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Meeting rooms and boardrooms offer convention attendees the same capabilities as their conference rooms at the home office. These speakers can be mounted in a variety of ceilings, with mounting options available for a wide range of materials. Such installations may be logistically problematic for a number of reasons, and may not be the most desirable, but they must occasionally be used.

Harman ceiling speakers airport stanchions

Audiences ideally want to localize the sound source to the stage. As humans, we tend to localize the source to the first arrival. Adding delay time to the speakers beyond this proximity location makes for a more natural listening experience. That said, even in other installed speaker applications such as public address systems , it still might not be possible to mount the speaker in the ideal location to get suitable coverage without echo.

In these cases, speakers with beam steering capabilities, like the JBL Intellivox and CBT Series , provide a good alternative, as they can adjust the directionality of the sound either through software control Intellivox or with physically adjusting the speaker itself CBT Series. In addition to looking at where the speakers are installed in a space, you also need to look at how many different spaces you have that need speakers.

For example, different spaces might have different ambient noise levels, depending on the size of the space, building materials, number of people, etc. Alternatively, certain areas, such as the lobby of a restaurant, might have seating announcements while other areas, like the dining areas, might only want background music. In either case, zoning allows the system designer to send different content to each area. When speakers are going to be installed in public areas, particularly outdoors, there are some additional concerns that should be addressed as well.

You should never install indoor-only equipment in an outdoor environment. Speakers that installed outdoors should be outdoor rated. You also need to address life safety considerations. Organizations, such as shopping centers, hotels, casinos, theme parks, airports, train stations and other buildings that open their grounds to others, especially the general public, are typically held to a higher government standard.

These places face a large number of government regulations to ensure sufficient care has been taken regarding fire detection, public address systems and more. Speech communicated over the speakers need to be highly intelligible if they are used to distribute life safety messages in noisy environments, a capability that is measured using a number called the speech transmission index STI. Achieving a specific STI number for voice evacuation systems is a requirement than differs regionally.

Check out this article on life safety to learn more. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to designing a speaker installation. Hopefully this post has helped you consider some of the important topics you need to look at when designing an AVL system.

Kyle has been involved in AV in one way or another for 20 years, working as an audio engineer in various capacities, as well as a university AV tech, camera operator, and live video producer. Kyle is an integrated AV solutions expert, and is an avid fan of technology in all its forms. From digital signage and public address to collaboration and conferencing to experiential solutions for public spaces, restaurants, and retail stores, HARMAN offers complete audio visual solutions to create an impact and communicate with show attendees.

HARMAN technology can quickly adapt to the ever-changing convention center environment while providing an engaging attendee experience. Fortune companies, top heads of state, hotels, stadiums and airports around the world all have one thing in common: they trust HARMAN. Time and time again, customers select HARMAN to provide audio, video, lighting and control systems for the most prestigious venues in the world.

By offering a complete solution of best-in-class audio, video, lighting and control products, customers can trust the system will meet their needs, work right the first time and continue to work well for years to come. Let us help you get connected with a partner who can help you specify your full solution needs.

All rights reserved. Privacy Policy Cookies Terms of Use If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call for assistance. Ballroom Spaces next More convention centers examples Ballrooms and Exhibition Spaces Ballrooms are places for people to get together and share an experience with those around them.

Audio and lighting play a critical role in the success of the event by providing emotion and atmosphere, while making sure the event's content is intelligible for all. Is there a keynote presentation during dinner, a band, or just background music and ambient lighting? Can the audience hear the microphone-shy presenter throughout the large space? Does a presenter need to walk around the room with a wireless microphone? Does the ambient lighting need to change subtly throughout the evening?

HARMAN provides the flexible solutions required to manage each of these use-cases — and many more — in any large ballroom or exhibition space. The Perfect Solution for Any Occasion The look, feel and overall setup of a convention center is ever-changing, and the technology that communicates that experience needs to quickly adapt to new conventions.

In order to add new deliver unmatched audio quality with and room-filling sound. Skip to main content. Related: ceiling speakers bluetooth bose ceiling speakers yamaha ceiling speakers. China 1 Items 1. Complete-collection New Arrivals Award Winners. PARAGRAPHWe noticed that you already have spare parts in your. Open box 1 Items 1. Do you wish to continue. Wired 1 Items 1. View all 6 Soundbars.

Connecting ceiling speakers to Alexa via Bluetooth receiver and Polk RC80i Speakers На днях по приглашению бренда Harman Kardon удалось познакомиться с устройствами из последнего поколения домашних аудиосистем Citation. Знакомство получилось весьма.  Серия аудиосистем Harman Kardon Citation: стиль, универсальность, хороший звук и Google Home в придачу. 21 ноября , | Hi-Fi и цифровой звук. Домашние аудио системы JBL вы можете купить в интернет-магазине Harman на выгодных условиях. Уточнить цены и оставить заявку можно на сайте. Большой выбор акустики и наушников JBL в Москве. Страница 4.  Подберите акустику JBL для того, чтобы превратить ваш телевизор в домашний кинотеатр, и наслаждайтесь просмотром любимых фильмов с бескомпромиссным качеством звука. Варианты оборудования. Колонки и сабвуфер. Важно не только то, что колонка издает звук, сколько то, насколько чистый и мощный этот звук. В данном обзоре мы подобрали 9 лучших колонок от производителя Harman Kardon. Давайте разберемся подробнее, что это за производитель, а также посмотрим на девятку лучших из лучших. О компании Harman Kardon Данная акустика является самой популярной среди поклонников хорошего и чистого звука. Американская.

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