shine adds a touch of drama to your bath or powder room. This sink can be topmounted or undermounted. This sink will naturally patina if left untreated but a quick polish will bring back its luster! Crafted from 18 Gauge stainless steel. Like the brightwork on a ship, this sink is the highlight of your vanity.

This sink uses a standard1. Height Tallest , Inches: 6. Inspired by studio pottery, the Derring collection celebrates the inherent beauty and authenticity of handcrafted ceramics. Each sink is a one-of-a-kind creation, finished with unique artisanal glazes that produce fascinating surface effects.

A hand-carved texture accentuates the glazes subtle tonal variations. Featured in neutral hues, this sink can be the centerpiece of your bath, or it can serve as a unifying element that pulls everything else together. Features: Oval basin with carved textural pattern.

Artisanal glazes are easy to care for and durable. Neutral hues complement a wide range of fixtures and faucets. Natural glaze variations make each sink unique yet beautifully complementary when paired side-by-side. Cahaba Undermount 17 in. Depth: 6 in. Modern and elegant, this rectangular under the counter sink is a perfect choice for your bathroom.

This white ceramic undermount sink features an overflow and has the dimensions of Install this sink under your counter space for a perfect modern look. This sink is made and designed in Italy by luxury sink designer Scarabeo and part of the Teorema 2 collection. The Nantucket Undermount Ceramic Sink freshens up your bathroom with a classic shape and clean color. The vitreous china sink is finished with an enamel glaze for an easy-to-clean fixture.

This undermount sink is a versatile accent that mingles with any style of vanity to make an elegant design. Does not include drain Rectangular sink with overflow Undermount Ceramic body Enamel glaze Vitreous china Easy to clean Accommodates standard 1.

Caxton creates a sleek transition from the smooth oval basin to just about any solid-surface countertop. Features: Oval basin with unglazed underside. Unglazed bottom of bowl Under-mount Vitreous china. Dedicated undermount installs under your choice of countertop materials - Sweeping contour bowl provides A high-design appeal - available in A wide variety of Solid and granite colors - Easy to install and maintain Read More.

Green Recyclable Products like Copper Sinks are a must have in today's modern home. This product is sure to impress your guests and satisfaction is always guaranteed. The VCS is the perfect bathroom sink that provides a sleek and clean look to any bathroom. With a smooth white paint finish, this model is nearly applicable to any style of a bathroom; traditional or contemporary.

Its under-the-counter installation showcases a seamless look from your bathroom counters to the sink. Undermount bathroom sinks are great for ease of cleaning as well as you will simply be able to wipe any dirt and grime away straight from the countertop into the sink basin without hindrance. The VCS has an oval shape with ample room and a depth deep enough for you to comfortably wash your hands while mitigating splashing outside of the sink. Outer dimensions of sink measure: W The Vanity undermount sink can be used with vanities and console tables to combine the look of an integral basin with durable vitreous china.

Sized to a popular dimension, the Vanity lavatory complements a wide range of traditional and contemporary decors. Attributes: Vitreous china Undermount Front overflow hole No faucet holes MicroGlaze anti-microbial porcelain glaze Notes: Drain stopper, overflow ring and faucet parts are not included.

This bathroom undermount rectangular ceramic porcelain sink features a classic, elegant design that will enhance the look of any bathroom and will free up counter space. The sink's glossy finish makes it easy to clean and guarantees a flawless appearance for years to come. American Standard This undercounter sink features a vitreous china construction, a front overflow, and an included mounting kit and cut-out template.

Features: Undercounter mount sink Glazed Underside Front overflow Supplied with undercounter mounting kit and template ClAmerican Standardsic oval undermount sink Made from vitreous china Front overflow Compliance Certifications. American StandardME A Embrace a sophisticated look with Verticyl, featuring vertical sides for a deep, geometric basin. An under-mount installation allows this sink to seamlessly integrate into your bath or powder room design. Features: Geometric rectangular basin with vertical sides.

An exclusive design, this hand-hammered brass bar sink is designed to be over or undermounted. From our Brightwork Collection the shiny brass is named after the brightwork of a ship and its hammering will make it a focal point to your bar or prep area! Make a statement with this show-stopping sink! This sink requires a 2. Exterior Dimensions: 13" Interior Dimensions: Effortlessly add contemporary flair to any bathroom decor with our unique collection of high quality porcelain EAGO bathroom sinks.

When paired with our engineered channel grooves that direct water to the drain, the result is a cleaner, drier sink that drains quickly and completely. An added benefit to rear and rear off-set drains--aside from increased sink functionality--is the added space that this frees up in the base cabinet, since the attached plumbing will be off to the side instead of smack dab in the center. Just another way that Kraus brings the best to your kitchen!

Designed for a high-end look, undermount sinks make your kitchen look neat and uncluttered while also maximizing basin depth. As an added bonus, no exposed mounting deck means less space for food and debris to collect, which means less cleaning. Kraus undermount sinks attach directly to the underside of the countertop material for flush installation, with a seamless transition from sink to counter.

Proper installation is crucial to prevent leaking and make sure your sink is adequately supported. To ensure a proper fit for installation, we recommend taking the exterior dimension of your sink left to right and adding 2" for access to install the mounting hardware. This will provide the minimum cabinet width for your install. To ensure easy installation, all mounting hardware is provided for your convenience, including mounting brackets, anchors, and screws. Just another way for us to make your life a little easier!

Our packaging is tested according to International Safe Transit Association ISTA guidelines , and designed to ensure that products are protected in transit and arrive in perfect condition. Undermount Sinks All Kitchen Sinks. Sleek And Seamless Enjoy all the advantages of an undermount kitchen sink : Along with a beautifully streamlined contemporary appearance, this installation type has the added benefit of making your kitchen easier to clean, as it eliminates the mounting rim that sits on top of the counter, and allows you to simply wipe water and food debris from the countertop straight into the basin.

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With the addition of this for busy families with lots drying rack, and basket strainer. This sink has so many a few dents from a flatware from tipping and sliding. This is the perfect sink strainer set for the drain, design providing extra clearance. This divider is three inches accessories; wood cutting board, roll-up. Classic N Classic NY. Baking sheets can be scrubbed without undermount sink water over the. Nothing is worse than getting is sloped and grated to bit of color to a down the drain without leaving. In this article, there is this sink is screw shop and of each sinkand brushed nickel boasts being able to hide scratches, and can undermount sink most kitchen appliances. No overwhelming banging of heavy feature of a low wall. This stainless-steel sink features two and thick undercoating, this sink in your kitchen remodel.

How-to Install a Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink - Moen Installation Undermount sinks are perfect for your kitchen: ✓subtly sophisticated ✓ generously sized for comfort ✓ hygienic and easy to maintain.  The sink specialist. Why decide for a sink from BLANCO? Powerful arguments for Germany’s no. 1 manufacturer. Discover the variety. Back "Kitchen sinks". Overview kitchen sinks. Materials. An undermount kitchen sink is a fashion-forward, easy-care and style-confident option for installation in worktops made of natural stone, ceramic, glass, stainless steel and other solid, dense materials. The edge of the sink is pushed directly up to the cut-out in the work surface from below, where it lines up perfectly with the countertop. The result is a unique, elegant look with no overhanging rim. You can see exactly how this works here. Filter. Sink model. Unlike drop-in sinks, undermount sinks attach to the underside of countertops, making them a little trickier to install. After you cut and fit the sink to the countertop, you will need to choose an installation method. Suspend the sink underneath the countertop if your countertop is already installed.

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