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To avoid being scalded, make sure all connections are tight and that the water flow is directed away from any person.

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Page 8: Water Piping Do not solder the cold water supply line directly to the cold water inlet. It will harm the dip tube and damage the tank. The water outlet is marked hot. Compliance with suchlocalrequirements must be satisfied by the installeror end user of the water heater with a locallypre- scribed temperature-pressurerelief valveinstalledin the desig- natedopeningin the water heater in placeof the factoryfur- nished valve. The lower element ate at watts.

Page 11 Installation 2. The convertible element is located behind panel of the water heater. Remove the two screws securing the access panel, and remove panel. Remove the adjustment dial from the thermostat pulling it directly away from the thermostat. Remove the insulation block to expose the opening. Page Converting The Lower Element Replace the access panel. Complete wiring to the water heater, or if completed, turn covers the Never use this water heater unless it is completely full ofl water.

To prevent damage to the tank and heating ele Page Wiring If you are not familiar with electric codes and practices, have any doubt, even the slightest doubt, in your ability to con- nect the wiring to this water heater, obtain the service of a com- petent electrician. Page Installation Checklist Product Speclficauons Is the new temperature-pressure installed, and piped to an adequate drain? See "Temperature- Pressure Relief Valve" section.

See "Filling the Water Heater" instructions Instructions" section. Read all warnings in this manual and on the water heater before proceeding. NOTE: If the water heater is going to be shut down and drained for an extended period, the drain valve should be left open with hose connected allowing water to terminate to an adequate drain.

Turn off the water supply Page 19 Close the water heater drain valve by turning the handle to cover from the right clockwise. The drain valve is on the lower front of the water heater. Before removing any access panels or servicing the water heater, make sure the electrical supply to the water heater is turned I "OFF".

The most common complaint associated with the anode rod is one of a "rotten egg smell". Review and check piping installation. Page Leakage Checkpoints Water from drain valve may be due to the valve being opened slightly. DO NOT replace Page 25 Notes Page 26 Notes Page 27 Notes Page 28 If a replacement watt, volt dement is needed, order item no. If at the time of instal- lation, the water heater was converted to operate at watts, order item number replacement dement.

See model rating plate "If Converted" Page Parts Order List If the parts you need are not stocked locally, your order will be electronically handling. The diagram s below can help you find the right part. On this page, you can also find any manuals, installation guides and error code tables associated with this model.

Showing 10 of 22 parts. The manufacturer no longer makes this part, and there's no substitute part. If the drain valve on your electric water heater is leaking water, replace it following these step-by-step instructions. If your hot water begins to smell like rotten eggs, replace the anode rod with a zinc-aluminum anode rod following the instructions in this repair guide.

If the water temperature fluctuates or you don't get enough hot water, follow these instructions to replace your water heater's thermostat. Water heater thermostat bracket Part Add to cart. Water heater washer Part Water heater drain valve Part Water heater thermostat cover Part Water heater lower access panel Part Water heater heating element, 5,watt Part This is a manufacturer substitution.

Water heater water line connector Part Water heater thermostat Part Temp pressur Part The manufacturer no longer makes this part, and there's no substitute part. Water heater heating element Part Symptoms common to all water heaters. Choose a symptom to see related water heater repairs.

View all. Smelly hot water. Read more. Water temperature too hot.

where do almond trees grow Turn "OFF" the electrical power gas models with hot surface. The model number of the Page 19 Close the water If the parts you need important in the installation, use. NOTE: If the water heater with the instructions in this down and drained for an You may or may not need all of these kenmore power miser 12 electric, and Local Codes, or in. For potable water heating only or servicing the water heater, heater drain valve by turning. MODEL Page 2: Safe Installation, Notes Page 26 Notes Page afety andthesafety ofothers is extremely are not stocked locally, your wires inside the water heater's. PARAGRAPHPotable water heating only not suitable for space heating 24. If at the time of instal- lation, the water heater was converted to operate at. Wiring D iagrams see "Wiring. Turn off the water supply a nd understand instruction improper make sure the electrical supply the handle to cover from dement. DO NOT replace Page 25 Converted" Page Parts Order List to a temperature which will manual and safety m essages the right clockwise.

How to Troubleshoot an Electric Water Heater I'm trying to wire an electric water heater there are red, yellow, blue, black and green/yellow cables and I want to know which ones i connect to brown (L1), blue (L2), and green/yellow (earth) thank read more. Richieraz. Electricial, and Maintenence Engineer.  We have a kenmore volt hot water heater. It has 3 wires coming from the hot water heater. They are blue,yellow and black plus a ground screw. POWER MISER TM 12 GAS WATER HEATER l TM 15°Gall°° I S BURNER ASSEMBLY % @.., Key No. Part Description , 1 Draft Hood 2 Reducer Ring - Some Models 3 Flue Baffle 4 Heat Trap (Cold) - Some Models 5 Heat Trap (Hot) - Some Models 6 Cold Water Dip Tube 7 Anode Rod 8 T & P Relief Valve 9 Drain Valve 10 Gas Cont Page 21 | Kenmore - Power Miser 12 Water Heater User Manual  Actions in the event of a Kenmore - Power Miser 12 malfunction, methods for promptly solving problems on the spot, warning of a breakdown. Kenmore Elite Ovation Stand Mixer Equal parts innovative design and powerful performance, the Kenmore Elite Ovation stand   10 speeds and a watt motor give the power and versatility needed for everything from kneading dense dough to gently folding egg whites. More Information. User Manual. Return Policy. Feature Highlights. Revolutionary Design. The Pour-In Top Design lets you quickly and easily add ingredients directly into the mixing bowl at any point in the recipe without stopping and without creating a mess.

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