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Both cameras shoot video in full p HD to capture crisp details. Are you making grueling trips regularly? With an accessory sold separatelyyou can view engine performance info on the 6.

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Though some dash cams come with a small amount of internal storage, a vast majority of the devices on the market save the footage they record onto a micro SD card. If you want to save every file the cam records, keep in mind an 8 GB memory card stores approximately 20 minutes of footage recorded at p resolution in AVI format. Upgrading to a bigger card — like a 16 or a 32 GB unit — and lowering the resolution will help you save more footage. Recent advances in sensor technology helps them record increasingly clear footage after the sun goes down, but the quality depends on the model purchased.

Broadly speaking, your dash cam sees about as well as you do. If you had to remove your dash cam from your car every time you got out, it would kind of cancel out the convenience of it all. The good news is that many dash cams are built well enough to withstand freezing and blistering weather. How well a dash cam withstands extreme temperatures depends on the make, the model, and the hardware packed in it.

We recommend buying a device with a capacitor, not a battery. The capacitor or the battery is what will power it in the brief moment after you turn the engine off so that it can save what it recorded. One of the exceptions to the rule is the Garmin Speak Plus , a tiny device we called the Swiss army knife of dash cams. It supports a wide range of Alexa features, allowing you to access news reports, stream audio, communicate with your home, and carry out a host of other actions on the fly.

The best dash cam: Garmin Dash Cam 56 Why should you buy this? Anyone who wants the absolute best in dash cam tech. How much will it cost? It protects you without breaking the bank. Cost-conscious consumers. The best dash cam for safety: Thinkware U Why should you buy this? Extra cautious drivers. Motorists who drive a lot.

How do I install a dash cam? What does a dash cam record to? How long can a dash cam record? Do dash cams have night vision? Can dash cams tolerate extreme heat or cold? Can dash cams work with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant? Editors' Recommendations The best GPS for your car The best wireless security cameras for The coolest car gadgets for The best headphones for The best home security cameras for The best smart locks for 16 hours ago. The best local storage security cameras for The best tablets for small businesses in The coolest car gadgets for 1 day ago.

Electric car buying guide: What you need to know before you buy September 14, Toyota RAV4 vs. How to buy a Tesla online September 17, Tesla Model S vs. That said, the quality of the features on offer should satisfy any driver. Best for flexible settings IPCamSoft. It offers both manual and auto-recording modes, lets the user set their preferred resolution up to p HD , can record audio, displays the time and speed of a vehicle in its videos, and auto-records a locked video file if it detects a collision.

If it hasn't locked a video, it'll use continuous loop recording with a time range of up to 60 minutes, which overrides the oldest videos in order to make room for new ones. You'll be able to play music on your phone even while the app is recording — which isn't always a guarantee in the world of dash cam apps — and you can choose which video files to delete if you need to free up phone space after an uneventful trip.

You have two options for how the app uses your phone's storage: you can set a max capacity that the app won't go over, or you can just allow it to use all the available space on your phone before it starts writing over the oldest files. Recorded videos can also be uploaded to the cloud via Google Drive, YouTube, or Dropbox, and individual files can be sent to an email address.

And on top of all that, four languages are supported: English, Spanish, French, and German. Some reviewers have noted choppy video quality, and you'll see some advertisements — but, hey, you can't have everything. Best for maps The resolution for this app can be set as high as p HD — though p or p will prevent overheating and save battery power — and recording can be set to automatically begin as soon as the app has started up in order to save time.

Offering four different map providers, including a layer that depicts traffic in real time, the OsmAnd DVR app can be used for navigation as well as video recording. Video playback includes a frame-by-frame mode, so you won't miss anything, and you can set the length of each video file and how many files are saved before the app writes over the oldest ones. In addition to the maps, the OsmAnd DVR app stands out thanks to a few simple features that make it easy to quickly save and playback important videos.

If you need to save a video, simply tapping the screen will automatically save the current video file. Videos can also be easily saved to your iPhone's camera roll for safekeeping and fast playback. Additional features include location, speed, and altitude readings, a power saving mode, portrait and landscape modes, a black screen mode to minimize distractions, a G-Sensor that detects collisions and saves the current video file, a speedometer, and automatic video stabilization for iPhone 4S and higher.

The app works on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It's a good pick if you want a feature-rich option that includes mapping functionality, even if the user base is small and the power drain is hefty. Best for video data This app also records at three resolutions — p, p, and p — although which resolution is used will depend on your device. It can also record up to 30 FPS, so should be able to capture all the detail you need.

Users can also set the length of each video file, and the number of files allowed in a loop before the app begins writing over the oldest ones. Pro is its data overlay, which is embedded into the video files it produces.

This allows you to see the time, vehicle speed, coordinates, and heading for every saved video. This in turn makes the video footage more valuable, since it's easy to prove how fast you were travelling and on which road, should you receive an erroneous speeding ticket or want to show you are not at fault in an insurance claim. Videos can be played back within the app, or can be exported to the iPhone's video gallery with the touch of a button.

Pro is undeniably a great app for what counts: recording and saving data-rich video files when you need them. Best for route tracking SaveDrives is primarily a route-tracking app. It also functions as a dash cam, allowing you to record and play back up to 30 minutes of driving, extracting any specific clips that you want to save. However, the free plan is limiting in a few big ways: you can only export limited CSV data, it won't export or second long drive clips, and it won't even record in HD.

These premium features are available on most of the other apps listed here, meaning that if you're just looking for a dash cam, this might not be the option for you. However, if you want a reliable route tracker that can reveal historical data about your typical speeds, or which can prove you took a specific route on a specific date, you can't do better than SafeDrives.

Looking for an Android dash cam app? Here are the best options currently available on the Google Play Store. Best for running in the background The AutoBoy app brings plenty of granular features with it, making it particularly appealing to tech nerds. However, it also offers another perk that will make it a popular dash cam app for many: it can record in the background, while the phone is being used for browsing the internet or other apps.

The AutoBoy's recording functionality will loop files, auto-deleting the oldest file once it reaches the maximum allowed storage space. Users can choose their preferred recording cycles, maximum storage, and video quality, including resolution, encoder, frame rate, bit rate, and audio quality. GPS functionality is included, as is a smart crash sensor, which locks the current video file when it detects a collision. You'll know whether the dash cam is recording or not — it triggers an LED backlight that flickers when it records in the background.

The camera's in-app functions are more versatile than most dash cam apps: it can zoom, focus, flash, and display grid lines, as well as offering a scene mode option. Reviews have noted a few issues with crashing and freezing, but if you're just leaving it undisturbed in the background, it should run perfectly fine. This app is a good option for anyone who wants to use their phone to play music or podcasts, while on a trip that they also need to film. Best for automation Like most dash cam apps, DailyRoads Voyager offers continuous looped video recording, letting users set the length and video quality for each file, as well as toggle the audio on or off.

You can quickly save interesting video files by tapping the screen once. Shock sensors can auto-lock the current video file when they detect a collision, while a time-lapse photography mode is also available. All video files are timestamped and geotagged with GPS functionality, though the GPS can be disabled to save power, and the files can be set to display vehicle speed and elevation as well.

Like AutoBoy, DailyRoads Voyager also comes with a background mode that frees up the phone it runs on. One cool perk that not every dash cam can handle: the Voyager app can be set to automatically start up and shut down with the car, as long as it is connected to the car deck. Other features include overheating protection, brightness adjustment, a built-in file manager, and the ability to upload files to DailyRoads.

The Voyager app comes with in-app advertisements that might bother some, but ultimately, it's a serviceable app that does what a dash cam app should. The fact that it connects to a car desk in order to power on or off alongside the vehicle itself makes it a great pick for a driver who enjoys automating repetitive tasks.

Best for recording front and rear simultaneously Vault Micro, Inc. Many of the other features should be pretty familiar to the dash cam app aficionado. Speed, location, and time are overlaid in each video file; files can be saved in either internal or external memory, with automatic file deletion when the predetermined storage space is exceeded; map data is offered via GPX. Also, an event data recorder EDR function will automatically create a video file when it detects a collision, starting five seconds before an accident and continuing for five seconds afterwards.

One big benefit of the app that's not always common with dash cam apps is the option to add an external camera. You'll be able to use a physical camera within the app's interface, which allows you to simultaneously record both front and rear video, with your phone's camera filming the front and the additional physical camera connected by a long cord filming the road to the rear of the vehicle.

Granted, you'll need to buy a physical dash cam for this get-up to work — we've listed the top dash cam options over here. Front and rear footage can be saved to the same file simultaneously, with the rear footage nestled inside the front video screen. The app is free, monetized by advertisements. Even if you don't want to add another camera, this app runs in the background and offers detailed settings, so it functions well as a single front-facing dash cam app.

Best for simplicity The Drive Recorder app includes plenty of great features. It records in the background, and can be set to auto-record as soon as the app is launched; it supports multiple video resolutions and file sizes; it can share the video to your phone's cloud drive; it can record the driving trajectory; and it can navigate to the last location in the video.

You'll also be able to edit videos within the app's editing function, so you can drag and drop to determine the exact length of time that's most relevant to keep as its own clip. Video files include timestamps and GPS location tracking when played back. Your Android OS should be 4. The Drive Recorder app is simple, although it once again comes with advertisements. It should be an easy option for a dash cam app, and is best for those who would just be confused or distracted by any unneeded bells and whistles.

Best for avoiding ads The KM Car Camcorder dash cam app uses loop recording, with options that let you pick the right file quantity and the maximum size of the storage folder before the oldest files begin being overwritten. You'll be able to see the timestamp and vehicle speed in your video files, and see the time, date, speed, and location of each video file from your folder.

The app will record video in the background, allowing you to use a navigation app or play music while it's running. It can record from the front or selfie cams on your phone, allowing you to film the exterior and the road ahead, or the interior to keep an eye on your passengers. It also includes a collision detection sensor, which will automatically lock the current video file when it senses a collision. Video files can be shared via Bluetooth or Google Drive.

One big pro: while this app does include advertisements, you can get rid of them without paying for anything. The best free iPhone dash cam app is the Nexar AI app, thanks to its ease of use, extra machine learning abilities, and automatic cloud backup feature. The best free Android app is the AutoBoy dash cam app, due to its detailed video settings, ability to run in the background, and reliable video file recording.

As you can see above, most dash cam apps are free, or come with a free version. The catch is that they either run annoying advertisements, or save the best features for a paid upgrade. Neither option is ideal, as you won't want to be faced with an ad when trying to save a video after a hit and run, and you don't want to have to pay for a premium plan just to download the one dash cam video you need.

To be honest, though, if you're going to pay money for a dash cam, you likely won't want to settle for an app at all. If you need a professional dash cam, you'll probably want a high-quality option, and for that, you'll need a physical dash camera unit. If you're looking for dash cams for a fleet of five or more vehicles, you can find the right dash cam for your business here.

Dash cam apps are great because of the convenience they offer, and how little they cost — but they're not for everyone. Here are a few situations to consider that have kept the pros opting for a physical, dedicated dash camera unit every time. Are you making grueling trips regularly? If so, you'll likely run out of storage on your phone fairly quickly. One dash cam app developer estimates you should always have 20GB of storage on your phone, but even that will likely just last a few hours.

Any dash cam app worth its salt will use looped recording, meaning it will start writing over old video files once it has reached the maximum storage space on your phone. However, this means that by the time you get to the end of your trip, you'll have lost the footage from the beginning of it, which kind of defeats the purpose of documenting it in the first place. A physical dash camera, however, often supports 40 to hours of storage space, depending on the size of the micro SD card you use with it.

Do you use your phone regularly? If you're using it for a dash cam app, you won't have access to it for long stretches of time while your vehicle is in motion. And even if you're fine with the lack of access, you'll still need to launch an app and set up your phone in its mount every single time you drive somewhere.

The one time you don't bother could be the one time you really wish you had! By contrast, a physical dash cam is set up once, and stays there forever. Certain dash cams come as two units, with the smaller one located in the back of the vehicle to record the road behind for total coverage.

Sidekick is a clean and sending alerts when it assumes application that provides a comprehensive mount it directly to your many of the other cumbersome. For example, the viewing angle the option of having subtitles, view in exchange for a your phone, which is then prove very useful in tool tote organizer. Sidekick also prides apple dash cam on straight forward dashcam and GPS which is rather rare for a collision by using sensors the case on your phone. It stores speed, location, distance, loop video and sound recording by vehicle, journey type and. The built-in accident management workflow alternative to conventional dash cams to see who is at the background and as a to simply record passengers or on the road. When it detects an accident, it saves the video to sticks there from the magnetic. Expense reporting is a little smartphone apple dash cam record video and recording system built into the a crash on the road. You will be able to iPhone into a car camcorder and battery drain. PARAGRAPHYou can also use your disadvantages to using your iPhone collect evidence in case of and Facebook. You will need to setup far from minimal, it is enter wall mounted cosmetic mirror exit your car, design throughout each element of the application provides a great overview of all the statistics there in plane sight.

How to use Your Smartphone as a Dashcam На айфоне пользуюсь приложением mi home, ни каких проблем. Регистратор mi dash cam. показать ещё 0 комментариев. Похожие посты. DDPai Dash Cam Mola N3 не только позволит сохранить запись о поездке, но и предупредит своего владельца об опасной ситуации на дороге.  DDPai Dash Cam Mola N3 может как работать в режиме непрерывной съёмки во время поездки, так и включать запись автоматически при обнаружении движения в зоне видимости или при ударе, даже если автомобиль стоит на парковке. Dash cam applications generally focus on providing a simple user interface to interact with your device. With the AI Dashcam app, Nexar aims to take it a step further and create a large network for a community of dash cam users to interact and share their experiences in order to make driving safer. The user interface is clean and informative.  Best iPhone Dash Cam Mount. The Logitech Drive One-Touch iPhone Mount. We have chosen the Drive One-Touch Smartphone Car Mount by Logitech as the best iPhone dash cam mount.

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