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These jackshafts used the first original Oldsmobile slipper bearing and a small roller type bearing in the second original cam bearing location. Seat Belt Covers.

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Inspection Chip Repair Replacement. Paint Mixing Mobile Services. Club Specials. Bonus Buys. Club Specials Sale Bonus Buys. Contact-free home Delivery. Unless the parts were an easy item or required substantial machine set up we only made a few of each component as design changes were ongoing. As explained, we used the cast in liners and retained the 3.

BRO, Brabham Racing Organisation sent back the failed engine block and we bored out the remains of the cylinder liner. There was a casting cavity behind the liner which caused the weakness and failure. This was a problem that could not be dealt with without boring out all the liners and fitting sleeves. Otherwise there could be more failures due to bad castings.

From that date we used dry liners and eradicated the risk of it occurring again. Jack and Phil specified this aluminium plate to add stiffness to the production F85 Olds block, big holes to provide rod clearance obviously. This simplen specificaton is what Jack pitched to the Repco board at the projects outlet. It was supplied in 2. It meant the engine was not such a well balanced unit at low revolutions but it actually converted the engine to virtually two four cylinder units and either cylinder bank would run quite smoothly on its own.

The famous SS55 oil rings were well known already around the world. The pistons were Repco Products. The experience we gained with the supply of Coventry Climax pistons and rings contributed to this success. So I was instructed to pack away all our existing bearings and mark them not for use, our bearing company came up with the improved design bearings with the lesser overlay in time for the next GP.

Racing certainly improves the product! Repco were promoting them as a breakthrough design. This problem had not been evident in the engine testing of the product by Repco to that date. The ignition system was sourced from Bosch by Brabham. The collets were from the UK and were a production car or motorcycle collet, the name escapes me. Not a lot was gained as titanium fatigues as well, as we found out.

It consisted of an injector for each cylinder, in our case installed in the inlet trumpet a short distance from the inlet port in the cylinder head. The system is timed with a fuel distributor in the engine valley driven from the chaincase by the distributor drive gear. The fuel pressure supplies and operates small shuttles which are constantly metering supply according to the length of shuttle travel.

The amount of fuel supplied to the injectors is controlled by a variable small steel cam which is profiled to suit the particular engine size etc. The air inlet trumpets were cut to length spun and profiled. We cut all the sprockets and manufactured all the camshaft couplings etc. The cam chain was driven by a small jackshaft which was fitted in the front two original camshaft bearing spaces of the original Olds block.

The jackshaft was driven by a Morse duplex chain from the crankshaft sprocket, also Repco made. The crankshaft had a small gear driving the oil pump mounted underneath the chain case. Assembly of chain in the magnesium timing case of an RB engine Repco. It featured flexible supply hoses with snap fittings and was a combination of oil supply pump which supplied the engine with oil up through a gallery in the chaincase and also a slightly larger scavenge pump connected to each end of the engine sump- it was also a magnesium casting.

The pump assemblies, sump and all components were made by Repco. Under acceleration the inertia valve moved backwards and the forward cavity closed and the rear cavity opened. This meant a minimum of blowby and air to be pumped by the scavenge system. The first engines used cast Fordson Major tractor pressure pump gears and one gear had split due to the extreme pressure.

We made these caps and when it came to cutting the retaining threads in the chaincase we could not obtain the required thread tap anywhere. Irving brought in the original Vincent motorcycle thread tap and we used that to thread all the chaincases under manufacture at the time, actually going back to valve spring collet retainer caps.

Original RBE Pty. Jack Brabham had no financial equity or directorship involvement in this company, it was entirely a Repco subsidiary. It covers some interesting background on the relationship between Brabham and Repco, footage of Jack at home in the UK, the Brabham factory in New Haw, some on circuit footage at Goodwood and then some sensational coverage of the Tasman Series in both NZ and Oz. Tailpiece: 1-RBE 2. The box over the Webers is for airflow measurement notes Nigel Tait….

Great stuff Rodway!! Would love to see similar documents based the later 7 and 8 series blocks too, given they were entirely Australian in content. Next 2 or 3 weeks, appreciate the feedback, mark. The engine project had a set budget of 10, pounds. You share interesting things here.

I think that your blog can go viral easily, but you must give it initial boost and i know how to do it, just type in google for — wcnu traffic increase. A little australian battler company — that took on the world and WON! Hi all at Primotipo. Your articles on Repco are excellent and I look forward to your post on Phil Irving.. Referring to the 4. I have great memories of my time at Maidstone and wish all the best to all the boys who are still with us Gordon. My email address is mark bisset.

Great article! Does anyone here have that information, or contact information to someone who might have some rings on hand? Hi Christopher, Very much a Sandown local. The whole Repco Brabham Engines program was extraordinary in results- how quickly they came and how little in relative terms was spent.

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Compact size, lightweight chain block high work efficiency. Apply to workshop, garage, factories. Further versions of the V8 portal Recent changes Upload file. Automotive industry Economy of Australia. Repco also developed and built Preferences at the bottom of know about them. Sign in Sign in with. Save big on our app. Easy to chain block repco and maintain. World of Automobiles London: Orbis. Firth believed that developing the international success, the turbo in particular being labelled 'Puff the [10] but it featured many modifications including Lucas fuel injection, dual-coil Bosch ignition and more racing.

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