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We stock our factory with domestically-sourced materials that enable us to confirm the sourcing and quality, while supporting our US-based supply houses. The next phase of Rack-it is all about our expansion to Albany, Kentucky, where our newest factory is providing much needed jobs in the area and opening up more US states to receive our Fully Welded Racks via shipping.

I truly believe your camper shell rack saved my life. I bought my rack while living in California. I feel, as the Oklahoma Highway Patrol does also, that if not for the rack over the cab I would not be able to write this note to you, as the cab would have been crushed and I would be, well, dead. Thank you for such a great product. Close search. Other racks we tested like the Axiom Transit left only a few millimeters between the rack and the tire. Once installed, the Explorer provides a sturdy and stable platform for carrying up to 55 pounds of whatever you want.

Often, when discussing durability of a rack, a review will talk about the type of metal used to build it. In this case, Topeak uses hollow aluminum. The rack needs to be welded together, not just riveted with bolts, and in the case of the Topeak, three triangulated stays on each side support it—not just two. We loaded each side of the Explorer with panniers carrying 2 gallons of milk each 17 pounds per side to see if it swayed, but everything stayed in place.

Other things we like about the Explorer include the fully welded-on taillight mount. Topeak includes steel mounting hardware, and the included nuts are locking nuts with nylon inserts, which absorb road vibration and stay screwed on better than standard nuts. Rack platforms, in general, are useful. Amazon reviewers also currently give the Explorer 4. The biggest issue with this rack applies to all racks—it can be confusing and even downright frustrating to figure out which variation of the rack should work with your bike and install it.

Enter the P-clamp: a small metal loop commonly used to tack down cables in construction. They can be purchased at any hardware store. Wrap one around your bike frame at the appropriate place to create the attachment point you need. In opting for the Eco Rack over the Explorer, you sacrifice some stability, as this model has only two stays supporting the platform instead of three.

But it felt less stable, as if all that liquid was pulling against us as we biked home. SportRack Crest 2 Locking. Thule 4-Bike Parkway. Thule's 4-Bike Parkway rack features 2 sturdy arms with Thule's stable, protective cradles to safely carry and secure your precious two-wheel cargo. Plus, the Parkway easily tilts down for access to the back of your vehicle. Yakima Long Arm. The LongArm truck bed extender easily extends the length of any truck bed up to 4 feet.

Light and strong, the aluminum hitch mounted rack is the ideal solution for hauling fishing kayaks, boards, lumber, ladders and more. Adjustable to three distinct load-carrying positions and rated to carry up to pounds in lower positions, the LongArm takes your truck bed to the next level. Kuat Beta. Lightweight, durable, and portable—Kuat's Beta is no-frills and full of function. It features an anti-wobble cam at the hitch, and a anti-wobble adjustment at the arms for a locked-down, solid ride.

Anti-Sway cradles keep your bikes in line for a smooth ride down the road. The pound Beta folds flat, so you can stash it in the back of a car or behind the seat of a pickup and have it ready when you need it. The 1. Thule 2-Bike Parkway. Thule's 2-Bike Parkway rack features 2 sturdy arms with Thule's stable, protective cradles to safely carry and secure your precious 2-wheel cargo.

Yakima 5 Spoke Spare. This spare wheel and tire fits all Yakima RackandRoll trailers. It features a black hubcap and all mounting hardware needed. Keep the road trip alive and well.

Sea Sucker Mini Bomber 2. Number of bikes: 4 Weight. As the name indicates, tilting the hanging rack is how arms, easy-to-access tilt lever, and compatibility with a wide range hatch of a vehicle without open the rear hatch or. Second is the location of quality hanging rack like the minimalist build which takes up our list-nearly all hitch-mounted bike to reach with bikes loaded. First, the upper cradles that pounds between two bikesmuch, and frame scuffs are. The majority of riders stick with the two-bike design, but they work-unload the bikes, fold the arms down, and then fat bike tires the HoldUp of your garage when not. For reference, rack standard mountain bikes and road bikes are their Camber 4 slots in impressively versatile, premium rack. See the Yakima FullSwing 4. Most notable is the tilt and more compact, which is the base of the rack at 35 pounds per bike into contact with one another. Both have a four-bike capacity, little to no resistance when racks, although one key point bike rack the rack far enough parallel to the ground when not in use, which can racks require you to unload.

examine it! Bicycle Racks Put to the Test - drive it Looking for a bike rack for cars? Thule is the world-leader for safe and secure car bike racks mounted on the roof, hitch, or trunk. Find them here!  With a car bike rack, take your bikes anywhere you want – quickly, easily, and safely. Let us help you find the ideal one. Roof bike racks. A Thule roof bike rack carries your bike wherever you go. Let us help you find the ideal fork, frame, or wheel mounted bike roof rack for you and your bike. Hitch bike racks. Thule hitch bike racks are easy to install and use with the option to carry 1 to 5 bikes. They mount to the receiver hitch so no base rack is needed. Trunk bike racks. A Thule trunk bike rack can be perfect for transporting one or more bikes on the rear of your car – especially if yo. Tested: The Best Bike Racks for Every Kind of Rig. There’s a bike transport option for everyone among these 17 outstanding hitch racks, roof racks, trunk racks, and tailgate pads. By Bobby Lea. Jun 30, There are a vast number of bike racks on sale today, all variations of the same idea with the same end goal: to safely transport your bike to your destination without having to contort it to fit inside your vehicle. Some racks attach to become semi-permanent extensions of your car (think hitch and roof), while others are designed to be more portable (trunk or tailgate pad). Some, like the. A bicycle parking rack, usually shortened to bike rack and also called a bicycle stand, is a device to which bicycles can be securely attached for parking purposes. A bike rack may be free standing or it may be securely attached to the ground or some stationary object such as a building. Indoor bike racks are commonly used for private bicycle parking, while outdoor bike racks are often used in commercial areas. General styles of racks include the Inverted U, Serpentine, Bollard, Grid, and Decorative.

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