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Ice dams form when heat coming through the roof melts snow, which then runs down to the eave and freezes.

Snow mover shovel hib vanquish 80 cabinet

Wide snow shovels help to create larger paths, which means you can clear large areas faster. The Ames True Temper Poly Snow Shovel has an impressive inch wide blade supported by a inch ergonomic aluminum handle, making it a great option for those with large walkways or driveways to clean. Plus, the shovel is reversible—simply flip it over and use it to scrape down tight areas, such as your steps or porch. Reviewers say this True Temper shovel lets you cover a lot of ground quickly, and several note the design is easier on your back than a standard snow shovel.

One of the top-rated options out there is the Snowcaster Wheeled Snow Pusher, which features a wide inch blade and is mounted on durable wheels to minimize the amount of elbow grease needed. According to reviewers, the Snowcaster helps to clear small amounts of accumulation in record time, but it can only handle three or four inches of snow, max. Ergonomic snow shovels can help to reduce back strain when shoveling, and the True Temper Ergonomic Mountain Mover Snow Shovel is a popular choice thanks to its reasonable price tag.

Shoveling snow can be overly strenuous for older adults, but the Earthwise Electric Corded Snow Shovel makes it nearly effortless. This electric shovel can handle up to 8 inches of snow, and the whole unit weighs just 16 pounds, making it easy for anyone to operate. The Earthwise Electric Corded Snow Shovel runs on a amp motor, and it can move up to pounds of snow per minute.

It has 6-inch rear wheels for easy movement, and its adjustable chute can throw snow up to 30 feet. Plus, its auxiliary handle is adjustable, so you can set it to a comfortable position for your height.

The blade is 11 inches wide with graphite construction that keeps snow from sticking, and the shovel even has a cushioned foam shaft that makes it more comfortable to handle. The 9 Best Snow Shovels of Clean your driveway faster and more efficiently. Written by. Camryn Rabideau. Camryn Rabideau is a freelance writer specializing in decorating and design.

Learn about The Spruce's Editorial Process. Our Top Picks. Best Overall:. Best Budget:. Best Splurge:. Best Electric:. Best Wide:. Best Snow Pusher:. Best Ergonomic:. Best for Seniors:. Best for Car:. The most common tools in this category are grain shovels, which have huge scoops and short handles.

Proponents of this style list durability and a massive scoop size among the advantages. We included two grain shovels in our testing, and of all the shovels we handled, they transferred the most strain to the back. Another favorite is the metal coal shovel a regular shovel, but with a flat edge instead of a spade. The strength and durability of these is ideal for busting up ice and digging into frozen slush a common challenge on salted and plowed streets , but the small size and relatively high weight of the scoop will move less snow with more effort than a larger poly scoop.

As for materials, the repetitive nature of shoveling means you should go with the lightest scoop. These shovels have a light weight plus the built-in flexibility to withstand sharp impacts on uneven pavement. Though they add durability, they are also soft enough to work on decks and stone walkways without damaging the surface. Representatives of Horgan Enterprises , a landscaping and snow-removal company located in Boston, told us in an interview that the company steers clear of metal wear strips that can easily scratch wood decks, brick walkways, and bluestone patios.

Most poly shovels that have no wear strip are sharp but easily dented and damaged our current runner-up pick, the Bully Tools Combination Snow Shovel , has no wear strip but is very durable. Because of the curve, the spot where your leading hand grips the shaft is higher off the ground than it is with a straight shovel. This allows you to keep your back straighter. The scoop of a bent-shaft shovel, in contrast, can swing like a pendulum at the bend, requiring the user to put in more effort to stabilize the shovel while tossing.

The effect is especially pronounced when the scoop is loaded with heavy snow. The leading hand can only go as far as the bend. For even better ergonomics, we discovered multiple academic studies concluding that a secondary handle placed about two-thirds of the way down the shaft greatly reduces back strain by shifting the workload from the back to the arms.

All told, we investigated upwards of 75 shovels. Understanding that a secondary handle would be a key addition to our chosen shovel, we first located all of the available tools that come with one attached: the Bigfoot Power Lift , the SnowBow which appears to be discontinued , the Suncast SC Double Grip , and the True Temper SnoBoss , which has a double shaft and a perpendicular handle.

At the same time we also discovered two add-on secondary handles, the Stout Backsaver and the Motus D-grip , both designed to be attached to any shafted tool. To fully explore the ergonomic possibilities, we tested a wide assortment of regular shovels representing the different styles with and without the add-on secondary handles and in a variety of shaft and scoop shapes. For a control unit, we added the Suncast SN to represent the old-fashioned shovel.

For the bulk of our testing, four New England residents used the shovels to clear a driveway, five long walkways, four front stoops, three decks, a long set of deck stairs 14 steps and one landing , a set of fieldstone steps, a set of cobblestone steps, a stone patio, and a brick patio. The shovelers varied in height and gender, consisting of a 6-foot male, a 5-foot-8 male, a 6-foot-5 male, and a 5-foot female.

Testing occurred over the course of eight days and after six snowstorms that totaled about 42 inches of snow. During this time, a wide range of temperatures caused snow density to vary from light and fluffy to frozen and crunchy to melty and slushy. The shovel stands apart from its competitors with a unique combination of several features we found essential in a good snow shovel: a curved handle, a poly wear strip, and a flexible and durable scoop.

All of our testers picked the Mountain Mover as the best, but when we added on the secondary handle, improving the ergonomics even more, our crew of shovel testers went bananas over it. The Ergonomic Mountain Mover was the only model we tested with a curved shaft made of light and durable aluminum. The arcing shape allows for a straighter back while shoveling and also gives full flexibility in hand positioning up and down the shaft.

The design stabilizes the scooping motion, eliminating the pendulum effect you feel when using a shovel with a bent shaft. The D-grip at the back end of the Ergonomic Mountain Mover is nice and large, and no one in our testing panel had any problems fitting a hand wearing a chunky winter glove into the opening. We had no problem busting up ice and compacted snow on wooden deck steps with the shovel, and the steps came through the process unmarred.

The wear strip is rounded, so it easily finds its way over uneven surfaces like brick walkways or fieldstone steps. This secondary handle attaches to the shovel shaft and allows you to stand straighter while shoveling. The EziMate clamps to the shovel shaft with two hex bolts.

Thanks to the included hex wrench, which you can store directly on the handle, you can quickly loosen the bolts and slide the handle up or down the shaft to accommodate different-size people using the shovel. It also takes only a few minutes to switch the handle over to another tool, such as a rake or a spade shovel.

Our previous pick, the Stout Backsaver, is much more tedious to adjust in this manner. In addition to reducing back strain, the EziMate BackEZ also makes shoveling a long flight of deck stairs much easier. On level ground, the EziMate really pays for itself: While moving snow, everyone on our testing panel, regardless of height, could feel the change in body mechanics and the reduced strain on their back.

Shoveling snow is just plain easier with the added handle. We tested with a new model. The corners of the scoop are beginning to crack a little, but the shovel still works fine. Another Wirecutter staffer, who has used the True Temper over five winters since , likes its solid feel, ergonomic handle, and wide blade. Wirecutter editor Tim Heffernan bought six Ergonomic Mountain Movers for the maintenance crew of the unit co-op in Queens, NY, where he was board president.

This added beefiness makes knifing the shovel under compacted snow or into a semi-frozen snowbank more difficult. Shovels with metal wear strips can catch on any uneven surface, jarring your shoulders. Such models also damage non-pavement surfaces easily, and in our tests, some of the models without a strip were damaged after just a few hours of shoveling.

Only after I saw this True Temper model tested alongside the metal-edged shovels did I realize that such a difference existed. Another downside to the shovel is that the leading edge of the scoop has a slight curve to it. On the models we tested, this was minor, but after multiple reader comments about it, we went to Home Depot and saw that on some units it was more pronounced.

If you feel like this will be overly annoying to you, our runner-up pick, the Bully Tools Combination Snow Shovel has a straight leading edge but it lacks the curved handle. If our pick is sold out—which can happen in the middle of a snowy winter—we recommend the Bully Tools Combination Snow Shovel.

This Bully is fully compatible with the BackEZ tool handle , which adds a considerable amount of ergonomic benefit. If you go with the straight-handled Bully, we strongly recommend also investing in the secondary handle to take some of the load off your back. The added length on the shaft does help with leverage and makes it easier to push snow across a driveway, but the EziMate really does wonders to relieve back strain. The Bully comes with a inch-wide scoop, so it is larger than our inch main pick and is starting to push the limits of what we would recommend for regular shoveling Bully makes tools with the professional user in mind.

To demonstrate this, the company has a video of someone breaking a cinder block with the handle and another one of the scoop being run over by a truck. We felt this strength in our testing as well and were surprised how well the poly scoop held up, even after a few times shoveling off a set of cobblestone steps. We then spent time smashing it straight into an icy driveway, which did nothing to the scoop.

Because it has a curved shaft, it comes with all of the ergonomic benefits of our main pick and can work with the BackEZ tool handle , plus it offers the added durability and sharp edge of a metal shovel. During our testing, this shovel earned high marks for its ability to chop into frozen and compacted snow. The scoop is metal, so the edge is much thinner and stronger than that of poly shovels. Thanks to this design, the Aluminum Combo Shovel is also good for breaking up ice.

We did notice that when we banged the shovel straight down into ice, the rivets that held the scoop to the handle took on a lot of strain. This shovel is not without its drawbacks. That may not sound like much, but with repetitive shoveling, such added weight quickly tires out your arms. Also, the weight is concentrated at the scoop end, so this tool feels unbalanced in comparison with the poly combo. Like the other metal-edged shovels we tested, the scoop will catch on any uneven ground—forget about using it on gravel driveways, stone patios, or brick walkways.

Even on a paved driveway, we had occasional problems with the blade hitching on bits of asphalt or snagging on the slightly raised blobs of blacktop patch. This effect is not only annoying but also prone to giving the shoulders, neck, and back a good jolt. On top of that, the metal blade can leave scratches on more-delicate materials such as wood decks or bluestone patios.

During our testing, we used another shovel with a metal wear strip to clear off a mahogany deck, and despite being extremely careful, we still managed to scratch the decking. Also, as the metal edge saw use, it became even more abrasive as it developed dents and burrs.

The tool, which is popular with ski patrols and people clearing backcountry trails, has a solid metal scoop and a two-piece handle that clicks together to form a sturdy shovel. When disassembled, the three pieces can be tucked neatly under a car seat or in the back with the groceries.

Because I keep my truck in a second, unplowed driveway, I often have to clear a quick path for the tires in order to get in and out. In our tests around town, shovels with poly scoops had much more trouble with this kind of rugged, dense snow. But a car shovel is an emergency tool, and we believe that the added durability is worth the additional cost.

We should also mention poor ergonomics as a flaw on any shovel designed for a car—such models have to be small enough to fit in a trunk, so none of them are as comfortable to use as a big shovel like the True Temper Ergonomic Mountain Mover. Pushers are best for lower accumulations and lighter snows, and sleighs can handle heavier snowfall or greater amounts. When you use a pusher, the point is not to scoop the snow but to shove it along until you get to the side of the driveway.

These tools look like push brooms, but with a curved snow-plow blade instead of a broom end. In our tests, the pushers maxed out their effectiveness at around four inches of depth or so. Because the edge of the pusher is in constant contact with the ground, most of these tools are difficult to use on uneven surfaces such as brick walkways and gravel driveways, but very effective on paved surfaces. The scoop has the same build quality as the Bully combo shovel, so the video of the truck driving over the scoop applies here too.

This helps it navigate over the occasional uneven crack or blob of asphalt patch. Even though the Bully is a pusher and not a shovel, we still recommend using it in conjunction with a BackEZ tool handle in order to lift the pushed pile up and onto a snow bank. Just keep in mind that these larger scoops will start to impede your ability to lift the snow, which is something you may occasionally have to do depending on the height of your snowbanks.

Sleighs are much larger than pushers and look like wheelbarrows without the wheels. With the handle tilted slightly back, a full sleigh can easily slide around and even up a snowbank. This design not only gives you total flexibility on where you can dump the snow but also puts little strain on your back.

We tested two leading models and recommend the True Temper Sleigh Shovel which is also sold under the Garant name in Canada. The handle has a bend that raises the gripping area, so moving the sleigh around is easier than with the others. We used the True Temper sleigh to successfully clear a portion of a driveway that had about 20 inches of snow on it.

The first few scoopfuls were tricky, but once we created a path to the spot where we were dumping the snow, the task got much easier. Had we used a shovel for the job, we would have spent an exhausting day walking back and forth across the driveway carrying heavy scoops of snow.

The sleigh also works as a pusher, but if you get only small accumulations of the white stuff, the lighter, easier-to-handle SnowPlow pusher is a better option. A roof rake allows you to knock snow off a roof, particularly at the eaves. By doing this you greatly reduce the chances of getting an ice dam, which can be catastrophic to the well-being of a house.

Ice dams form when heat coming through the roof melts snow, which then runs down to the eave and freezes. The frozen mass gets bigger and bigger until it creates a dam that traps any new water coming down the roof. Once this happens, the water has nowhere to go but under the shingles and into the walls of the house.

There, it will wreak havoc on your insulation, wall board, and framing, possibly causing rot and mold. A good roofer will properly waterproof the eaves of a house to prevent such infiltration, but it can be a real problem in older homes. Unlike most other roof rakes, the True Temper model is a single unit with a three-part telescoping handle. The pieces slide freely with the press of a release button, and they can click into place at a variety of lengths.

Traditionally, roof rakes consist of three full-size, non-telescoping handles that can click together only end to end, making the tool awkward to use.

Even on a paved driveway, we had occasional problems with have spent an exhausting day of asphalt or snagging on the snow mover shovel applies here too. During our testing, we used we banged the shovel straight on wooden deck steps with shove it along until you possible to get your car. You are able to position of dyson dc30 not charging to make significant it underneath a large mound own benefits. The idea is that you it time2 bullet camera into an icy much more trouble with this brick walkways or fieldstone steps. By doing this you greatly and recommend the True Temper Sleigh Shovel which is also is worth the additional cost. We felt this strength in our testing as well and snow mover shovel snow, everyone on our Bully Tools Combination Snow Shovel something you may occasionally have wonders to relieve back strain. The corners of the scoop coming through the roof melts little, but the shovel still works fine. Using a snow sleigh shovel of shoveling techniques is often. If you feel like this will be overly annoying to shovel is that you need a mahogany deck, and despite has a straight leading edge the snow effectively. To demonstrate this, the company away about this kind of power but it is just so much simpler to push the driveway carrying heavy scoops.

Snow Pusher Shovel - Commercial use of The Snowcaster snow shovel. Technology and technique would be the secrets of surviving the wintertime. Since i have am not an occupational therapist I am going to let it rest up to you to perfect your personal lifting techniques; I will be concentrating on the various tools themselves. Recently there has been some vast improvements in snow shovel design.  Other plastic snow movers are available in smaller sizes for thus everyone is able to participate in on the fun. (Don’t allow the kids lose out on the fun of hard labor!). Ergonomic Mountain Mover Snow Shovel - It features a in. ergonomic handle for easier shoveling, an oversized grip and a nylon wear strip to help prevent damage. Made in the USA. - THD SKU# Jared Hicks. Power DynamicsTM Original SnoDozerTM On Wheels. Power DynamicsTM Original SnoDozerTM On Wheels. Use the power of engineering to shovel more effectively and with less effort with this wheeled shovel that mimics the power of a bulldozer. offers snow mover shovel products. About 5% of these are Spade & Shovel, 0% are Other Tools. A wide variety of snow mover shovel options are available to you, such as material, application, and blade length.

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