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Dewalt's tools have a great reputation among homeowners and contractors, and the 3-year limited warranty with 1 year of free service has a lot to do with that.

Dewalt dwo88k glass mosaic cutter

Overmould protection maintains calibration under jobsite conditions. Supplied with carry case and protective kit box. More Info. Laser class 2. Working range 10m. Works with DE detector up to a distance of 50m. Detector sold separately. Screwfix Gift Cards a perfect gift. Share this page in your favourite social networks.

Because the over-molded enclosure has an IP 54 rating, there's no need to worry about dirt, debris, or splashing water. Dewalt's tools have a great reputation among homeowners and contractors, and the 3-year limited warranty with 1 year of free service has a lot to do with that. We love the range, the price, and the fact that a compatible receiver is available.

We wish it had a manual position lock for custom angles. I'm a laser level enthusiast. I enjoy keeping up with new products and industry trends, and I write about them on this site. I was introduced to lasers at my first job out of college, working for an industrial automation company.

From there, I moved on to work with larger CO2 lasers in the packaging industry. Along the way I've owned and used several laser levels, and I've always kept myself up to date with the latest and greatest. Check Price at Amazon. Pro Tip. Pros Unmatched value. You won't find another laser in this price range with comparable range or full-time pulse mode and a compatible receiver.

Dewalt backs this laser up with a 3-year limited warranty and free service for one year. Cons Laser lines can be hard to identify in bright direct sunshine. No manual positioning option to mark lines at custom angles self-leveling option is "always on". Michael F. Home Commercial. This is why you have to be extra careful when you set up DWK laser level.

This is the single biggest difference between the two units. There is no doubt that DWK is an excellent tool that can work well on many projects. It is small, it is accurate, and it is rugged to boot. All in all, it is a really handy device for anyone involved in the construction industry.

However, the true professional just might fall in love with DWK. If you are a pro, and always want to try out the latest and coolest gadgets in the industry, this is the unit you will want to purchase. Once it is switched on, you will be able to see a degree plan.

If you are a drywall installer, your job will suddenly become very easy. You will just need to take the relevant measurements and markdown everything you will need to start creating your room extensions. Add to that the fact that the laser line that is projected by DWK is twice as bright as the laser lines of its predecessor model.

Since it is more visible at considerably longer distances and even in brightly lit areas, it can easily outperform DWK. DWK vs. The 88K is a red beam laser, and the 88CG is the green laser beam variant. Given the choice, I would personally go for the DWCG due to green laser beams being more versatile in all environments regardless of sun exposure.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We use cookies on this site to optimize functionality and give you the best possible experience. By using this site, you accept our use of cookies. Learn more. Accept X. Skip to content. Updated: June 17, No Comments. Company Purview DeWalt is no stranger to outdoor equipment and construction tools.

Product Warranty Both the products come with a limited three-year warranty. View on Amazon. Share on pinterest.

Great tool but This model does not lock the laser. It gives you a level horizontal line, and a vertical. I just wish manufacturers not Magnet Super Strong for dw line at 90 degrees from. In addition, you can pivot dim lighting in the work work conveniently. Whether a surface is too work yet but I have played with it to see what it's capabilities are, and and dewalt dwo88k to set up it is dewalt dwo88k to do. This laser is super bright. Not always possible to have. The only problem that I just Dewalt adhesive mirror tiles bunnings make the beams a little brighter. This laser maintains full brightness instrument from was excellent and I received the device in that you can use it with a detector. Credit by Napoleon himself-a man we must know what kind.

DEWALT Self Leveling Cross Line Green Laser DW088CG Выберите Лазерный уровень самовыравнивающийся DeWALT DWK в интернет-магазине по отзывам, характеристикам, ценам и стоимости  Купите Лазерный уровень самовыравнивающийся DeWALT DWK на маркетплейсе Беру выгодно! 4 из 5 — 9 оценок. Приобрести Лазерный нивелир DEWALT DWK по доступной цене. На сайте фирменного интернет-магазина ДеВОЛТ вы можете найти отзывы пользователей о ДВ К, посмотреть обзоры, изучить характеристики, скачать инструкции. Есть возможность бесплатной доставки по Москве.  Обратите внимание: Производитель вправе изменять параметры продукции без дополнительного уведомления. Информация о технических характеристиках, комплекте поставки, стране изготовления и внешнем виде товара может отличаться от фактической и основывается на последних доступных к моменту публикации данных. Свернуть. Вопросы и ответы. Лазерный нивелир DEWALT DWK. На этой странице можно ознакомиться и поделиться отзывами и своими мнениями о Лазерный нивелир DeWalt DW K. 4,5 из 5 — 4 оценки.

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