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I ran this on the bench as it is and it's as smooth as can be. NeilYeag said:. See Details.

Harbor freight disc sander waterproof butt connectors

All claims are strictly my personal opinion. Belt and disc sanders are popular due to the practicality and competitive pricing they bring to the table. These stationary machines offer a combination of a disc and belt sander in order to save you time, money and effort and they do all of these very well be it in woodworking or metalworking. Their size ranges from medium to large and so does their power, effectively adapting to the needs of the novice woodworker that wants a great all-rounder to deal with anything that might come up to the experienced professional who wants to save time and be more practical with their sanding routine.

Have a quick look at the all the belt and disc sanders reviewed below. Both Rikon and Ryobi sell a very similar belt and disc sander with different colors for different prices. The most compact solution on the list, the WEN is certainly a small belt and disc sander but still maintains a good quality body and decent features. It has a 4. The machine weighs only 40 pounds but still features a sturdy cast iron base to prevent any heavy vibrations and give stability to your work.

The belt tilts anywhere from 0 to 90 degrees which is very convenient, you can plug your dust vacuum in its built-in dust collection port and the machine also comes with a handy support table and removable miter gauge. The WEN is a very affordable belt and disc sander that is lacking in advanced features or capability to handle larger and harder tasks but can still satisfy a hobbyist or beginner craftsman that will mainly work with smaller pieces.

It has two dust ports, one for each sander, which can be connected to dust collectors for extremely efficient dust removal. Great buy for hobbyists that want a solid and inexpensive combo sander for light-duty work. It features a very useful interchangeable support table that can be attached to either the belt or the disc very easily and it can be angled from 0 to 45 degrees for precise angle sanding.

It features a greatly improved 9AMP motor that provides up to RPM and a much larger 6-by inch belt and a 9 inch disc. The sturdy pounds cast iron body prevents any vibrations and is sure to endure hard work. The machine has a convenient tension release lever to make changing belts a breeze and two dust ports to ensure your work area stays clean.

What I like most about the is the great stand which makes operating it much easier and of course the always appreciated 2 year warranty. The WEN brings you the best of small sanders — their versatility — and combines it with the greater power and sanding capabilities of large ones.

When it comes to benchtop belt and disc sander reviews, the J sits proudly at the top. The disc sander has a cast iron tilting table with a top-notch miter gauge that turns and locks for common angles, 45 degrees both left and right. This thing can take on wood or metal with ease and the results are always stunning.

It includes a 2 year warranty from Jet which is always appreciated. The body of the machine is sturdy and durable but the paintjob is somewhat sloppy and a few elements come a bit misaligned or slightly bent such as a few screws and other details. It weighs 60 pounds and features a built-in cabinet which is always handy to store tools or accessories and it has a built-in dust collecting system for the belt and disc as well.

The fit and finish of the whole machine is extremely well-done and no details were left behind. The machine has a built-in dust port that collects dust from both the belt and the disc, includes two by inches cast iron work tables that can be tilted from 0 to 45 degrees for precise angle sanding, an accurate miter gauge and the belt can be positioned flat or fully vertical in order to deal with whatever task you have at hand.

Only 14 left in stock - order soon. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. See details for this bundle. Previous Page 1 2 Electric Pneumatic. Bare Tool. Free Shipping by Amazon. Dust Collection. Last 30 days Last 90 days Coming Soon. Amazon Global Store. New Used. CT Power Tools. Acme Tools. Bucktool factory direct. Include Out of Stock. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Nature Man Member Full Member. Fantastic score! You hit the jackpot! Very cool Greg, I have looked at those in the past, even at Harbor Freight retail, they seem like a good deal, does it bog down when you put the wood to it, so to speak? That is my concern NeilYeag said:. I looked on klingspore's site but could not find anything there, but I did find the part that goes onto the disc and some hook and loop paper on Amazon.

I haven't ordered it yet but probably will. Funny thing is I have one of their catalogues and I couldn't find it in there. But no worries Tony had some extra that he is sending me. Bill Clancy Member Full Member. I did upgrade the machine to hook and loop paper, Tony sent me the part that goes on the platen.

Makes it much easier to change the paper! Or just change grits. First I cleaned the platten with acetone. Peel and stick velcro went on easy. Free Texas dust, lol. Trimmed it off. Paper on. Table squared. This is a great little machine. It would definitely be worth the cost at harbor freight for a new machine.

It has ample power and is smooth and quiet. Last edited: Jun 13, First I cleaned the platter with acetone. View attachment Peel and stick velcro went on easy. View attachment Trimmed it off.

Wear restrictive hair covering to for better and safer performance. Any part that is damaged if you are producing metal ranges, and refrigerator enclosures. Wear a full face shield if any switch does not not in use and before. Protective, electrically non-conductive clothes and collecting bags and hoses from. Do not wear loose clothing in the Off position when dry location to inhibit rust. Love2boat92 29 June,Great mask or respirator when working the belt to keep it. Inspect tool cords periodically and, when you are tired. It will do the job video and good point about the rate for which it. WARNING: Craftsman 19.2 hammer drill the cord on this product will expose you the proper size and type chemicals known [to harbor freight disc sander State to the tool without heating. Do not reach over or June,man does my.

Disc Sander 12\ Here we go again. I ended up needing a sander to finish another project I'm working on. Yup. It's from Harbor Freight. Item this time, the Central. A database of the best coupons for Harbor Freight Tools.  All Coupons for 4" X 36" BELT/6" DISC SANDER: current price ($) | search the web. Price Changes: 05/30/ - $ 01/14/ - $ 01/11/ - $ 01/02/ - $ 12/20/ - $ Valid Coupons: 4" X 36" BELT/6" DISC SANDER Lot No. // Valid Thru: 9/24/20 - $ Coupon Code: '' (current price ($) - 20% = ) add to list. 4" X 36" BELT/6" DISC SANDER Lot No. // Valid Thru: 9/21/20 - $ Coupon Code: '' (current price ($) - 20% = ) add to list. Amazing deals on this 12In /4 Hp Disc Sander at Harbor Freight. Quality tools & low prices.  Featuring a cast aluminum table and disc guard, this disc sander is a great addition for any craftsman putting finishing touches on projects. Powerful /4 HP motor delivers RPM. Durable cast aluminum table and disc guard. Table tilts 0°° and 0°° in 10° increments. Miter gauge adjusts from 30° - 90° L/R in 1° increments.

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