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Bahco is the flagship of SNA Europe. Handy spring clamp with a moveable gripping surface for odd shapes.

Bahco tool belt jabsco macerator pump problems

Waterproof ba Screwed one piece plastic handle for strengt Solid anodised aluminium scaffold level, mm long with a 45 degree and 30 degree preset for quick angle setting. Rare earth magnetic base. The open styl Stainless Steel Measuring Tapes, available in 5 metre and 8 metre lengths. Rust proof, washable with all parts in stainless steel. Automatic blade locking for quick and easy measurements. The Bahco precision handsaw is ideal for cutting fine to medium thick timber, and will also cut PVC pipe, also good for mitre guide sawing.

The precision handsaw has bevel ground hard-point teeth for Bahco has a wide range of pliers and cutters for every use — from small convenient electronic cutters and high-precision gripping pliers pliers to sturdy cutters and heavy duty slip joint pliers Our file range is available with and without handles.

Files with handles are ergonomically desi Bahco Slip Joint Pliers are manufactured from high performance alloy steel, with handles in a two component combination, thermoplastic surface for a comfortable grip, on tough polypropylene core for s The Bahco ERGO utility knife is equipped with an integrated button for smooth action and to shift the blade into three distinct positions. Narrow head for optimal visibility and precision.

With a curv Ratchet spanners with metric sizes per spanner. Available in 3 piece, 4piece and 5 piece sets. Equipped with an easy switch for The blade is manufactured of high quality steel, chrome pla Bahco commenced manufacturing over years ago, and continues to be highly focused on innovation, performance and ergonomics.

Today, Bahco products are primarily manufactured in our own factories located across Europe. Be sure to view our latest product catalogue and navigate our extensive range of quality products. Bahco has an extensive range of pruning tools to satisfy the demands of professional users and discerning gardeners — Bahco designs and manufactures only the highest grade pruning tools for gardening. Working with plants means working with living things and the users of pruning tools therefore need to be especially careful and respectful of nature.

They need perfect cuts as high-quality results and increased productivity are both important. Bahco has developed tools that reduce fatigue and prevent injuries, while providing precise, durable and reliable performance, every time. Combining functional design, modern aesthetics and decades of experience on five continents, Bahco has developed a range of tools designed to satisfy the specific needs of professionals in numerous, highly demanding pruning applications.

Whether you're searching for pruning tools online or already know what you need and simply wish to locate a Bahco dealer in your area, our professional range of pruning tools will ensure those specific and delicate tasks are met with ease and accuracy. Bypass secateurs and loppers are used for cuts that affect the health of the plant. The bypass cutting head owes its name to the fact that the cutting blade 'passes-by' the counter blade in a scissor action. Bahco bypass secateurs slice through the wood as they cut it.

This motion requires less force than a straight cut, and causes less compression damage to the wood. Anvil secateurs and loppers are used where cleanliness of cut is not as important as removal. The blade of the cutting head is narrower and sharper than that of the bypass. Only 1 left in stock more on the way. Get it Thursday, Oct 1.

Get it Saturday, Oct 3 - Tuesday, Oct 6. Only 2 left in stock. Only 1 left in stock. Temporarily out of stock. Only 10 left in stock. Get it Tomorrow, Sep Only 14 left in stock more on the way. Get it Friday, Oct 2. Related searches. Do you need help? Get it Sunday, Oct 4. Only 1 left in stock more on the way.

Get it Thursday, Oct 1. Get it Saturday, Oct 3 - Tuesday, Oct 6. Only 2 left in stock. Only 1 left in stock. Temporarily out of stock. Only 10 left in stock. Get it Tomorrow, Sep Only 14 left in stock more on the way. Get it Friday, Oct 2. Related searches.

Scafftag - Inspection Tags. Bahco Pocket Carbide Scraper. Bahco Standard Hand Axe. Bahco 10 Series Bowsaw - Dry Cutting mm 30". Bahco Professional Hacksaw Frame. Podger Hammer, Scaff Key. Bahco Dry Wood Bowsaw Blade. Bahco Hickory Shaft Claw Hammer Wet Cutting mm 30". Armeg Solid Board Cutter. Bahco 2 Piece Homeowner's File.

Bahco 4750 Heavy Duty Belt Set руб. Bahco Tool Belt Knife Holder, Пояса и сумки для инструментов. Подробное описание. This tool belt knife holder from the Bahco range features. ДжастБэстТулс.Ру - официальный дистрибьютор BAHCO в России. Полный ассортимент товара компании BAHCO. тел. 8 +7 () Обработка запросов в течение 60 минут.  Наш легендарный бренд появился на свет в году. Он остаётся синонимом качества до настоящего дня. Bahco разрабатывает и производит продукцию для настоящих профессионалов. Наши главные ориентиры — инновации, эффективность и эргономика. Ножовка Prizecut универсальная мм Bahco NPU7/8-HP. Длина лезвия, мм: Цена в розницу: 1 руб. 52 шт. в наличии на складе. Ножовка Profcut многоцелевая ( мм) Bahco PCGNP. Размер зуба: Длина лезвия, мм: Цена в розницу: 1 руб. 8 шт. в наличии на складе. Первая.

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