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Now, grab the rest of the key you didn't need and cut a piece to length for the shaft coming out the side that the motor is on. Introduction: Homemade Drum Sander. By leveling only on one side, didn't you get something than is no more flat?

Homemade sander electronic air pressure regulator

The sandpaper is put into the grove in the drum, then a small beveled piece of wood get screwed down to hold both end of the paper in place. And that is it! Honestly, quite surprised how well this homemade drum sander works. We can't wait to start on more projects and really get this thing going.

By leveling only on one side, didn't you get something than is no more flat? Btw, i love the way you did your leveling system :. Reply 2 months ago. I am fully aware that with the information we provide in this video, you can certainly build one yourself without plans. We actually like for it to be that way. Purchasing plans from us just takes the research aspect out of it for you. You are paying for access to knowledge that required substantial time and money to acquire.

The revenue generated helps fund future projects like this one. We greatly appreciate the support, but also applaud others for making their own without the plans! Reply 7 weeks ago. Is this a new policy here? I thought the idea of instructables was that someone could come to this website and build something without hitting a paywall.

I would have fully agreed with you on this comment just a year ago. Someone I really respect explained the value of information and it changed my viewpoint on all topics like this. Information has value and because of that some information is worth more than others. They were the last item on the list of included plans. Nice project. It would have been fun to build, except that my shop is WAY too small to store it when not using.

Well done. I bought the plans- very nice, easy to understand. I checked out the other plans MJ , and they're really complex and nothing other than the article to go by. So this is still the only game in town An old furnace motor could possibly work, but I don't think that I'll find one of those easily in S.

Did you verify the parallelism between the table and the drum? Doesn't the table tilt sideways, with the support used for changing the material thickness only placed in the center and different sandpapers placed on each half of the drum, i. Question 2 months ago. What direction do you have the drum spinning? And how much force is needed to keep the boards from rocketing out of it since there is no conveyer belt? Answer 2 months ago.

The drum spins toward you. This is done this way so that the board goes downhill and that friction keeps the board from launching. You will want to take light passes and use a push stick, but I have yet to be able to replicate a flying board instance. Hope this helps! I am wondering the same thing. If I use a belt sander and the board isn't well anchored Well done! Nicely thought out and executed.

About the only thing I'd have done differently is move the bearing holders 90 degrees so the oil cup is on top. That should keep the oil from leaking out and running down those nice melamine sides you've made.

Looks to be a copy of a Mother Earth News design, free for the googling. Also, Shopnotes magazine had an interesting design that sits on your table saw and uses the saw motor for power. Just looked that up and it looks awesome! Definitely a way more complex build than ours, but a look of great features! Introduction: Homemade Drum Sander. By Woodbrew Visit Our Website! More by the author:. About: Hey! Happy building!

Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Reply Upvote. Woodbrew cdavenport Reply 2 months ago. Once I had sanded the pieces I decided to continue with the disk. I placed the 10mm drill bit in the drill and drilled a 90 degree hole through the centre of the disk.

I then threaded the M10 bolt into the hole and once it was at the bottom, I used the hammer to make a mark of the hexagon into the wood before taking the bolt out again. Using a sharp knife I then began to chip away at the marks.

I then inserted the bolt and used the hammer to force it into the slot so that it was flush the ply. I then marked a centre line vertically on the ply 18mm by mm by mm and marked a cross 80mm down from the top. I used an 11mm drill bit to drill this hole through the piece. I then used a washer on the end followed by two nuts. I then marked out the holes for the side pieces. I did this by drawing a rectangle on the back board that was 92mm high and 18mm wide.

I found the centre and made two marks for pilot holes. I then used a 4mm drill bit and a counter sink tool to make two holes. I applied some force onto one of the side pieces and then drilled the two holes deeper so they penetrated through the side piece. I continued this on the opposite side and then used some 25mm screws to secure them in place.

I then added the top piece 18mm by mm by mm and used four screws with pilot holes 4mm and 3mm deep counter sunk holes to secure it in place. I then added the front of the disk sander in place with 2 55mm screws in the front and 2 25mm screws in the top. I then finished the product using a quick sand of grit sand paper. Thank you so much for reading this Instructable, even if you clicked onto the by accident thank you. Every view counts. I love these mini projects as it gives you people, my viewers a quick and simple project to try at home, please feel free to comment, follow and favourite for more amazing Summer DIY projects like this one.

Nice instructable and should be quite useful. I have a few questions, Is the disk supposed to spin? Can I connect a drill to the disk to make it spin? Reply 3 years ago. Thank you. The disk is fixed onto a M7 bolt.

Drill Jerry can cap seal Table by diggerdelaney. Attach the drill machine in this drill holder using of. Perhaps we should have an and worktable with the base. Tags: drill hacksdrill for keeping the table in the po sition and at the last I attach the sheet metal on worktable using of glue homemade sander better strength. Belt Sander Restoration by Willworkfortools. I hope you like this. Make slots homemade sander this L-section a surplus CD drive motor. Sander Guard Modification by natie. Enter your name or username channel as shown in the. Next step is, make adjustable.

Drum and Disk Sander Homemade - wood machine - Thickness Sander (prat 2) Homemade Belt sander/grinder. Просматривайте этот и другие пины на доске Надо попробовать пользователя Rodion Vershinin. Теги.  I wanted to build a belt sander but didn't want it to take allot of room. I decided to combine two plans into one. The upper tension arms are from the shopnotes plan. Homemade LARGE Thickness Drum Sander At Home (Width mm) Amazing woodworking Smart And IngeniousThanks for watching! ► Subscribe to channel. Disc Sander Homemade 20cm & Attachments - DIY. GreenSaw.  Building the Oscillating Spindle Sander - Salınımlı Rulo Zımpara Makinası.

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