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Wear safety glasses when using a mattock, especially in rocky soil, to avoid potentially dangerous flying debris.

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The weight of the entire tool, handle, and head, will be a couple of pounds heavier. The heavier the head, the greater the force it will generate when it strikes your target. A heavier head will be harder to swing, of course, but the momentum it creates will be greater.

Mattocks are typically sold in 5-pound and 2-pound weights. The length of the handle will determine how the mattock will be used and what it will be used for. Two-handed: A two-handed mattock is used standing up. The handle is 34 to 36 inches long. The longer the handle, the greater the momentum that can be achieved when you swing it. This tool is used for heavy work such as breaking up dry clay, hard soil, or rocks.

There is a definite hazard of flying rock chips and other debris when using a two-sided mattock, so eye protection is highly recommended. For many years the handles of all mattocks, pickaxes, and sledgehammers were made from hardwood, usually hickory. Wooden handles expand and contract due to temperature and humidity changes. This causes the age-old problem of the head coming loose. They can also suffer from damp rot or splinter in dry heat, so they must be regularly maintained with linseed oil to protect them from the elements.

Therefore, the head is less likely to work itself loose. They have rubberized surfaces to give you a better grip, which means less slippage in hot weather when your hands are sweaty. In that case, you would have to file down the metal tool head to make it fit — a much harder task than sanding wood. Termite technicians use mattocks to dig trenches around building foundation. The trenches are then filled with termiticide to kill termites.

Digging head: The horizontal blade on the head of a mattock is called the adze. It is used to dig into the ground or hoe the earth. The blade is always curved to help it penetrate the ground. A digging head blade should be kept moderately sharp. Axe head: The other side of the mattock is straight instead of curved.

If it is a horizontal axe blade similar to that of a regular axe, it is meant to be used for chopping through large roots in the ground. For best results, the axe blade of a mattock should be kept as sharp as an axe. Pick head: The straight part of the mattock head could also be a pick — basically just a long metal spike. It is meant to break up rocks and hard ground with more concentrated force.

There are some lightweight 2. Some in this price range will have wooden handles, but most will be fiberglass with cushioned handles. Fiberglass handles on mattocks at this price point will have extra shock absorbing properties. Five pounds of flying steel can do a lot of damage.

Always check the head to make sure it is securely in place before using a mattock. Wait two or three days after rain for the ground to dry before using a mattock. Use both hands, one in front of the other, when swinging a full-size mattock. Keep your eyes focused on your target all the way through your swing. A mattock blade will often dig deep into the ground. Wiggle it side to side to loosen it before attempting to pull it back out. Wear safety glasses when using a mattock, especially in rocky soil, to avoid potentially dangerous flying debris.

In addition to our favorite mattock picks, there are other good options out there. It's a lightweight 2. It's perfect for lighter work that needs more precision than a heavy 5-pound mattock. It's durable, and the handle won't slip in your hands. It has a wooden inch handle and a rubberized molding to keep the head from slipping or coming loose. It has an axe-blade cutter on the reverse end for chopping through heavy roots. Digging out tree roots, breaking up rocks, and loosening up hard ground are three common uses.

Mattocks are especially useful for working soils that have a high clay content. It is not intended for cutting roots. Use the axe blade end for that. Use a stiff brush to clean all dirt and mud off the mattock before you put it away. Dry the head, and oil it lightly to prevent rust. Pick and mattock blade combine to make this heavyweight 5-lb. Lightweight and easy to use. This mattock offers maximum comfort and a quality grip. Extremely affordable for the quality you get.

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Replacing A Pickax Handle Find great deals on eBay for mattock handle. Shop with confidence.  LEATHERHEAD TOOLS Pick Mattock Replacement Handle,36" L. Brand New. C $ Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. From United States. Share - Mattock Tiller Wood Handle. #7 Наиболее продаваемый товарв категорииMattocks & Picks. Mattock Tiller Wood Handle. Напишите отзыв первым. Об этом товаре. Архивная фотография. Архивная фотография. Новые: самая низкая цена. С самой низкой ценой, совершенно новый, неиспользованный, неоткрытый, неповрежденный товар в оригинальной упаковке (если товар поставляется в упаковке). Tool Handle Replacement | Mattock. 8 просмотров 8,8 тыс. просмотров.  Over Customizing a new handle to fit my Mattock, ooh what a beauty. 👍 If you liked this video, you might enjoy this playlist 👉

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