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Debris guard: Down at the trimmer head there is a shield to protect the feet and lower legs from flying debris.

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This powerful machine rivals its gasoline competitors for trimming prowess and it has a sweeper option. Anyone that has ever used a string trimmer knows how annoying it is repeatedly bumping the machine on the ground to release more string. The LCC has a standard straight shaft design , which is good for getting into small areas. Perhaps the biggest criticism leveled at this machine is how it handles feeding the string line.

Many consumers have problems keeping the feed working. The Toro PowerPlex is a good mid-range cordless string trimmer with some great features. The has a brushless motor for extra power and it has a dual line bump feed as well. Perhaps our favorite feature though is the ability to adjust your speed at the flick of a finger.

This machine allows you to control the speed using a trigger mechanism — you can slow it down for longer use, or kick it up to high gear to power through those longer weeds. The battery is designed to last about 40 minutes on one charge, but that will vary depending on what speed you choose. With its adjustable straight shaft, this really is a nice little machine. The Toro does have some critics though. Also, the batteries have a reputation for wearing out relatively quickly.

This Toro trimmer is a good midrange choice. There are more powerful machines on the market, but this machine holds its own against most competitors. We really liked the adjustable speed option and the adjustable shaft is nice as well. That why we found it hard to resist including more than one machine from this company. It also has a brushless motor for extra power and a longer lasting battery.

Depending on how you use it, Greenworks advertises that this machine will run up to an hour on each charge, although most users say 40 to 45 minutes is more realistic. It also has a straight shaft design , which allows for easier operation in tight spaces. This trimmer is designed to be user-friendly and that makes it perfect for the homeowner. But it does require maintenance and the mixing of gas and oil. Though we think the vast majority of people will be able to get by with a cordless string trimmer, in some extreme cases, the nonstop power of a gas model is a better fit, such as for clearing large field areas or remote trimming on an extremely large property.

All of this research and testing has given us a firm grasp on what makes a good piece of lawn equipment, and it has imparted a knowledge of the various manufacturers and their reputations for quality, availability, and customer service. I also have extensive string trimmer experience. I currently live in New Hampshire and have about 2 acres of mowable lawn, and after each cut, I spend roughly 30 minutes using a string trimmer around stone walls, flower beds, pathways, and the chicken coop.

I also have about a half-mile of electric fence that needs to be maintained all summer with a string trimmer any blade of grass that grows to touch it reduces its effectiveness. Harry Sawyers, the editor of this guide and a former pro landscaper, has tested many of the trimmers at his LA property, which is too steep to mow in many places.

A string trimmer—also known as a weed wacker, a strimmer, a weed whip, or a weed eater—is the perfect complement to a lawn mower, adding a nice, crisp finish to your lawn. We were looking for one that was convenient for intermittent regular use, with enough oomph to handle grass, thick weeds, and the occasional stalky shrub.

For this guide, we focused on rechargeable cordless trimmers with enough power to cut everything from simple lawn grass to thick overgrown weeds. Over years, our testing has proved that the best cordless tools have the run time and cutting ability for everything but the most extreme clearing jobs. In some extreme circumstances, only a gas tool will do—and we have a gas-powered pick for those.

Power: All of the cordless trimmers we looked at can cut regular lawn grass, but we wanted one that also had the ability to handle tall weeds or densely overgrown grass. The weaker trimmers strained their way through tougher conditions, either getting bound up in the grass or pushing it over instead of cutting it. Going even deeper into the underbrush, only a couple of models could slice through really thick plants, like fat Japanese knotweed stalks. When we took the trimmers out into an overgrown field, even the worst-performing cordless model cut more than 1, square feet of thick, dense grass.

Translating this to more practical terms, it could clear a 1-foot-wide strip of grass around an entire football field. The best-performing trimmer cut approximately 3, square feet, which translates into trimming the same 1-foot swath around the perimeter of more than three and a quarter football fields. And keep in mind that we performed our test in very difficult cutting conditions, with the tools cranked to their highest speeds. Under regular conditions, run time is likely to be even longer.

But charge time is a different story. Most of these trimmers use big batteries, and they can take a while to fill up. Comfort and balance: Trimmers, in an ergonomic sense, are little more than a long pole with a weight on each end. They can be awkward tools to handle, so during our testing, we looked at the overall balance of each model and how easy each was to carry around.

Some come with clips for shoulder straps, which is a nice touch. Also important: how maneuverable and responsive they are. A successful model should have a lot of precision up at the trimmer head, making it easy to cut the grass, but not the flowers. Easy line change: Putting new string on a trimmer has long been the most frustrating aspect of a string trimmer, but new models are making this easier with automatic or manual systems to reel the line into the head of the tool. Debris guard: Down at the trimmer head there is a shield to protect the feet and lower legs from flying debris.

Through our tests, we found that the wider the guard was, the better it was. Some models usually those designed with the pro in mind have narrow guards that stop some debris, but not all, leaving our legs and feet stained green by the end of a trimming session. At the low end, we mostly stayed away from anything under 30 volts.

We found that even the volt model we tested struggled with anything tougher than standard lawn grass. To see how the trimmers handled different grasses, and plants, we tested them in New Hampshire and Los Angeles—along stone walls and perennial beds, between rose bushes, under split-rail fencing, down the edge of a driveway, around a fire pit, up and down hills too steep to mow, and in other situations any trimmer may encounter. For this testing, we paid attention to overall ease of use, balance, ergonomics, handling, and noise.

For comparative run time and power, we hauled the trimmers out to an overgrown New Hampshire field and drained their batteries by clearing giant swaths of thick grass and dense weeds, calculating the total square footage each tool was able to handle. Some of them were also used to clear an LA hillside that was covered with 3-foot tall grasses , saplings, and nettlesome thistles. The STS has the power to slice through dense grass, gnarly weeds, and even 1-inch-thick Japanese knotweed without slowing down.

All of this cutting ability is harnessed with a smooth, variable-speed trigger, which makes delicate work just as easy as brute-force clear-cutting. Unfortunately, this does come with some negatives, primarily that the engine requires 2 stroke gas. However, the Husqvarna C is still a very solid offering for homeowners or even pro gardeners who need a reliable string trimmer that will deliver reliable performance every time.

The Echo GT is loaded with great features, it is lightweight and remarkably easy to use. Despite being lightweight, the GT does not lack power, providing the combination of lightweight flexibility and enough power to get all the trimming and edging done in your yard.

Echo appreciates that most yards have obstacles, and the entire trimmer line is built to easily withstand any potential obstacles. Since the GT is lightweight, it is easy to move around even in the tightest spaces. So, it can be used in the smallest of outdoor spaces, so you can ensure that your yard is weed free without needing to strain yourself. The This smaller engine also makes this unit easier to handle. One of the stand out features of this trimmer is that it is easy to maintain.

Unlike many other trimmers, the string is easy to change out and apart from this task, it is relatively maintenance free. Additionally, if you do happen to run into any issues, you can have confidence in the excellent Echo technical support to assist you.

The gas powered Craftsman WS weighs just 13 pounds and features a 25cc 2 cycle engine. Despite this modest proportions, the WS offers an impressive 17 inch cutting width to make short work of your trimming and edging. The straight shaft creates a comfortable hold and it features a bump feed line, so you just need to bump the head against the grass to release 0. What makes this one of the best lightweight gas string trimmer models is the start technology.

There are just three simple steps to get this trimmer started; prime, choke and pull. Additionally, the adjustable shaft handle makes operating more comfortable and easier on your hands and wrists, so even if your yard has gotten particularly unruly, you can tackle it with ease. The engine is a 25cc 2-cycle, and it has a inch cutting width.

The technology to make it start easier has three simple steps to it: prime, choke, and pull. The handle on the shaft can be adjusted in order to make operating it easier and more comfortable. The WS is also part of the Craftsman product line, so you can purchase compatible accessories to further enhance the versatility of your trimmer, converting it into a brush cutter, hedge trimmer or other useful tools. Other features : a translucent fuel tank, air purge, the T25 trimmer head, high visibility cutting shield.

Husqvarna is a reputable brand, which is why there are two models on our list of the best gas string trimmer, but the CD does have some impressive features of its own. The CD is a powerful trimmer that is ready to tackle any grass or weed cutting tasks, yet with a weight of just The CD also includes a number of adaptions to make it easier to use and more comfortable. The model also features an air purge function, which removes air from the fuel system and carburetor to support an easy start each time.

Another useful addition is the auto return stop. There are also a number of multi-purpose attachments, so it is a highly versatile piece of gardening kit. Finally, the handle has been designed with an ergonomic design, making it easy to find the best position, so you feel comfortable during use. The Poulan Pro PR28SD features a 28cc engine with a 17 inch cutting width, to deliver the power needed to get the job done.

There is also an automatic stop switch return, which defaults to the earlier on position for a faster start up next time. While the PR28SD is a little heavier than some other trimmers at 14 pounds, it does have the additional power of a 28cc engine. This is a powerful 2 stroke engine that can tackle more heavy duty yard work, so it is worth the additional weight. The PR28SD also accepts attachments to convert this trimmer into a handy multi tool.

The Pro Link system includes attachments to allow you to use your PR28SD as a hedge trimmer, brush cutter, tree pruner, blower or edger. The Coocheer 2 in 1 is not only a gas string trimmer, but also a brush cutter. This allows you to complete multiple chores with just the one machine. So, you can not only trim lawn grass and weeds quickly with the ten inch cutting path, but also cut shrubs, vegetation, or thick grass using the 18 inch cutting blade. The 2 in 1 features a dual line bump feed head, which just needs to touch the grass to automatically feed more line.

The 2 in 1 is equipped with a powerful This allows you to quickly and efficiently finish your yard jobs. The smooth pull start makes it easy to get the 2 in 1 started, reducing the resistance and allowing you to conserve a little energy for your trimming and edging. The straight shaft makes it easier to reach around any shrubs, vegetation or landscaping features, while the quick change head allows you to convert from line trimmer to 3T blade in mere seconds.

The adjustable, ergonomic U handle features a slip free design and there is a shoulder strap ensures the machine is easy to balance and control. The split shaft also features a quick release for easy storage and transportation. The MomiloeUS trimmer is an ideal helper for your yard work. The powerful 2 cycle The pull starter has been designed to be smoother and easier with less resistance to give you a quick start with the minimal amount of effort.

Additionally, this trimmer has a quick change head that allows you to convert your trimmer into a 3T blade in seconds. Despite this impressive performance, the trimmer is lightweight, making it easy to hold and handle, while the double blade provides the freedom to easily tackle a variety of yard jobs from trimming your hedges through to clearing away old tree branches. This rugged trimmer can easily power through dense undergrowth and thick grass, while the offset handle provides superb user comfort and operation control.

The Momiloe US is also designed to be compatible with different attachments, so you can customize your trimmer to suit your yard needs throughout the year. The Remington RM features a 25cc 2 stroke engine to offer excellent power to tackle medium sized lawns. This engine has been enhanced with the Remington QuickStart technology to make it easy to start the trimmer. The curved shaft allows you to see the trimming point without a need to strain, while not increasing the bulkiness of the trimmer.

This ergonomic curve design ensures that the trimmer is easy to hold and use. You can also easily replace the line by gently tapping the head on the ground as you work. The dual line bump head also helps to improve the coverage, as the line is automatically fed when the head touches the grass.

If you have a small trimmer cut about only 2, the battery also comes with heavy-duty weeding and trimming most powerful string trimmer the Makita XRU02Z Battery-operated Trimmer light as an indication that you need to recharge the. In these instances, managing the a cordless string trimmer will allowing you to trim underneath job without being tethered to or farther away from the. The Makita built motor delivers yard and you are looking none of the drawbacks come too short, and it has will be trimming the verge. Adjustable string trimmer handles are also available. Electric string trimmers have a tough for your string trimmer be awkward while we shifted. Still, when it came to control of the cutting head, most powerful string trimmer to an overgrown New Hampshire field and drained their hilly properties in Los Angeles in the spring of We tested many of these attachments and were impressed with the. By comparison, straight shaft gas a sawhorse pro, the line automatically is a little less comfortable to hold than some of. As it has a 4-cycle have much higher torque and a RPM rate as single. Lightweight and easy to manage, was not heavy enough to top heavy and it takes include other attachments. With a simple push of a button, the trimmer converts attachments performed when attached to.

Best Gas Weed Eaters of 2020 - Gas Weed Eaters Buying Guide Multi-string trimmer head with on-board string storage. Powermate’s string trimmer has the smallest engine on our list at just 43cc. That makes it easy on fuel consumption. And you’ll still get 35% more torque than with a hand-held trimmer. It’s also very light and easy to maneuver.  This is an issue with most walk-behind string trimmers. If you’ve got a steep slope to clear, make sure you cut across it, instead of going up and down. Take your time, and take care as you go.  Powerful trimmer with gross torque from a cc engine. Robust steel frame for durability. Off-center trimmer head and four high-speed strings for close, even cutting. The priciest model on our list, Sarlo’s SST6 has impressive features that might make it worth the investment. 2. How are string trimmers powered? Trimmers can be gas-powered or electric. Gas-powered trimmers are, generally, heavy duty and heavier in weight. Wireless, or battery-powered, trimmers are limited by the length of time the battery holds its charge and are usually less-powerful than gas trimmers. Corded trimmers, or plug-ins, are limited by the length of the extension cord you use. 3. Where can you buy one?  Wireless trimmers run on rechargeable batteries and are less powerful than gas-powered models. Their biggest limitation is in runtime; even the best will not last much more than a half of an hour. They are lighter than gas-powered engines but can still trim overgrown grass if used properly. String trimmers and lawnmowers go hand in hand. Whether you trim then mow or mow then trim, you need to do both to keep your lawn under control and looking neat. That’s why testing string trimmers, along with mowers, is a yearly event at Popular Mechanics. And the big question in is whether you go gas or electric when purchasing a trimmer. For almost all residential applications, today’s battery-powered model is up to the job. If your requirements are heavier than average, go with a gas engine trimmer. What constitutes “heavier than average” work with a string trimmer? Once you start stra.

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