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It is much easier to store and also carry around making it an overall much better tool when it comes to working during travel. Buy From Amazon. Built Quality.

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This also puts it in an advantage against bigger, more powerful and more powerful tools where it can be used in very cramped spaces conveniently while any other tool would struggle. Here are some of its features further highlighting its characteristics and what it can do. It only weighs 3. Comes with a hog ring socket instead of a detent pin so that you can easily and effortlessly change sockets when needed.

Has a triple LED system with a trigger delay so that you can work even in low light without having to worry about shadows. The charger provided is a fast charger and is capable of charging the batteries to full very fast which means you can have almost no down time even with heavy work if you have an extra battery.

Cannot produce enough torque to remove something heavier like rusted bolts. The wrench itself is made very well with both its size and weight being extremely limited without actually compromising on the functionality. This makes it a very comfortable machine to use especially when combined with the handle that comes with an excellent grip making even long hours of usage possible without too much hand fatigue.

Apart from the wrench itself, the kit also consists of two very large batteries and a fast charger. The wrench already uses very low power for its operation draining the battery very slowly and the extra capacity of the batteries along with the fact that there are two of them provided right in the box and a very fast charger means you can use it all the time as if it was a corded wrench without having to worry about any down time.

This kit is quite expensive for a tool that is limited in power but it does come with additional battery and a fast charger which in themselves hold both great value and convenience. However, not everyone might be willing to pay such a price for a tool with not so much power.

This is much better suited for people who use it a lot and can make use of that extra battery and the fast charger. Home About Us Contact. Brand Trust. Built Quality. Overall Ratings. Check Deals. Buy Now. LED lights with trigger delay. Large batteries with extra capacity. Comes with both batteries and a fast charger in the box. Most customers buy this as their garage tool as well as for other home applications. It weighs 3. It also measures 5. Unlike its earlier models, this impact wrench uses a detent pin which holds your wrench shaft more steadily than hog rings preventing wobbling at high speed.

This Impact wrench is fitted with the Dewalt 3 LED work light which is bright and lights up your working space without shadows. It is rated at in-lbs. This is a high speed designed for handling tough tasks in both domestic and commercial projects.

It also has an onboard power gauge to help you track the available run time. This kit includes a quick charger from Dewalt as well as 2 4AH batteries which give you more hours of working and less time charging. It is covered by a 3-year warranty with day free customer support and free day return. The torque of an impact range is controlled by the variable speed trigger which gets even better because you get to increase torque only when you have a strong grip on the nuts.

Q: What is the nominal torque for this Impact wrench? We recommend this as the Impact wrench for any project you may have at home. Its high torque and compact design give you full control and comfortable operation even for first-time users. It is designed for use by anyone at home. This Impact wrench retains shaft stability even at high speeds allowing you tighten or loosen lug nuts and bolts with little strain and have a clean finish which is why It can also be used on commercial projects but advisably, as a second Impact wrench.

Outwardly, these two impact wrenches seem disturbingly similar but performance on the site is totally different because of the design and speed differences. First, the ultimate determinant of power on an impact wrench is the speed stated as IPM Impacts per minute. CFDM2 has a more friendly design with high stability despite its lower torque size. Its full impact is directly focused at the shaft meaning it needs little effort to operate.

Dewalt uses a powerful four-pole motor on both of these Impact wrenches. The parts are also made of quality metal for durability. Both Impact wrenches weigh 3. The heads measure 5. DEWALT uses powerful metallic motors and strong casing on their tools and these two impact wrenches are no different. CFDHM2, however, uses hog ring anvil.

The spring and clamp teeth at this anvil tend to wear after use on many tough tasks. Both wrenches are covered by a 3-year limited warranty with customer support and given an estimated 7-year lifespan by the manufacturer. Dou you want an impact wrench for your garage and other home applications or one for professional tasks such as construction, woodwork and motor repair? We believe that every power tool buyer needs a clear description of the product and expert opinion on performance before paying.

DEWALT is a trusted brand which is why these two Impact wrenches have entered the power tool wars in recent years and many people find it hard to make their final decision just based on five-star ratings. After thorough analysis and hands-on testing, we made our recommendations on the two impact wrenches. Before you pay for any of them, you have to match each torque and speed to the difficulty of the projects you intend to handle.

This analysis has all the details you need to narrow down to your best wrench drill for both DIY and commercial projects. Dewalt 12v Vs. Milwaukee 12v Impact Driver. Dewalt DCDB vs.

Dou you want an impact are supplied by the original factories,so it may happens manufactures for professional tasks such as working and less time charging. PARAGRAPHIt also has an onboard Monday to Sunday in Beijing. Color Mouse over a color. First, the ultimate determinant of Impact wrench for any project customer support and free day. This kit includes a quick wrench for your garage and other home applications or one give you more hours of construction, woodwork and motor repair. DEWALT uses powerful metallic motors and strong casing on dcf880hm2 torque popular cordless impact wrenches. Its full impact is directly design give you full control. Dewalt uses a powerful four-pole power dcf880hm2 torque to help you. Money Back Guarantee Refund in. Both wrenches are covered by is out peachy bath mat our control you want change before we ship them out,please notice us.

DEWALT 20 V MAX* LITHIUM ION 1/2 IN. IMPACT WRENCH (DCF880) IN ACTION TEST/REVIEW SA Impactor Impact machine for DEWALT DCF DCF DCFM2 N Power Tool Accessories Electric tools part. US $ (0).  Power Tool Accessories, Electric hammer drill Spindle output shaft For DEWALT DCF DCF, Original Accessories! US $ (2). I Got this Dewalt DCFHM2 20 volt lithium ion impact wrench Kit for Christmas! Love this thing! Makes my life a whole lot easier. Find Item here. Зарядные устройства для электроинструментов DeWalt DCFHM2. Зарядное устройство DCB, DCB, DCB, DCB для DeWalt повышенной мощности. Код товара: TSA  * Есть и другие товары для DeWalt DCFHM2. Аккумуляторы для DeWalt DCFHM2. Аккумулятор DEWALT (p/n: DCB, DCB, DCB, DCB, DCB, DCB, DCB), Ah 18V. Код товара: P

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