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The construction is quite good as it is alloy steel.

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There are three main types of torque multipliers: manual, electric, and pneumatic. To determine which type you should use, consider the demands of the job. For example, if compressed air and electrical power are not readily available, then a manual hand multiplier would be the most appropriate choice. But remember, to get the most out of your multiplier, you need to know how to operate it properly—and safely. All three types of multipliers are designed to make fastening and loosening easier.

If used correctly, that is what they will do, but improper use can lead to errors and danger. Doing so will save you time, trouble and very possibly, injury. To use a manual torque multiplier , follow these steps:. To use an electric torque multiplier :.

To use a pneumatic torque multiplier :. Before beginning work, review these steps and any instructions that come with the tool. While it does take hard work to succeed, I also make it a habit to work smart, to get the most done without wasting time and energy. To that end, when I approach a job, I always first determine what tools best suit the tasks I will need to perform that day.

If installing bolts, screws and other fasteners are common in your work, I recommend making sure you have the right torque multiplier on hand to help you boost productivity. Skip to content. Speak with an application engineer today! Types of Torque Multipliers: Manual, Electric, and Pneumatic There are three main types of torque multipliers: manual, electric, and pneumatic. The desired torque is reached when the multiplier stops delivering torque. As its name suggests, a manual torque multiplier is hand-operated.

Therefore, this kind of tool is typically lightweight, portable, and well-suited to job sites where there is no electricity. An electric torque multiplier is controlled with a microprocessor so its torque corresponds to a built-in controller. Generally, an electric torque multiplier should be inspected by a service professional once a year or after approximately 1, hours of use.

A pneumatic torque multiplier is a more powerful variation of the electric multiplier. It uses compressed air for power and provides precise tightening and loosening of heavy-duty fastening connections. This type of multiplier operates with a smooth, continuous rotation and is quite easy to use. How to Use a Torque Multiplier All three types of multipliers are designed to make fastening and loosening easier. To use a manual torque multiplier , follow these steps: Review the torque multiplication factor for the individual model of torque multiplier, then set the wrench based on these specifications.

For example, if the desired torque output is lbf. Do not use an extra long extension or socket. Place the multiplier on the fastener. Make sure the multiplier rotates in the required direction. Check to ensure the wrench also rotates in the correct direction, then place it on the multiplier.

Use the required extension or socket , making sure to avoid an extension that is too long. Place your torque multiplier on the fastener that you want to tighten and ensure that the multiplier is rotating in the clockwise direction. You also need to ensure that the wrench will rotate in the clockwise direction. You can then place the wrench on the torque multiplier and then you will have to tighten the multiplier continuously until you get a click.

The click indicates that your multiplier has locked on to the fastener and you are now ready to start tightening. When you have tightened to the maximum set torque, the multiplier will stop. This should be a maximum of 3 inches and not bigger. That way, it will fit into small spaces without. Big head size is more restrictive and may not be the best for varied tightening and loosening jobs.

This is the most popular kind of torque multiplier and we have already discussed how to use it above. It is operated by hand and it just stops working when the set torque value has been achieved. This kind of multiplier is used in the assembly of gearboxes as such have heavy-duty fasteners and they require precision tightening.

It is also used in the construction industry, and tightening and loosening the wheel lugs of heavy vehicles. We love the manual torque multiplier because of its flexibility. It is light in weight; you can use it in areas without electricity. Care and maintenance is easy. Just wipe with a dry piece of cloth and store everything in the case. The electric torque multiplier is also very good on heavy-duty lug nuts, bolts and other tension parts.

Once you enter the torque value that you want to tighten your fasteners to, the microprocessor then ensures that the controller maintains the torque value. Electric torque multipliers are costly to buy, but they are so easy to use and they do a faster job than the mechanical ones. It is recommended to have a professional service the multiplier after hours of use or once a year, whichever comes first.

It is a good tool for busy auto workshops. This is almost similar to the electric multiplier in operation but it is more powerful. Thus, you can use it for the heaviest tightening jobs. Pneumatic tools use compressed air to work. Thus, even the pneumatic torque multiplier wrench uses compressed air to tighten or loosen fastenings precisely or as may be required.

It is simple to use and offers a very precise result. For beginners, there is a learning curve but once you have mastered how it works, you will have great results. When you read our torque multiplier lug wrench reviews , you will see that they are mostly used on semi trucks, motorhomes, RVs, buses, heavy-duty vehicles, and farm machinery such as tractors, harvesters and others. Even if you have a pickup truck at home, you will find this tool very useful.

You may also use these wrenches in the construction industry. For example, heavy-duty bolts are used in the construction of bridges, buildings and other similar applications. This tool is used on fasteners in limited spaces where long levers cannot fit easily.

Torque multiplier lug wrenches are also used for tightening fasteners accurately. You are supposed to divide the manufacturer recommended torque of the fastener by the multiplication factor to find the right input torque. Use the torque multiplier to apply high torque without using an impact gun or an air compressor. You will find it easy to do heavy-duty jobs with minimal effort and time.

In one of the preceding sections, we saw the three different types of torque multiplier wrenches. If you are looking for something to tighten and loosen light to medium-duty fasteners, the manual multiplier wrench will do nicely.

For the heaviest fastening jobs where you need torque of more than ft. This boils down to how well a multiplier wrench can perform over time. First, it should be easy to use and secondly, it should do the job that you buy it for. What we mean is that if it is rated for ft. Sometimes, you may have to break stuck-on bolts. This requires a tremendous amount of torque and the torque multiplier should be able to help you achieve that. If you have an automotive shop, you need a torque multiplier lug wrench that can be used on light, medium and heavy-duty bolts and fasteners.

That way, you do not have to buy too many torque multipliers. Still on performance, it would be better to get a reversible torque multiplier. If you have an RV, you will find that it may have ordinary wheel lugs on one side and then have left lugs on the other side. From many torque multiplier lug wrench reviews , you will find that they mention the build quality. With the kind of heavy duty fastening and loosening that these tools will do, it is very important that they have a strong build and construction.

Most of them come with a powerful all-steel construction. Oxide finishing ensures that they are corrosion-resistant. This is more about what the multiplier wrench comes with. There is the lug nut wrench itself, and then there is the drive, and a couple or so pieces of impact sockets different sizes.

It should also have a user manual and a high quality case for traveling and storage. These things may seem so obvious, but it is always good to make sure that the whole package contains such items. This is determined by the gear system. But what should you be looking for? The lower the input torque and the higher the output torque the better. The input torque is determined by the multiplier factor. For example, when you get a torque multiplier of 5, the input torque for a fastener with a maximum torque of ft.

This means you will apply minimal force and get a lot of torque to tighten or loosen a fastener. If the input torque is too high, it will require you to use more force to generate enough force that can fasten nor loosen stuck-on bolts. High output torque is better so that you can be able to tighten medium and heavy-duty fasteners in wide range of torque values.

The best thing is to get a high-quality torque multiplier wrench at an affordable price. However, never compromise quality because of the price. Since the general lifespan of a torque-multiplying wrench is about ten years, you can see that you will get good value for the money. With good care, the wrench should give high quality service in its tenth year the same as it did when you bought it.

Alongside the cost consideration, there are other factors. These include the after sale service and repair. For example, you may need to calibrate your torque multiplier. Thus, you need to know whether there are repair centers that work with the brand name that you bought. Suitability of the tool will depend on the type of service that you offer. Some torque multipliers are great for heavy-duty jobs while others are ok for light and medium-duty jobs.

Check the maximum torque output because that is what determines the kind of work that the torque multiplier can do. Motorhomes may require a different kind of torque multiplier lug wrench from what a semi would need. Many people forget this very important factor. When you have set the input torque correctly, the wrench should be very accurate.

It will not click when the desired torque value has been achieved, but it will just stop. While multipliers are mostly known for their power to loosen bolts, you can also use them for tightening fasteners. A: It is actually very simple.

You just need to remove the wheel cap if you have one, attach the right socket to the lug nut that you want to start with. Attach the brace rod on the wheel cap for security and then attach your handle and turn it in the right direction — can be clockwise or anticlockwise. A: On any torque multiplier lug wrench, you will find a multiplication factor. Thus, you would need input torque of 66 ft.

So, simply divide the manufacturer recommended torque for the fastener with the multiplication factor of the torque multiplier. A: If you get the best torque multiplier wrench, you will increase productivity at the workplace. A job that should take you hours or days and a few broken tools can take you a fraction of the time. Another benefit is that you will be able to do a clean job. If there are stuck-on bolts and fasteners, you can break them cleanly by over-torquing them.

Frozen-on bolts need not be an issue anymore. The third benefit is that of safety. Because of the handle extension, you will no longer suffer from bruised knuckles even when you are working in squeezed spaces. The handle is also not so long such that you cannot use it in constricted spaces.

It is just the right size. Finally, when tightening fasteners such as semi, motorhome, truck and RV lugs, you will be able to tighten them to the right torque. However, please note that this can be more complex than using a regular click wrench, because you have to get the input torque just right.

A: Assuming you are using it to remove or fasten your wheel lugs, that is what these tools are mostly use for anyway, here is what you should do:.

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Torque Gun Company THRILL™ Gun Torque and Impact Gun Operation Manual Torque Multipliers. Norbar gearboxes are built to an extremely high standard of precision. All gears rotate on needle roller bearings about hardened and ground journal pins.  Torque output calculations are therefore a matter of simple arithmetic with little risk of incorrect bolt loading due to conversion errors. Other manufacturer's multipliers often require graphs or formulae to calculate the input torque to achieve a particular output. The Norbar HandTorque is the most comprehensive multiplier range available. Unfollow electric torque multiplier to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. Products. Electric torque wrench. ESW single speed electric wrench. ETW-S digital straight electric torque wrench. ETW-A digital angle electric torque wrench. Pneumatic torque wrench. PSW single speed pneumatic torque wrench. PAW-S straight pneumatic torque wrench.  Products. HM hand torque multiplier. ◎Manual type, suitable for the occasions where it requires for high torque while power supply or space is limited. ◎Torque increasing system of precise planetary gears, compact structure.

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