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They are quick and speedy to install and with their unique tongue and groove system the slot together smoothly for a seamless look. The house I moved into had three off-white tiles above the family bathroom sink. A pair of warm-toned brass sconces with classic lines and lampshades and a simple wood framed rectangular mirror add contrast and polish to the overall look.

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Window Glass window splashbacks draw the eye straight through the wall to the outside, and can help the kitchen appear larger. They are also easy to clean and, because there are no grout lines, they are more hygienic than tiles. Glass can also act as a portal for streaming natural light into your kitchen , cutting down on the need for artificial light.

Mirror Using mirror in your kitchen will immediately make your space feel larger. The mirror will also reflect and bounce light around the kitchen and underneath any overhead cabinetry. Mirror can be particularly stunning when it reflects a gorgeous view from the opposite side of the room, such as a picturesque outdoor terrace or a stylish dining zone.

Tinted mirror If your not too keen on having the full reflective effect of mirror, try a tinted mirror for a dramatic ambience. There are many tint options from a darker grey to a rose gold. Butterfly-effect marble Rather than just using a singular piece of stone that runs across the wall as the splashback, you can get two cuts of the one piece of marble and mirror them from the centre, as done here.

This look is not for everybody, but it is a very visually interesting statement and allows you to play with balance within the entirety of your kitchen. Pressed metal Re-contextualise this typically decorative and traditional material in a contemporary setting for an engaging design. Pressed metal is laid in panels and you can choose from a range of different designs.

The pressed metal splashback in this kitchen is by Heritage Ceilings and has been painted white — it really suits the soft blond of the timber cabinetry. Its indentations create great texture and are a unique way to give your kitchen some oomph. A natural pressed metal splashback works brilliantly in this country-style kitchen. Play with rough and smooth materials situated next to the pressed metal, such as the natural wood and smoother painted surfaces seen in this kitchen which help the splashback leap out.

Not a fan of pressed metal, but like the lustre of metal? Go for a smooth metal splashback. These work particularly well in an industrial-style or contemporary space. Exposed brick Bring a textural element to your kitchen splashback through the rough surface and varying colours of exposed brick. Exposed brick is ideal if you want to introduce industrial-style to your space. The original brick wall used as a splashback in this kitchen makes the space feel wider as it breaks down the barrier between inside and out.

Opt for a range of three or four different colour blends. You could also consider painting the odd brick in a bright colour, or even a shade of white, for a more individual and exciting look. Timber There are so many different types of timbers and timber-look materials you can use as your splashback to create different moods in your kitchen.

Keep in mind that natural timber will need to be sealed or covered in clear glass so that it is water- and stain-resistant. This prevents the timber appearing too heavy and overwhelming, especially when dark timber is used, or the kitchen is small. Find out more benefits of timber kitchens. Use a sealed polished copper for a glamorous look or a weathered sheet for a more rustic and tangible appearance.

This kitchen design is particularly interesting, as it plays with sharp and geometrical edges that have been softened with lighting and the materials chosen. T he experts at Roarkus Moss Architects have installed a weathered copper sheet splashback next to white brick and concrete blocks, which all work together to create a tangible space that is thoroughly warm and inviting.

Let us know in the comments section. With just some adhesive, nails and screws you can give your bathroom a facelift with a flawless finish. So why not give them a go? They have quick and easy upkeep, making them a necessity for families and busy households.

Get that luxurious and stylish bathroom with fuss-free upkeep. They also offer heat insulation for your bathroom. In between the acrylic sheets of the panels, there are hollow shafts ranging from 5mm, 8mm, and 10mm. These shafts trap the heat and slow the conduction process, providing lasting insulation for your home and helping to protect your walls from condensation and prevent mould from developing. At EasyPanels, our bathroom panels come in a wide range of patterns and colours.

From a blue sparkle to a classic grey marble we offer a variety of possibilities for you to get creative with your home. So whatever ideas you may have, we have the acrylic splashback to make your bathroom shine. Whether you want to keep it simple and elegant or add a little glitter to get your home dazzling, our panels are of the highest quality.

But most importantly compared to tiles they come at a much cheaper rate. Get that glamour and polished touch that you crave and get it now! The answer lies with panels. Choosing and installing a splashback can be a tedious task, but with the help of some great designs and a little guidance, you can create a stunning feature.

One of the great things about panels is that you have complete creative control, from the effect, cut, placement and installation, you can create a unique bathroom for a cheap rate and stunning look. Instead of having 2 or 3 tiles stuck to your wall in a random fashion you can have your panels custom cut to suit your needs, giving you the perfect premium finish.

They are quick and speedy to install and with their unique tongue and groove system the slot together smoothly for a seamless look. Whereas, with tiles, even with minimum installation it is time-consuming and requires constant upkeep. With a panel installation, you can have your project ready to go in no time and looking showroom worthy! If you already have panels in your home whether in your kitchen or bathroom, why not go for a matching splashback?

This will tie your whole room together with a sense of style and glamour not to mention very aesthetically pleasing. Installing a matching splashback is the ideal companion to complete your project and choose from our range of trims and caps to top it all off! Take a look at our excellent choice of designs; you can tailor your order to suit your individual needs. They are used all over the UK from hotels to showrooms and wetrooms to kitchens.

The high gloss finish and vibrant colours are why more and more people are choosing them instead of tiles. As always we can help you with any accessories you need from trims, tools, adhesives, and acrylic. Your order can be delivered with everything you need to get the job done. We are only one click away! Our experts show you how to measure, cut, fix and connect the cladding. Covering the essentials like how to make them fit around windows, sinks and above bathroom basins we even have a trick to complete that professional look.

Visit our store in Aberdare, South Wales enquiries easypanels. Visit Blog Contact. Why bathroom splashback instead of tiles? What's in this article? Bathroom splashback instead of tiles. The Tile Experience.

Mid est hot sel kitchen applied on the curved surface. Please make payment for balance the inner packing or the tiles ideas online. Buy brand new wholesale cheap x tile white wall tile. Super white hot subway tile splashback bathroom mozaik kitchen bathroom glass splashback. Easy construction: It can be Invoice with seal to you or your agent. Antique beveled mirror bathroom tiles mosaic glass splashback wall tile black color. Advanced production equipment, many core. We will send the Proforma tiny mosaic kitchen bathroom splashback and angled surface. Under EUR Over EUR Please red glass bathroom wall tiles. Please pay the deposit percentage as your order and send outer carton.

DIY Mosaic tile sink - Bathroom sink makeover This splashback tile sticker is very easy to apply and keep clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth after cooking. Made from an easy to apply, soft, textured material. The decal can be stuck to.  Original design by Nicole Bettina Bartlett. Printed by a small, family run business in Milton Keynes, UK. This splashback tile sticker is very easy to apply and keep clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth after cooking. Made from an easy to apply, soft, textured material. Log Home Bathrooms Tile Bathrooms Shower Splashback Bathroom Inspiration Bathroom Ideas Shower Ideas Acrylic Shower Walls Shower Panels Diy House Projects. Manufacture, supply and install Acrylic, Metaline, Glass and Mirror splashbacks for; kitchen, bathroom, shower, laundry, and other interior design or home improvements. Great looking Shower Splashback in Acrylic, painted in Metallic Blue, installed by OzzieSplash. iggesundtools-ca.com offers splashback tiles bathroom products. About 2% of these are Tiles, 4% are Mosaics. A wide variety of splashback tiles bathroom options are available to you, such as floor specification (unit:mm2), usage, and size.

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