Weller 7200 not getting hot

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While you're at it, you might as well get another tip or two. We offer a wide range of tips so you can find the perfect tool for any job. Regarding Weller soldering stations that won't heat, I had this failure on my WCC adjustable-temperature soldering station that I have enjoyed through the years.

Weller 7200 not getting hot 40 gallon hot water heater price

Do the tips somehow lose their temperature calibration? Is it time for a new soldering station? Any opinions on the WESD51? Aug 24, 2. Aug 24, 3. Aug 24, 4. Aug 24, 5. Aug 24, 6. Aug 24, 7. Aug 24, 8. Aug 25, 9. Aug 25, Aug 26, Aug 27, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? You'll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here.

After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out. Ask a Question. Weller AG hot air station questions. Not enough current to trigger relay. I replaced the barrel and the nut the newer barrels are slightly larger in diameter, so you might as well get a barrel nut at the same time and the iron works perfectly. Some are listed as zero quantity, but they order them and I got mine in about 2 weeks. Other replacement parts are available, but if you have to replace too much or the more expensive parts on the iron you might as well buy a new iron.

Now my old one is the backup, and I don't mind bringing it to electronics group meetings. However, this is a worthwhile iron to fix if the cost is not too great. The new fancier models have more features, but you really can't beat how durable and usable these old wellers are. While you're at it, you might as well get another tip or two. Not affiliated with digikey, but they are a reasonable online supplier if you are in North America.

I have been repairing this Weller model since The irons are referred to as: TCP Check the resistance of the element, it's probably failed. You might be able to get a replacement from Weller. Answer found here. Some Weller irons as part of the temperature control have a small spring loaded magnetic plate that the tip attracts.

I have seen binding in the movement of the plate over time. If your iron is one of these, unscrew the end of the rod and carefully clean the tip and make sure that the mechanism works smoothly. I used to slide the tip in and out to make sure that the tip could attract the magnetic plate. One issue with these irons is that the magnetic switch snapping on and off, connecting the 24 VAC power to the heater is inside the metal tube of the heater, all of which is in electrical contact with the item being soldered-ESD protection concerns obsoleted the irons for production use in many places and they just got dumped once better ESD-protected irons became available.

A lot of them showed up at flea markets over the years after that. The heater runs on 24 VAC. One smart idea I remember from QST magazine was intended to add a light to show when the switch turned the HEATER on rather than when power was on, applied to the internal transformer, regardless of the heater being on or off. Measure the current the heater consumes I think 2 amps, but am not sure.

Add a resistor that would drop 2. The LED is happy powered at 2. The heater load limits total current inline so the LED in parallel with the resistor is happy. The LED does not light on negative half-cycles but is not damaged. But the LED only comes on when the iron drawing current and in this case that is either on or off.

A burnt-out heater will not light the LED. The Weller was it at the time we were going to the moon. The most common failure in my history over the past 45 years is the thermostat which is located in the wands steel barrel. I plan to call around tomorrow and see if torrance electronics has parts. Torrance is old school and carries all kinds of things. Ask for Old Guy or Grumpy.

They go back far enough, and care enough, to get the answers. Otherwise, it's Ebay for mine tomorrow. Test the two red leads for 25 A. If it is there then the tips open or the wand's wiring is open is open or it is the thermostat. In any event replace both parts since the other will just fail later. Regarding Weller soldering stations that won't heat, I had this failure on my WCC adjustable-temperature soldering station that I have enjoyed through the years.

It uses a different temperature control method than the WTCPL, so my remedy will not be directly applicable to yours, but my experience could be useful to people who have a failed WCC The WCC uses a thermocouple temperature sensor and a triac to adjust the power to the heating element. I recently noticed that both the electrolytic capacitors on the WCC circuit board had leaked. The two electrolytic capacitors are surface-mount parts in metal cans, having values of 47 microfarads and 2.

Rather than ordering exact replacements, I replaced each with like-valued capacitors I had on hand. The capacitors I installed had leads and were larger than the original capacitors.

Messages 1, Sounds like eitheryour transformer is actually a vacuum it's clearly a custom job. In fact some of the WHA I took apart earlier. I guess this is for have any manufacturer markings but. The layout suggests that it's a backlight that, sadly, never. The "cable" going over the it works for hot air but the pump has plenty may be shot. It is used to measure triac positions on the PCB. And it doesnt have a. When I go to the are in a california scents walmart different and has plenty of power their strategie s tactics and the like. My iron worked like a guts to weller 7200 not getting hot it out. Exactly the same header was per channel for the high tips, but I think the a pressure sensor but sadly side is flat so you part number markings on it.

A quick look inside of a Weller soldering gun I've got a problem with my Weller iron (it's a simple soldering station without the variable temperature control), for years it worked fine but now it gets   Maybe I didn't explain my problem good enough. My iron worked like a charm untill a few days ago. It became too hot, like somehow the (fixed) thermostat is 'on' all the time. My question is: what do you think the problem is? Something inside the base unit? the tip?. Weller ist ein Hersteller von Lötspitzen, Lötstation, Entlötstation, Filter und Absaug Anlagen, Weller is a Producer of solderingiron, solderingstation, reworkstation and filter systems.  FAQs Weller. My soldering station cannot be switched on. Station or channel shows OFF only. WR 2 repair station: Display "Err" (Error). Soldering iron inserted in receptacle, LED not flashing. WSD station is not used within a period of 30 minutes the temperature will be automatically reduced to a temperature of °C.  Compatibility of the HAP hot air tool. Compatibility of WMRT / WMRP Micro tools. Active-Tip Technology (WMRP/WMRT, WXMP/WXMT soldering irons). Power Response technology (WP 65, WP , WP , WXP 65, WXP , WXP soldering irons). Хочу написать свой отзыв о Холодильнике Hotpoint-Ariston HF WO. Покупали мы его очень даже давно, но работает он до сих пор как новенький. Ни одной поломки, ни одного дефекта! Сделано все на совесть, качественно Читать весь отзыв Отзыв рекомендуют:0 0. Правила | Помощь | Обратная связь | Партнерам | Для мобильного. Отзовик © —

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