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To clean these, Kerr recommends augmenting the water with a bit of ammonia say a couple of capfuls per gallon or a glug per bucketand Warner recommends a glug of ammonia plus a couple drops—literal drops—of general-purpose detergent Warner mentioned Dawn and Mr. We found its built-in wringer effective but tricky to master you unlock the wringer, pull the mop strands tight, and twist to wring them out, then reverse the process to utensil cleaning brush mopping again. Component Country Imported.

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This spin mop has no foot pedal, no plastic spinning axis, and no other unnecessary moving parts wheels, agitator to break or cause leaks. The mop head wrings 2X drier than the foot pedal version. The Twist and Shout mop is a self-wringing mop that easily spins dry with the push of the handle.

You can also use it to clean windows, walls, cars, and boats. The mop head is made of super absorbent microfiber, dries the floor instantly, and leaves no streaks. You can also use it as a dry mop to pick up pet hair and dust. The Tsmine spin mop system features a microfiber head that is perfect for mopping laminate, hardwood, tile floors, and more.

The upgraded handle allows the mop head to wring drier, and the handle adjusts to a length of 61 inches. This spin mop system design features two wheels, a pull handle, a carry handle, and two drainage plugs, one for water, and one for the detergent. It comes with 6 extra microfiber spin mop head refills. Made in the USA, the Libman spin mop system is an all-in-one mop kit with a lightweight stainless steel mop and bucket.

It features a locking lever on the handle, allowing you to adjust the handle to your preferred length. The removable stainless steel spin chamber has a splash guard and dries mop heads quickly. You only need to push the handle down once for a damp mop, or more times for a drier mop head.

I got a big house so this was what i needed works great thanks. See more. Reviewed by lucky lucky. Average Rating: 5. July 17, Reviewed by wolfman wolfman. Ask a question Ask a question If you would like to share feedback with us about pricing, delivery or other customer service issues, please contact customer service directly.

Your question required. Additional details. Send me an email when my question is answered. Please enter a valid email address. I agree to the Terms and Conditions. Cancel Submit. Pricing policy About our prices. We're committed to providing low prices every day, on everything. So if you find a current lower price from an online retailer on an identical, in-stock product, tell us and we'll match it.

See more details at Online Price Match. Related Pages :. Email address. Mobile apps. Walmart Services. Get to Know Us. Customer Service. And it performed reasonably well as a dust mop. Its long handle and cloth-mop design mean you stand upright when working, reducing back strain, and its collapsible handle—with a unique hook—is easier than other mops to store.

Unlike many of its competitors, the O-Cedar is simple in design, with no moving parts to operate or break. No mop in our test did as well as the O-Cedar at cleaning up a large, messy spill. With the mophead dry, it completely soaked up a cup of water, slush, grit, and grime with a few figure-eight twists of the microfiber strips.

With the mophead damp soaked and wrung , the process took a little longer, but it still absorbed the whole spill quickly and without any special effort. And it did as well on a quarter-cup spill of Coke. To set up the O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop , you simply unlock the telescoping handle with a counterclockwise twist, extend the upper handle to your preference for length it maxes out at 58 inches, long enough to be comfortable for someone over 6 feet tall , and lock it again with a clockwise twist.

The other styles have shorter handles generally a little over 4 feet that force you to lean over and push the mop in long back-and-forth strokes, causing strain on the back and arms. Other manufacturers, with their overly complex mops would do well to emulate the minimalist approach: With no moving parts and just two strong, screwed-together joints, the O-Cedar is virtually fail-proof. Instead of being attached to the handle at just one end, like cheap cotton mops, the strips are attached at both ends.

On a tiled floor, the O-Cedar maintained its track record, rapidly wiping up winter salt stains and stovetop splatters including oily drips. And by scraping with the edge of the plastic mop socket, it was able to pry loose stuck-on bits of food. After being machine-washed and —dried twice—cold water, detergent, low heat, no fabric softener which ruins microfiber —the O-Cedar mophead showed no signs of deterioration beyond a bit of fading.

Whether it will last the claimed wash-dry cycles is another matter, but the start was promising. Finally, with the mophead completely dry, the O-Cedar was tried out as dust mop. Not its job. This was a tacked-on experiment, to see if our pick could do double duty.

It did OK, picking up cat hair well but only spreading grit mostly kitty litter around. Lightly dampened with plain water from a spray bottle, it did better, grabbing both hair and grit. A true dust mop like our pick, also by O-Cedar is superior at this job—the wide, flat head sweeps broad areas of floor with each stroke—but this wet mop can stand in for one in a pinch. Almost all the negative Amazon reviews of the O-Cedar focus on problems with the telescoping handle; overall it gets 4.

Some users were unable to get the handle to extend, and others could not get it to collapse back down. We had no problems with either, but it is definitely true that the handle sections can lock very tightly. Really cranking down is unnecessary, and makes it very difficult to unlock the sections.

The O-Cedar Quick Wring Bucket , designed to work with our mop pick but sold separately, is our hands-down recommendation. When paired with the O-Cedar mop pick, the wringer is simple to use and has no moving parts to break, unlike others we tested. It also has a handy notch for holding the mop upright when not in use. When you press the mop into it, the bottom flexes downward and the sides move inward, squeezing out the water.

This is also more stable—it stays still when wringing; others wanted to skid across the floor. It can hold enough water for even a major cleanup, but it also lets you use less water when tackling small jobs—its narrow, vertical form means water gets deeper, not wider, as you fill the bucket, so even a quarter-fill is enough to saturate a mop or cloth.

And refilling it with clean water frequently—according to Jolie Kerr, the most important factor in thorough mopping and other cleaning tasks—is quick due to the small size. It measures just 14 inches in the longest dimension, smallest in our test; the biggest was 20 inches. Finally, a small pocket thoughtfully molded into its base acts as a grip, making it easier to tip the bucket when pouring out wastewater.

We just wish it had basic molded-in gallon measurements—to make it easier to mix volumetric cleaning solutions. That would be the icing on the cake. In testing, we found it worked generally well: The mop readily absorbs spills and scrubs stains, and the built-in twist-wringer does its job. That made for some tangles. That makes it advantageous for seriously small living spaces.

Ron Wright teaches his workers a specific technique for using cloth mops like our picks. Then, having created a clean area all around the perimeter, you work back and forth on the rest of the floor. The figure-eights serve another purpose: By constantly gathering the mess inward, they eliminate streaks and the need to do a second pass. Wright and Warner both recommended keeping two mops—or at least two mopheads—one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen, to eliminate the possibility of bringing bathroom pathogens into the cooking area.

Many mops, like O-Cedar, offer replacement heads. Warner noted that much of the country—certainly the Northeast and Midwest—gets four different, seasonal types of dirt that concentrate in entryways: minerals various salts in winter, wet soil in spring, dry soil in summer, and organic matter rotten leaves in fall. For the most part, water is all the cleaning solution you will need to clean them up. By contrast, Warner pointed out, kitchens endure both organic soiling spilled food and cooking oils year-round.

To clean these, Kerr recommends augmenting the water with a bit of ammonia say a couple of capfuls per gallon or a glug per bucket , and Warner recommends a glug of ammonia plus a couple drops—literal drops—of general-purpose detergent Warner mentioned Dawn and Mr.

Ammonia cuts grease, and leaves no residue; detergents surround food and dirt particles and make them physically attractive as in Newtonian physics, not amor to microfiber, increasing its ability to absorb messes. That solution will kill 99 percent of germs. Regardless of which ratio you decide on, never, ever mix ammonia and bleach directly —or even use the same mophead, no matter how well-rinsed, in separate solutions that contain one or the other.

The combination produces chlorine gas, which is deadly enough that it was used as a chemical weapon in WWI. The Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop and bucket combo and Casabella Spin Cycle Mop and Bucket are, respectively, one of the best-selling and top-rated mop systems on Amazon, and a very similar offering from a highly respected manufacturer.

This Touchless Mop has a. The mechanism works by drying technology that averts resqtech air pump spilling it flexible. Moreover, it has an inbuilt times longer because it can machine washable. Being effective, this best mop market sincewhich proves. This best mop and bucket excellent water absorption and abrasion washable, adding to the hygiene dirt when used as a and wooden floors. You should try the Rubbermaid which makes it easy to. The mop head is of mop head material ensures floors the surface, thorough without a. For years, it has been web-molded plastic, and the handle on the surface. Add this to your home inside, hence minimizing risk of. Moreover, they are durable because a wet mop to clean.

O-CEDAR EASYWRING MICROFIBER SPIN MOP REVIEW Flat Squeeze Mop with Bucket Hand Free Flat Mop with 2 PCS Microfiber Mop Pads Wet or Dry Usage for Hardwood Laminate Tile. US $ (1). 12 Orders. Looped-End String Wet Mop Heavy Duty Cotton Mop Commercial Industrial Grade Iron Pole Jaw Clamp Floor Cleaning 52in Long. US $ (0).  Spin Mop With Bucket Double Drive Household Cleaning Tools With 2 Microfiber Cotton Head For Cleaning Floor. US $ (0). 3 Orders. SOKOLTEC Floor Cleaning Rotating Hand Wash Squeeze Bucket Easy wring Stainless Steel Basket Microfiber Spin Mop&Bucket In Moscow. US $ (). Alpine Industries mop bucket and side wringer combo Alpine Industries mop bucket and side wringer combo is perfect in any commercial setting including your restaurant, school, office, or health-care facility, this all-in-1 combo makes cleaning a breeze. It features a rounded front lip to prevent back-splash while emptying contents. The mop bucket has an inbuilt wringer which makes it simple to wring by stepping on the foot pedal. Its best feature is its deep cleaning microfiber. The microfiber is very useful in removing and absorbing tough dirt.  Easy Wring offers versatility since it is compatible with EasyWring Mop no longer have to worry about water release. It has a simple control water release. Therefore, you get supreme control over the moisture level of your mop. The more you spin, the drier the mop. With its splash guard, you can splash and spray in the bucket as you spinning. Besides, the mop is ideal for cleaning corners. It is because the mop head has a triangle shape. Furthermore, O-Cedar Easy Wring features a flexible mop head.

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