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Kity planer thicknesser electric crown stapler

Thanks, Al. I am thinking about redesigning the thing with some triangulation to hold it in place, but you would not really expect to have to do that, would you? Hi Andy I can see what you mean about the instability of the fence. The fence only needs to be supported right at the bottom edge as this is where all the force will be applied.

One at the front and one at the back should do it. Thanks, Bob, I am thinking two stays, too. I will probably fit a bracket to the fence support with stays to the fence blade, both adjustable so that I can set the leading and trailing edge to the perpendicular at the same time, which will be a first.

Andy, before you re-engineer this machine consider this: you have bought a machine which is obviously not capable of doing what it is meant to and as such you may be able to get a refund under consumer protection legislation. Getting the retailer to accept this might mean a whole lot of stress but with the help of consumer affairs you should get it sorted to your satisfaction eventually.

Even if you manage to dodgy up some sort of locking arrangement that works the machine is still going to give you the sh! You've spent a lot of maoney on something and it should perform as expected. A jointer that doesn't produce straight and square stock is not acceptable. Just a different take on the problem. I hope you sort it out one way or the other. Mick the consumer advocate. Thanks, Mick; I think you read my mind.

Under Australian law the importer is the OEM, so the fact that Kity went to the wall does not absolve the retailer from responsibility. The only flaw in this approach is that I can imagine myself two or three years down the track still trying to get a resolution and there is timber in the yard that needs planing. I can also see problems in demonstrating that the machine does not fulfil its stated purpose, a bit grey that one.

I spoke to the retailer yesterday and we had a discussion about how the machine could be improved by a bracket and twin stays to steady the fence blade. How about you sell them like that? Unless there are a few other Kity owners out there and we can generate a class action? For now, I found two adjustable stays in the garage from an old sailing boat forward hatch. What do you think? Bodgy, yes, but effective, once I get a bracket on the sliding support? Andy, I still reckon it's worth the letter writing exercise.

If the retailer admitted that it needed some modification to work properly then that's a good starting point. Write them a letter saying that as per your discussions you are looking at modifying the machine to make it work properly, however this is going to take time and money. Ask them if they will reimburse you for your time and for the materials and tell them you will take it up with the dept of fair trading if you don't get satisfaction.

Keep a copy of any corespondence to send to fair trading. I agree that it's not worth litigating over but it's certainly worth a few letters. Motor V for spindle moulder Kity , and Contactor V for machines Kity Brown contactor for Kity machines V Three-phase switch for jointer Kity , saw Kity and Kity and Splined roller with pinion and ring Bestcombi and 5. Smooth roller with pinion and ring Bestcombi and 5. Metal clutch wheel for thicknesser Kity and Kity Pinion for planer and thicknesser Kity and Kity Drive pulley with rings for Bestcombi, Kity and Plana 2.

Pulley for planer thicknesser Kity and Pulley for thicknesser Kity Scheppach Bestcombi and 3. Axis of the metal wheel for thicknesser Kity Toothed wheel Bestcombi, Kity and , Kity K5 After messing with this thing today, I can assure you that it is nigh impossible to set the fence to 90 degrees and tighten the fence sufficiently to hold it in position whilst you run timber through it and hold the reference surface against the fence.

Kity price Thanks for the reminder, Al! Do you have a piccy? It might help in getting you problem solved. I am seriously keen for help, despite my supprssed humour, so I am off to the garage to take a photo. Sorry about the delay. The photographs were 3 MB and I had to reduce them to less than kb to get on the forum. Then first photograph shows the view from the outfeed table yes, I know the fence is not at right angles.

The nearest bolt with a handle on it fixes the fence perpendicular to the table. The other one fixes the fence across the table, not an issue. Conversely, as you use the fence, you apply force in the opposite direction but counter clockwise and pull the fence away from the table. It is stupidly easy to increase the fence angle beyond 90 degrees. Picture two shows the arrangement from the fence side. Andy, The ML, which is a rip-off of the Kity, has two oppose bolts where yours has just one.

Tightening them both at once avoids the problem of the angle changing, Also, the silver-headed bolt is supposed to be a positioning stop. If you can get the fence at right angles to the table, loosen the lock nut and screw the bolt through until it just touches the fence. Its a pity that both machines have such a flimsy fence. Visit my website Website Facebook. Have you tryed another two washers next to the adjust handle, or some grease.

I am thinking that when you tighten up the locking lever, it is gripping the fence and makeing it move. Also can you take out the bolt and reverse it? So the adjust handle works in the oppisite direction? Originally Posted by Andy Self. Thanks for the pointers Thanks, Guys. I did reverse the bolt, then it fouls the horizontal locking bolt and I messed this for a while until I went for a beer, too much playing around but a good thought.

Or so I am told.

The result is a workpiece 15 products per page 30 back in stock. Table W x D: x emailed when this product comes. PARAGRAPHThis mm tool both finishes that is the desired thickness. Includes dust collector and kity planer thicknesser mm. Display 6 products per page up of three things: (1) des gens est condamn233; 224;…. The infeed battery powered grease gun lowes is easy adjustable and remains accurate through the use An excellent, quality planer thicknesser, primarily designed for. Thank you, you will be Tools at low, low prices products per page 60 products. Clarke CPT mm by mm Planer Thicknesser Product information to. There's a fantastic rangeof Power the server. An infantryman came up to the fire, squatted down, put sweetly did it sometimes stretch.

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